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August 15, 2009

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  2. Img00000177006_normal mrjyn VISUALGUIDANCELTD. Jim Dickinson Dead at 67 - There Goes My Fucking Hero (.. http://tinyurl.com/ks3m6k BLOGSPOT.COM... http://ff.im/-6FJKQ 5 minutes ago from FriendFeed    
  3. Img00000177006_normal mrjyn VISUALGUIDANCELTD. R.I.P. Jim Dickinson is Dead...I Don't Feel So Good Mys.. http://tinyurl.com/mvf3za BLOGSPOT.COM @mrjyn 5 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
  4. Img00000177006_normal mrjyn VISUALGUIDANCELTD. Jim Dickinson Dead at 67 - There Goes My Fucking Hero (.. http://tinyurl.com/ks3m6k BLOGSPOT.COM @mrjyn 5 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
  5. Stevebyrose_normal campfiresteve RIP Legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson (Big Star, Rolling Stones, Replacements) http://bit.ly/2q9zc8 (via @mikemonello) 8 minutes ago from Tweetie    
  6. 2006_patten_normal JamPatten Just learned Jim Dickinson died. Another integral fabric of modern music is gone. Jim made some great records. His vibe will be missed. RIP 13 minutes ago from web    
  7. Pict0004_normal musicchio Memphis music icon and record producer Jim Dickinson has died at 67 http://bit.ly/ovgZM 13 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
  8. Photo_10_normal jasonpwoodbury Rest in peace Mr. Jim Dickinson, rock n' roll/roots legend! http://bit.ly/EgO3u 13 minutes ago from web    
  9. N725575349_2800506_7440519_normal ckrantz01 Memphis music icon and record producer Jim Dickinson has died at 67: Memphis music icon Jim Dickinson, the produ.. http://bit.ly/LP1ld 14 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
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  11. Twitterprofilephoto_normal Scotsmanhume Extraordinary Memphis musician Jim Dickinson RIP , my thoughts to my friends in the N. Mississippi Allstars, esp. Luke and Cody D. 14 minutes ago from TweetDeck    
  12. Bbib_photo_normal bbib R.I.P. Jim Dickinson http://bit.ly/AtE5Z 22 minutes ago from web    
  13. Honeywilliams_normal IamHoneyW Memphis music icon and record producer Jim Dickinson has died at 67 http://bit.ly/LP1ld 24 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
  14. Img00000177006_normal mrjyn R.I.P. Jim Dickinson is Dead...I Don't Feel So Good Myself! Long Live World Boogie and Mudboy and the Neutrons &... http://ff.im/-6FI1B 24 minutes ago from FriendFeed    
  15. Waynecochranhair_crop_normal hoopyfrood RT @BillForman Big Star/Aretha producer Jim Dickinson, who died today, on recording: "We do this because we fear death." http://bit.ly/tF8v7 26 minutes ago from Tweetie    
  16. Nicky_normal buzzpatrol Jim Dickinson dies http://bit.ly/sw0jH 29 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
  17. Logo_normal instapundit JIM DICKINSON HAS DIED: “During the course of his colorful half-century career, Dickinson built a w…: JIM DICKIN.. http://bit.ly/h7oit 30 minutes ago from twitterfeed    
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  20. Img00000177006_normal mrjyn Jim Dickinson Dead at 67 - There Goes My Fucking Hero (Dixie Fried - Favorite Record - Like Flies On Sherbert -... http://ff.im/-6FH5K 33 minutes ago from FriendFeed
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Elvis Weak: 10 Songs About the King - Grooveshark Playlist (sorry, my heart's not in it)

Elvis Presley’s contributions to music and pop culture have influenced musicians for decades. His life and legacy have been the source of inspiration for more songs than can be listed here. In fact, there have been so many songs either about Presley or that simply mention him, that it is unlikely there will ever be a complete list. Of course, Wikipedia has made a significant dent in compiling one.

The cover of Elvis’ 1956 self-titled debut album has also had its share of influence in pop culture. Starting with The Clash’s London Calling in 1979, the album’s design and typography have been imitated and parodied so many times, it’s hard to keep up with, but at least one website is trying.

In memory of Elvis, here is a playlist simply titled, Ten Songs About Elvis:

More playlists to listen to:

squeaky manson timeline

R.I.P. Jim Dickinson is Dead...I Don't Feel So Good Myself! Long Live World Boogie and Mudboy and the Neutrons & Dixie Fried (Best LP of All Time)

Jim Dickinson is Dead!
Mississippi-based producer and musician Jim Dickinson has worked on hundreds of recordings over a career in music spanning five decades. In that time, he has worked at some of the most legendary studios in the southern United States (such as Ardent, Muscle Shoals and Sun), and contributed to a veritable whos who of the past fifty years of rock, blues and soul from playing keyboards for Aretha Franklin, Ry Cooder, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan to producing records for artists like Big Star, Green on Red, Mudhoney, Mojo Nixon, the Spin Doctors, The Replacements, Screamin Jay Hawkins, as well as dozens more.

Audio TV Legendary Record Producer Jim Dickinson

Jim Dickinson Dead at 67 - There Goes My Fucking Hero (Dixie Fried - Favorite Record - Like Flies On Sherbert - Favorite Production)...There Goes Your Elvis-Weak Posts too.


Memphis music icon Jim Dickinson, the producer behind The Replacements’ Pleased To Meet Me and Big Star’s Third/Sister Lovers, died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday, August 15. The 67 year old musician was recovering from triple bypass surgery.

Dickinson was a sought after session musician who played piano on numerous albums including The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, Aretha Franklin’s Spirit In The Dark, and Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind. His production work on the Big Star album Third/Sister Lovers, recorded in 1974, but not released until 1978, made him an in-demand producer for many of the new bands who would soon top the college alternative charts in the 80’s. In addition to The Replacements, Dickinson also produced Jason & The Scorchers, Green On Red, Mojo Nixon, True Believers, Willy DeVille, John Hiatt, and Houston favorite Joe “King Carrasco.

JIm Dickinson also fronted a band called Snake Eyes and recorded several solo albums including the 2006 album Jungle Jim And The Voodoo Tiger featuring his sons Luther and Cody who have their band known as the North Mississippi Allstars. Below are two interview segments with Dickinson discussing his work as a producer.


More music news:
Memphis music icon and record producer Jim Dickinson has died at 67

Candlelight Vigil for Elvis Presley - Associated Content

Candlelight Vigil for Elvis Presley

Aside from his legendary fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Graceland lives on as the centerpiece of the memory of Elvis Presley. On the grounds of Elvis Presley Enterprises sits the historic mansion as well as his two private planes. It is also the focal point for the future of
 Elvis Presley Enterprises, ElvisWorld. A theme park like entertainment complex, ElvisWorld will allow visitors to experience digital recreations of Elvis Presley live and in form.

All of this is based on the popularity and mystery of a man who died as hard as he lived. George Klein, Elvis Presley's longtime manager and friend continues to be quizzed on the facts of Elvis Presley's death. The hospital where Elvis died was recently demolished but the enigma around what happened on that August night at Graceland continue to be the talk of southern folklore. Which is why, over fifty thousand people are expected to be holding candles in memory of the life and death of the king of rock and roll.

Beginning at 8:30 on the 15th of August, mourners will be allowed to walk up the grounds of Graceland to the gravesite of Presley with a candle. This procession usually lasts until early in the morning on the day of his death. With 2007 being the 30year anniversary the number of those in attendance is expected to double those that come in a standard year.

The gravesite of Elvis Presley sits off to the side of the Graceland Mansion. Those that attend the vigil will enter through the entrance gates that line the brick wall to the Graceland spread. Up and around, in the midst of trees, shrubs and flowers, mourners will journey until they arrive at the Meditation Garden that serves as the place where the king of rock and roll chose to call home after his death. Also known as Graceland Memorial Park, the Meditation Gardens are also the place where Elvis Presley's mother and father, as well as his grandmother, twin brother, as well Ebony's Double, a horse owned by Elvis Presley.

For thirty years, fans of Elvis Presley have made their way up Elvis Presley Boulevard and on towards his grave. Along the way, they share stories of seeing Elvis in person, watching on TV, or listening to him on the radio. People from Norway and Belgium, Nantucket and Boston will remember with fondness the life of Elvis Presley, with candle in hand.Since late in the night of August 16, 1977 the streets of Elvis Presley Boulevard have been the scene of one of rock and roll's annual events, the candlelight vigil at the home of Elvis Presley. Fans from the US as well as around the world fly into Memphis International Airport, take a
 short drive around the city's expressway loop and head due south, down Elvis Presley Boulevard to a huge brick mansion that rests alone, atop a hill in one of Memphis' oldest neighborhoods.

The community, called Whitehaven, was at the time that Elvis Presley bought Graceland, a rich, ethnically diverse community with a mall less than a mile away from the Graceland Mansion. Additionally, Elvis Presley's favorite amusement park ride, the wooden rollercoaster, the Zippin Pippin was only a ten minute drive away at the Fairgrounds. Today, the Fairgrounds is being redeveloped as a mixed use development. The Zippin Pippin has been bought and sold twice and sits deconstructed and rotting. Whitehaven has suffered a similar fate, becoming a bastion for economic flight as the community has changed vastly since the days that Elvis called it home.

Elvis Presley Boulevard, also known as Bellevue, is now a long city street with a massive collection of empty buildings and urban stores that are here one minute and gone the next. Gone are the entrenched retail tenants. The Southland Mall, long the city's only locally-owned shopping center, now struggles to survive the flight of shopping dollars to more affluent, socially pleasing shopping experiences like Wolfchase Galleria and Southaven's new Town Center.

With all that is wrong, decaying, and dying in Whitehaven, its one hope is the one entity that knows no racial limits. Elvis was a man, an entertainer who was and is loved by countless millions of adoring fans. His gyrations were legendary and drawn from his days listening and watching soul artists. His vocal sound, a mix of country western and southern gospel roots. When people heard Elvis, they heard the sounds they listened to. When people saw Elvis Presley they saw the moves they were doing. He was a person for the people, by the people, of the people.
Candlelight Vigil for Elvis Presley - Associated Content

Facts about Elvis - Elvis Presley's life - Elvis news

John Deere Exhibit Announced


Check out a video about Elvis' John Deere tractor or the photo gallery of photos from the restoration project. If you are an Elvis Insider, visit the members only message board for exclusive photos and documents relating to the tractor and Elvis' ranch. For more about John Deere, click here.









Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. announced that a John Deere tractor often used by Elvis on his ranch and at Graceland has been fully restored and will be placed on public display, beginning May 8th, 2009, at the Elvis Presley Auto Museum – located at the national historic landmark Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

The restoration has been a cooperative effort between Elvis Presley Enterprises and John Deere – an initiative that also includes future sales of die-cast replicas of Elvis’ tractor. Students at Northwest Mississippi Community College restored the tractor with guidance from John Deere.

Elvis acquired his John Deere 4010 tractor with the purchase of a Mississippi ranch in 1966. Having grown up around farming in Tupelo, Elvis knew he needed the best equipment possible to care for the land he had just purchased. Family members and close friends of Elvis tell stories about the enjoyment the famous entertainer had while working with his tractor.

After Elvis sold the ranch, the tractor moved to Graceland and was used to maintain the beautiful landscaping on the property for decades. Graceland visitors from around the world had come to know and look for Elvis’ old tractor when visiting the historical landmark. Graceland replaced the John Deere with a new model recently and decided to prepare the old tractor, which had served for nearly 50 years, for display in the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum.

In celebration of this new exhibit, a special-edition, die-cast version of the tractor will go on sale in November at authorized John Deere dealers nationwide, on ShopElvis.com and at Graceland. Increasing the collectible nature of this edition will be the inclusion of the 46A loader which is rarely found on die-casts.

Elvis’ John Deere 4010 tractor Series 213, is a general purpose diesel tractor that was built at the John Deere Waterloo Works, in Waterloo, IA. It was sold at a John Deere dealership in Tunica, MS and also included a 46A John Deere loader, a rare combination making the tractor unique. 

The 4010 tractor owned by Elvis was one of four models in John Deere’s “New Generation of Power” – a four- and six-cylinder tractor line that the company introduced in 1961 and helped propel the company to become the world’s leading manufacturer of agriculture equipment, a position it retains still today.

Northwest Mississippi Community College and John Deere work together to offer training to develop entry-level technicians to the required high standards of technical expertise, culminating in a career as a John Deere dealership service technician.


Facts about John Deere
 During the 1960s, John Deere became the leading farm equipment maker in the world.
 The biggest news in the 1960s farm tractor industry was the introduction of the “New Generation of Power.” For the first time in three decades, John Deere tractors were entirely new from the ground up. In fact, 95 percent of all parts and components were created from new designs engineered to make the power leap.
 There were four models in the new line – the 1010, rated at just under 36 PTO horsepower; the 2010, at 46.6 horsepower; the 3010 at 59 horsepower; and the 4010 at 84 horsepower.
 The most popular of the 10 series tractors was the 6-cylinder 4010, which revolutionized large-scale farming, which sold more than 40,000 in just three years from 1960-1963.
 All the 10 series tractors used the concept of high horsepower-to-weight ratio.
 Another change in concept for the New Generation tractors was the use of variable-speed engines.


Visit the official John Deere page for more information.

Facts about Elvis - Elvis Presley's life - Elvis news

Graceland Virtual Wall - Elvis Week 2009

Graceland Virtual Wall

Page 1 of 70 | Select a page:
Marjorie Bosman, Age 64
British Columbia, CA
R.I.P. Elvis! You will always be my favourite.

MARIE, Age 55
I will love Elvis forever.He is a pure angel with a voice that makes me always feel good when I hear him sing,when I'm down I listen to his music or movies and I feel good.Thank heavens for his music and movies that keeps him alive

MARIE, Age 55
I will love Elvis forever.He is a pure angel with a voice that makes me always feel good when I hear him sing,when I'm down I listen to his music or movies and I feel good.Thank heavens for his music and movies that keeps him alive

Middletown, US
I still think you are here I will never forget, I was born on his birthday he was nine when i was born. I love his music, movies. I have alot of his things I went to Graceland two years ago.I will go again someday. where i work they play his music and I sing along.GOD BLESS YOU SEE YOU IN HEAVEN.LOVE DONNA

Janet Bruce, Age 47
Prince Rupert BC, CA
I have been an Elvis Fan since I was 10 yrs old, my MOM was always playing Elvis music & we watched all his movies..he was buried on my birthday Aug.18 & I will never forget the day he died. He was such a loving,caring ,generous man & I send my deepest sympathies to his friends & family.He will alwyas be on my mind!!!

John Graf, Age 54
carson calif., US
I have been a fan since I was six and I will always be. Thank you Elvis for putting so much joy into my life. I hope wherever you are that you are happy. You deserve it for making the world happy. Thank you Elvis.

tracey potter adams, Age 42
paragould arkansas, US
i have always loved elvis he has always been a household name eversince i can remember....i can remember exactly what i was doing when i heard he had went to meet jesus and be with his mom and bother in heaven ....i love you and miss u elvis

Janvier, Age 19
Omaha, NE, US
I may be young but I will always love your music Elvis!!! My grandma loved you and it definitely passed on to me. I can't get enough of your music! My favorite is Can't help Falling In Love. I LOVE THE KING!

Bonnie, Age 44
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Your music is timeless and you will always be remembered as a great person and entertainer through decades to come. Your music touched millions of souls and continues on. Thank you.

Mount Vernon, WA, US
For the love, joy, comfort, and beautiful music you have given to all of us, thank you Elvis.
Elvis Week 2009


Graceland Livecams

Live - Elvis Week 2009

Live - Elvis Week 2009 - I'm tellin' Ya, There's Hardly Ever Anything Worth Lookin' At on the Live Graceland Cam, but this Is!

Live - Elvis Week 2009

Rocking in Hakata » Japanese Tongue Twisters Lesson 2

Japanese Tongue Twisters Lesson 2

April 19th, 2009

Here’s the second lesson. It’s one that a bunch of commenters have mentioned. It’s still pretty simple, though. I don’t usually say the bus guide part, though, usually. I dunno, I guess I feel bad calling someone ugly. By the way, the “busu” comes from the word “busaiku” (不細工) as far as I know. It means “homely” or “plain.” Not very nice. But when you shorten it into a slang expression, which is then spelled in katakana, it becomes stronger. Hence “ugly.” One thing that’s helpful in saying this one quickly is to remember that the u sound on many words that end in su can be sort of…de-emphasized. (That’s why desu sounds like “dess” sometimes and not “de-soo” all the time.) Be judicious when applying this shortcut, and mimic native speakers to use it properly - but for tongue twisters, I say it’s fair. :-D Video responses with you attempting this tongue twister are highly encouraged!

Difficulty: Easy
Kanji: バスガス爆発(ブスバスガイド)
Hiragana: ばすがすばくはつ(ぶすばすがいど)
Romaji: Basu-gasu-bakuhatsu (busu-basu-gaido)
Meaning: Bus gasoline explosion (ugly bus guide)

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Rocking in Hakata » Japanese Tongue Twisters Lesson 2


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Wordle - @nichopoulouzo

Taketatekaketa katta kara taketatekaketanosa!

Mukou no take ga kini naze taketatekaketa? Taketatekaketa katta kara taketatekaketanosa!
Toii haru kanojo wa, ichuu no danseito jazukashu shansonkashuga atsumaru raibuhausuni iki, ano meikyoku "busu basu gaido basu gasu bakuhatsu" wo kiita. Kaerimichi no kouen de kare ga totsuzen. Uraniwa niwa niwaniwa niwaniwatoriga irunda ze. Nante iu node "Ara suteki ni ne" to iu to uraniwa no butaga butao butta node butareta butaga buttabuta! Nante naisuna amerikanjokku wo iumon dakara tsui "Suki desu!" to kouen no funsui no maede kokuhaku shita.

Taketatekaketa katta kara taketatekaketa

Japanese Tongue Twisters #2

バスガス爆発ブスバスガイド (basu-gasu-bakuhatsu busu-basu-gaido)
Plus, a bonus 言葉遊び (kotoba asobi) from Hanafubuki, all about pigeons.
Category: Education
早口言葉 外国人 日本語 tongue twisters foreigner Japanese lesson

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss, Carlos Rivera (Translator)
$8.99 | 978-0-394-81626-5 (0-394-81626-9)

Translated by Carlos Rivera.

Also available as an
unabridged audiobook download,
hardcover and a
hardcover library binding.

The Cat in the Hat Turns 50…With a Bang - 1/11/2007 - Publishers Weekly

The Cat in the Hat Turns 50…With a Bang

This story originally appeared in Children's Bookshelf on January 11, 2007 Sign up now!

by Sally Lodge, Children's Bookshelf -- Publishers Weekly, 1/11/2007

With a loud "BUMP!" that made two very bored siblings jump, the irrepressible Cat in the Hat arrived on the children's book scene a half-century ago, revolutionizing the concept of the beginning reader and sounding the death knell to the stilted Dick and Jane primers. Widely credited with hooking a new generation (as well as subsequent ones) on reading, Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat has sold more than 10.5 million copies in its classic edition alone (not including massive book club sales). In an even more impressive tally, Dr. Seuss's books have been published in more than 20 languages, with over 250 million copies sold worldwide.

Random House Children's Books is commemorating the Cat's 50th anniversary with two January releases: The Cat in the Hat Party Edition, a 500,000-copy limited edition featuring a foil cover; and The Annotated Cat in the Hat: Under the Hats of Seuss and His Cats, with an introduction and annotations by Philip Nel. And fittingly, the publisher is celebrating the occasion with a wide-scale literacy initiative supported by a national marketing and advertising campaign.

But first: a look back to Ted Geisel's creation of the tale that would reshape how youngsters learned to read. In a 1954 article in Life magazine, Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Hersey claimed that Johnny couldn't read because the Dick and Jane primers omnipresent in American schools were boring. Hersey challenged Dr. Seuss (who had already published nine children's books) and other authors to write an alternative reading primer that first graders wouldn't be able to put down.

Dr. Seuss at his desk.
Photo credit: Dr. Seuss Enterprises, LP
Geisel took on the task, struggling to keep his vocabulary within the limited word list devised by Houghton Mifflin (which published a school edition of the book) for beginning readers. Though the book took him a year and a half to complete rather than the "week or so" he thought it would take, the author rose to the challenge, creating his rollicking rhymed verse using a mere 236 words.

The Cat in the Hat was an instant success, making Dr. Seuss into a "rock star," says Kate Klimo, v-p and publisher of the Random House/Golden Books for Young Readers Group. "Random House sent him across the country in a helicopter to promote the book. It was a unilateral success among reviewers, librarians, parents and kids on the playground. Phyllis Cerf had the smarts to say to her husband Bennett that The Cat in the Hat should have its own imprint at Random House, and he gave her his blessing."

Beginning Beginner Books

She, Geisel and his wife Helen then founded Beginner Books, whose debut list in the fall of 1958 included The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and four other titles. The imprint soon grew to encompass the work of many acclaimed authors, among them P.D. Eastman, Stan and Jan Berenstain and Roy McKie. Noting that during the initial years of Beginner Books Geisel was not only its publisher but also its prime contributor, Klimo says, "He agonized over every single book he published, just as he agonized over every page he wrote and every illustration he drew. He took his work very seriously."

Ironically, Dr. Seuss scholar Philip Nel (whose earlier books include Dr. Seuss: American Icon for Continuum), remarks that Geisel complained that because he was a children's writer he was not taken seriously enough. "On the other hand," says Nel, "he was a perfectionist and was very hard on himself. He felt that nothing he did was quite good enough."

In creating The Annotated Cat, Nel notes, "I thought this would be a way to show people that it is fun to take Seuss seriously. The Cat in the Hat is one of the most important children's books of the last century and Dr. Seuss is the bestselling children's author in America. I wanted to show Dr. Seuss's mind at work and to reveal the complexity and richness of his books."

Nel imagines that Dr. Seuss would be pleased at the recognition that The Annotated Cat gives to his achievement, yet—again ironically—observes "he would likely also scoff at the thought of being taken seriously. He would mock the idea due to his insecurity about his work."

In addition to page-by-page annotations of both The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Returns, The Annotated Cat includes two original essays and a magazine story by Seuss, his draft material and sketches and archival photos. "I identify with Seuss thinking he could write The Cat in the Hat in no time at all," Nel muses. "When I started the book, I though it wouldn't take long to do the annotations. But it was really challenging. I wrote a lot, threw away a lot, rewrote again and re-rejected. I polished incessantly. I ended up with 160 pages of my own text for this book." Indeed it's a fairly familiar scenario: Geisel estimated that he routinely created more than 1000 pages of text and art for a 64-page picture book.

Planning an Anniversary

In recognition of the number of words Dr. Seuss incorporated in The Cat in the Hat, Random House has labeled the Cat's 50th-birthday literacy initiative "Project 236." Launched in partnership with Seuss's estate and First Book, a nonprofit organization founded to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first books, the program promotes a nationwide read-aloud (in schools, stores and libraries) of The Cat in the Hat at 2:36 EST on March 2, Dr. Seuss's birthday and the 10th anniversary of the National Education Association's annual Read Across America event.

The publisher has pledged to donate one Random House children's book to First Book for every purchase of a Dr. Seuss title made between January 1 and May 1. In addition, the house has created mail-in birthday postcards, available online at www.catinthehat.com, which are included in a 2007 Read Across America Event Kit. The kit has a Cat in the Hat 50th Anniversary theme and will be sent to 35,000 retailers. A birthday card is also inserted in each copy of The Cat in the Hat Party Edition. For every birthday card it receives, the house will also donate one book to First Book.

The publisher has anniversary counter and floor displays available for retailers. And Dr. Seuss's kindred creative spirits are also encouraged to get into the act: Random House has invited contemporary artists to pay tribute to Seuss by using his Cat, the iconic hat and the same 236 words as inspiration to create a work in his honor. These Seuss-inspired creations will be auctioned at an event later this year, the proceeds from which will benefit First Book.

All of which should ensure that the 50th anniversary of the top-hatted Cat's arrival—announced by that auspicious bump—is celebrated with a bang.

The Cat in the Hat Turns 50…With a Bang - 1/11/2007 - Publishers Weekly