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August 19, 2009



- SQUAT 3 -

This auction is for a very rare and out of production SQUAT 3 from the Citadel Squat range back in 1991.  A really cool model, and almost impossible to get your hands on...until now!  An ideal model for your collection or cabinet... You can use the old Squat rules dotted around the 'net, or they work well with the new Imperial Guard rules (lots of Rough Rider Bikers and Tanks!).  This chap would be ideal for Imperial or Traitor armies, or even as part of a Necromunda Gang or RPG band.

The pictures shows the actual auction item; the model is metal, in ace condition and unpainted.  It has been properly paint stripped - you would be hard pressed to find any trace of paint left on him. 
He has lost his base tag, but a little pin should sort that.  The plastic arms and weapons do not come with the model; alas I don't have enough for ALL the models I am listing, so they will be listed separately.  Alternatively the GW Imperial Guard or Warhammer Empire or Bretonnian arms fit the bill quite nicely.


The Stuff of Legends listing for the model can be seen HERE, fourth row, far left.