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April 18, 2009

JagadeeshaTV: Meister Jagadeesha - JAY HO! [56 Videos: 806 views--Playlist by "laertesdd"]


Jagadeesha TV

Jagadeesha TV mit dem einmaligen
Unser Genosse und Meister Jagadeesha trifft in der vierzehnten Folge JagadeeshaTV den Braunschweiger Prediger Klaas Hoffmeister und führt ein kleines Gespräch über Gott und die Welt.
Naja, eigentlich nur über Gott.

Our comrade and master Jagadeesha arrives in the fourteenth JagadeeshaTV follow the Braunschweiger Prediger Klaas Hoffmeister and leads a small conversation about God and the world.
Well, actually only about God.





viscit the LeeiYTLe pranjesters
MASHoGay bonerDOS

"LetaUr's taKey off your shOSes"
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and buck up my new
marginal grade

cowboy boots
crimping iron

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Age: 106
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is an American singer, songwriter, and artist, best known for a string of dance hits in the late 1970s that earned him the title "Queen Of Disco" and as one of the few disco-based artists to have longevity on the charts through the late 1980s.
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Peal down the footy, weenies on the poo

I would say I'm sorry
If I thought that it would change your mind
But I know that this time
I've said too much
Been too unkind

I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try and
Laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry
Boys don't cry




Newmarket timecube











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black surmounts the holy brains

black surmounts the holy brains
Video sent by mrjyn

結婚式様式舌で話すこと (Word and the language of formattazione of the ceremony of the connection)
Le noir américain surmonte par les cerveaux saints; Datez cette cérémonie de mariage Et elle
commence à indiquer avec la langue !

The American black surmounts by the holy brains; Go back this ceremony to marriage And start to indicate with the language!

MRJYN: DAILYMOTION "LEAST VIEWED VIDEOS OF ALL TIME" *mostly because i had some weird titlles, so as i edit this may change

Japan: VIDEO AND TV APPEARANCE [1973 - 1982: Pt. 1] 4PD


1978 - Top Pops - Dutch TV show

This clip of Adolescent Sex was broadcast in Japan on a video request show (BS-2 channel) in 2001. Thanks to Michael Mitchell for the images.

1978 - Sometimes I Feel So Low promo video clip

A clip of this was shown during the VH1 Japan documentary.

some.jpg (10942 bytes)

6 October 1978 - TV appearance - "Disco 78" Germany

  • Automatic Gun

Good quality copies of this performance are in circulation because the show was syndicated at the dawn of the satellite TV age. It is a pretty standard Top Of The Pops type show, with a brightly coloured set, lots of kids in the audience and early use of cheesy graphics in the intro. The stage is rather small, so Rob, Mick and David stand in a row with Rich to one side and Steve somewhere at the back, practically inside the backdrop. In fact, I think he's leaning against it. Steve is the star of this clip, not for anything he actually does, but for the mirth of seeing him in those glasses, looking like some kind of cross between the first Y.M.O. album cover, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, circa 1972) and an X-Files alien.

Autotv.jpg (25483 bytes)

4 March 1979 - "11pm" (Japan)

  • The Unconventional

A mimed performance in a TV studio with the group wearing the 1979 tour outfits.

japtv2.jpg (18609 bytes)

7 March 1979 - "Interview" (Japan)

A rather shambolic interview (with interruptions from Japanese translators). There are also brief clips of Steve drumming solo at a soundcheck and of the group arriving at a venue in Japan.

japtv1.jpg (23810 bytes)

12 March 1979 - Let's Go Young (Japan)

  • European Son
  • Sometimes I Feel So Low

Live performances. Both performances are on the bootleg CD "European Son". Appears to have been filmed in a very large theatre (the Budokan?) but for the TV cameras benefit all the venue lights are on full blast. Lots of shots of screaming girls jumping up and down!

Thanks to Michael Mitchell for the info on this and most of the other Japanese clips.

japtv3.jpg (25233 bytes)
April 1979 - Life In Tokyo promo video clip

tokvid.jpg (12475 bytes)

29 May 1979 - Dienst Jeugd/Tienerklanken - Belgian TV

  • Life In Tokyo
  • Automatic Gun
  • Adolescent Sex

For this appearance Japan are wearing the outfits that appear on the Japanese Life In Tokyo cover and the later Quiet Life album. It is an interesting appearance because of the way Sylvian performs. Throughout, he comes across as acting rather happy for a change, bending double during parts of Automatic Gun, the camera panning in to reveal that he is trying to cover up the fact that he is laughing. He also stumbles a few times, while Mick and Rob can be seen to give each other looks and smile at what he is doing. Even Rich nods his head rather a lot at one point. This appearance seems to be a classic example of UK bands doing TV on the continent, enjoying the hospitality, whooping it up and not caring in the belief that nobody important (UK or US press, mums and dads or auntie Maisie) will be watching. Now, thanks to VH1's Beat Club and other such shows, the true horror of such TV is coming back to haunt them.

Thanks to Dirk for some corrections.

Toktv.jpg (20939 bytes)

14 March 1980 - Town 5 (Japan)

Another amusing Japanese interview with the group visibly embarassed.

japtv4.jpg (24418 bytes)

17 March 1980 - Let's Go Young (Japan)

  • Quiet Life
  • I Second That Emotion

Live performances in a large TV studio or concert venue with lots of screaming fans.

japtv5.jpg (25259 bytes)

March 1980 - Quiet Life promo video clip

This was filmed at one of the London Venue dates in early 1980 and is probably the best known Japan video clip. The soundtrack is the original UK/German 7" version (with Rob's guitar solo but fading out before the final chorus). The video begins with a view of Richards hands at the keyboards before cutting to a shot of the whole stage, cutting back to Rich then a close zoom to Mick for the "Boys!" before David comes in. Each time the band sing "Boys!" there is an exciting zoom in to Rob or Mick, then David, then clips of Rich and Steve. David looks really cool in this video - the classic "Polaroids" look with two-tone hair, blue jacket and tie, legs apart and swaying to the beat. Mick's hair is pink and white, greased back, so he looks pretty similar to later videos. My favourite parts are Rob's guitar solo (this is a good video for him) and the part where David goes "STOP!" and bangs his head forward so his hair gets messed. Then in the same movement he flicks his hair back and it's perfect again! That's cool! Released officially on the Video Hits DVD.

Qlifevid.jpg (25288 bytes)

May 1980 - I Second That Emotion promo video clip

Likewise, this is a fairly well known clip which has been released commercially on a number of UK chart video or nostalgia compilations. It was also shown on Top Of The Pops (BBC TV) when the remixed version of the song went into the UK Top Ten in 1982. Japan are shown playing the song in a white and blue studio, with scant decoration making it appear like some kind of heavenly nightclub. On the Video Hits DVD.

Isecvid.jpg (24698 bytes)

October 1980 - Gentlemen Take Polaroids & Swing promo video clips

Both appear on the "Instant Pictures" videotape released in the UK. Polaroids was filmed onstage at a soundcheck and Swing was shot in a studio, and is fairly shadowy and atmospheric throughout. Sylvian has immaculate teeth in both of these videos.

Polvid.jpg (14439 bytes)

Swingvid.jpg (16927 bytes)

20 December 1980 - "The Old Grey Whistle Test" BBC TV

  • Swing
  • My New Career

Japan's first networked UK TV appearance, with a lengthy but very positive introduction from DJ Annie Nightingale (a woman of taste who would always play Japan on her show). This performance was shown twice in the same week and was also repeated in 1983/84, so there are some good quality tapes in circulation. A good performance. It is interesting that both songs sound different to the other live and studio versions.

This picture taken from the BBC website. So, they must still have this one in the archives then!

24 September 1981 - "Top Of The Pops" BBC TV

  • Quiet Life

This clip has special significance for me as it was the first time I saw and heard Japan.

Qltotps.jpg (25496 bytes)

10 October 1981 - Mick Karn "flanned" on Tiswas. ITV.

Classic trash TV. Mick is trying to look and sound his best - despite the fact that he had been called in at the last minute and had not slept. He is sitting amidst a load of kids and Sally James is trying to interrogate him about his "sculpturing" (without much response, Mick is not very talkative). Then he gets flanned before they play the "Quiet Life" video! Interestingly, Mick was appearing as a favour for someone else who had dropped out at the last minute - imagine if Sylvian had been flanned?

Tiswas.jpg (23421 bytes)

September 1981 - Sounds - Australia

Info from Tony: "I have footage of Sylvian and Jansen being interviewed by Australian TV in what i guess to be around late '81. David talks about a recent illness which put him in hospital, the album they are currently working on; "Tin Drum" and their vague plans to visit Australia. I have a feeling the interview is filmed at AIR studios."

Having now seen the footage I can add the following - Steve and David are promoting the Australian "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" album. David says he thought of the song title first, then built the song and album up from there. He says he does not believe in pop videos as they can limit the imagination of the viewer. Steve says they are recording "Tin Drum" and hope to finish it "in about a month and a half", which puts this show at about September 1981. David says that they had hoped to visit Australia but his illness meant that they could not (he went into hospital the day after the Hammersmith Odeon concert on 17th May 81).

Info from John Hewitt - This show was on Channel 7 - Sounds was a Saturday morning music show hosted by Donny Sutherland. Aswell as the interview, the video of "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" was played.

Visions Of China promo video clip

Available on the "Instant Pictures" video tape. This clip was voted one of the top 50 all-time best videos by Record Mirror in 1985.

Visvid.jpg (22304 bytes)

20 November 1981 - "Oxford Road Show" BBC TV

  • Quiet Life
  • Visions Of China
  • Cantonese Boy

The group look very relaxed and all appear to be enjoying this show. David smiles a lot throughout, perhaps relishing the chance to shock the audience with the contrast between Quiet Life and the Tin Drum material. Cantonese Boy is an interesting choice. Elsewhere on the site you will read an interview where the band state that Virgin did not want to release Ghosts as a single, so was Cantonese Boy planned to be the next one at this early stage? If you have this clip, listen to the drums on Visions Of China - just before the drum solo the tape cuts out and you can hear Steve pounding away live, making a very interesting racket that would have done as a remix. For this performance, David wears a red checked shirt and during Cantonese Boy puts on his round "Lennon" specs.

This edition of the show marked the TV debut of Ade Edmonson and Rik Mayall, appearing as "20th Century Coyote" (thanks to Dave Johnson)

Orsbbc.jpg (28977 bytes)

1982 - Sylvian on Warhol's TV show (USA)

More info required.

1982 - Sylvian VJ's on MTV (USA)

Information from Greg Huerter:

"I remember the David interview segment being very quiet with long moments of silence before someone spoke again. I do recall seeing one of those "I want my MTV" promos with David saying "Hi I'm David Sylvian from Japan you are watching MTV with a quick flash to the visions of china video. As far as I know MTV in the USA only showed visions of china it was the only Japan video I have ever seen. I watched MTV almost every day its first year of operation and saw the video maybe three times the most significant time being when Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes of duran duran played it. Nick talked about how Japan was his favorite band and tin drum was an amazing album. I thought it was great that he went out of his way to promote Japan in the USA and it gave them great exposure because there guest VJ spot was in prime time and the only time I saw visions of china before that was late at night. I often wonder what would have happened if Japan had stuck together and tried to conquer America with the backing of hugely popular duran duran."

4 March 1982 - "The Old Grey Whistle Test" BBC TV

  • Ghosts
  • Cantonese Boy

With Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Rhodes

This performance took place when they were recording Bamboo Music. Ghosts is a new version, unique to this performance, allegedly re-arranged by Sakamoto. David Rhodes had been Japan's guitarist for the Visions Of China tour, but by the next tour had been replaced by Masami Tsuchiya. The band look pretty glum during this performance, which took place during a pretty dark period in the group's history. Ghosts is available on the Best Of The Old Grey Whistle Test DVD.

Ogwt2.jpg (21912 bytes)

11 March 1982 - Mick Karn and Angie Bowie on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" BBCTV

Mick plays some basslines later heard on his debut album and Angie reads some of her poetry. It was all improvised and arranged on the spur of the moment after Japan's appearance the week before. At the time, Angie had business connections with Japan and NOMIS, and she particularly began to socialise with Mick. The Sun (with publicist supreme Connie's help no doubt) even suggested there might be a romance on the cards.

THE RELUCTANT DRAGON: Sound Effect featurette for Train Cartoon ( Alfred L. Werker, 1941)

THE RELUCTANT DRAGON ( Alfred L. Werker, 1941) was always intended as a factual entertainment piece and as such was developed with the inclusion of several animated segments in mind, which would also find a life in later re-issues as stand-alone featurettes.

This excerpt belongs to the "sound design" segment.

Japan:日本: ナイトポーター + Adolescent Sex "私のようなバンドの唯一の国日本です"-- ジェーン Aldridge

日本: ナイトポーター "私のようなバンドの唯一の国日本です"--J. Aldridge
Video sent by mrjyn



'私のようなバンドの唯一の国日本です'--J. Aldridge


Adolescent Sex

1978 - Adolescent Sex promo video clip

The group perform the song (LP version) with various visual FX providing multiple images, a bit like a mad ABBA video. Quite amusing. Released officially on the Japanese Video Hits DVD.


私: CとW. dshit





nを私は彼の店で彼を訪問ハリウッドで彼のキャデラックは、世界で有名なのPIX havinせてくれません





足の上、 2つの大きなものに10:12午後ワシ



ジェーン: hahahaha


the only country band i like is JAPAN

me: c and W. dshit
10:09 PM like the guyss on the grand ole opry, you know all the rhinestones
he did the girls too, like patsy and such
and then his partner, manuel took over the biz when he died.

10:10 PM oh, man now i'm so excited, to show you his boots and clothes
i visited him at his shop in n. hollywood and got to take pix in his cadillac which is world famous for havin
10:11 PM JANE: what are yours like
me: big silver dollars and steer horns on the hood and pistol s and more incredible shit than
mine are almost to the knee , black white and read,
square cap toe
10:12 PM eagles on top of foot and two big ones
on both sides
big ol strap pullers on each side with lil red hearts on em
JANE: hahahaha

April 17, 2009


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