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January 24, 2009

Girl + Man: Arm Wrestling [This man has an unbroken record of 10 - 203 lost AW-matches against females]

Added: 1 year ago

This man has an unbroken record of 10 203 lost AW-matches against females...:)
Very Cool! ;-)
the females maybe strong, but this big man would never lose in a real match.. all fake.
dude this match is no fake, not always bigger size wins. this female trains in a gym everyday, what u see is total muscle power from her. she crushed him! I wish It was my arm who got crushed
Lil... Wish and wish, aha:)
Girls are so STRONG now!
IBM a grown man but honestly-
getting very hard to compete with them.
i don't think so "girls are so strong now" the girl win cause the man in the video it's not strong and he is old man that's why girl win!!
The girl is not just strong, she looks strong. Not all girls are like her, and not all men are as weak.
THIS gal is just 'one' hair away from being an amateur bodybuilder.not much fat on her. needs more muscle, though, and would look very very hot and sexy ! (not that she docent now !)
Lola she is also pretty
What a STRONG woman, she has a lot of muscular endurance!! And she's very pretty as well!!
isn't the woman cheating by holding on the table with the other hand? i donut know if the guy is doing it as well but that makes arm wrestling a hell of a load easier. but fair play to her for beating him anyway
ya she is using the table as leverage, but still, its sad. Lola
i like strong woman that women is strong and hot
wow the guy is a cheater his wrist is bent
do you not armrest....bending wrists is part of the sport

the guy is big as in FAT which means that he is mostly fat, the girl might be smaller but she is all muscle, besides she did use the table as leverage. One more thing, I think the guy thought he was going to win so he didn't really try at the beckoning and when he realized how strong she was his muscles were stored and tired...
the guy cheated too buy having his hand bent
She lifted her elbows- she lost.
he only let her win cozy shes fit
clearly the girl did not win this, please people shes fit and could probably beat most guys, but people who think she is stronger then this fat dude are delusional
Girl+Steroids defeats Man+Doughnuts.

fuck you girl
he let her win...
he let her win
how this bountiful girl?
Yeah, this is a fake. But a good one!
At least she struggled for real! ;-)
guy was cheating! make sure wrist is always flat
just has to be flat before the start. after GO he can move his wrist is where ever he wants it
No, watch some of the pros's they do that !
A lot more too.