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August 21, 2009

Shiny ass Munnkeys

2much ArtWorks

006-09 Shiny ass Munnkeys

The Shiny Ass Munnkeys

Project: 8 Munnkeys

it is a legend, told from generation to generation, about a everlasting pact between a human tribe and a, yet unexplored, primate species. the ShinyAssMunnkeys.

the human tribe and the primates lived on high and mysterious mountains in peace and harmony with each other. the legend also tells that the ShinyAssMunnkeys create an aura around themselves which brings deep inner joy, health and the attribute inscribed on the left hand of the monkey to the people inside this aura. each one of these unique little monkeys develops it's own special aura to bless the people inside it with either protection, joy or well-being. the more this special aura is developed, the more the left hand turns to it's corresponding color and after the monkey is fully grown, the symbol of it's own special aura is engraved on its left hand...


001-08 Munny Invasion

2much Munnys part 01

Project: Customized Munnys

A selection of customized Munnys, done in the last few months / years.. You can buy the Munny as a DIY-Toy (Do It Yourself), once you get this little fella you can do whatever you want.. 2much always loved designer toys. Unfortunately the ones he really liked were invaluable, so he decided to paint his own toys.. Now he loves toys even more ^_^

Currently most of them are on sale in the Body Art Store in St. Tropez, all remaining will be ready for you in the shop as soon as possible.

001-09 Mural Monkeys

On wall painted monkeys

Project: 2 monkeys in a new millenium
Client: Millennuim Hairdesign

Those two lucky dudes were made as a special job for the well renowned millenium hairdesign, owned by Carlo Zwahlen, in biel. 'Sage Monkey' sits on his arms and his always faithful ninja bird, which practices the mysterious art of stumpywing-punching, sits

on his tail. Also enthroned inside the sacred millenium halls sits the legendary 'Monkey King'.

001-08 Hairdryer

pimp my hairdryer

Project: Millenniums finest Hairdryer
Client: Millennuim Hairdesign
Information: A once boring black hairdryer was officially pimped into a fantastic voyage through an adventurous comic-land.Exclusively made for millenium hairdesign and made with spray-coat and posca markers.

07-08 Colorful Paintings

Colored paintings on canvas

Project: Large variety of painted pictures on canvas
Information: Hand made colorful pictures on canvas with posca marker, stabilo or spray-coat. The pictures all are drawn by hand, some of the subjects span accross several canvases and were created during the year of 2008.

002-08 Save the balls

PingPong Balls Part 02

Project: "Save the Balls"

Initiated by 2much for the first time in 2008 the project "save the balls" is meant to provide a violence free and safe shelter for abused ping pong balls. Month after month, millions and millions of those poor balls are cruely abused by hard beatings from the ping pong-racket and some balls have to endure gruesome smash-beats with up to 170 km/h, which deforms the ball up to 25% percent of its original size.

2much is dedicated to stop this unnecessary violence and begs you not to look the other way! Every ball bought from 2much is one more ball in safety.


001-08 Pingpong Totem

PingPongBall customizing part 01

Project: stop smoking totem

These sculpures were made during, the very hard time, where I stopped smoking and was searching for a meaningful alternative...
My solution was to buy a package of those balls and everytime I had the urge to smoke a cigarette, I would start painting one of those balls. Since I was used to smoke A LOT, soon after a short while I had a very large number of those balls and were already filling them with cotton and glued them together to create "THE TOTEMS"


002-08 Faces

Colorful faces

Project: Various Faces on canvas

Composition of various small drawings on canvas with different faces and expressions. All were made last year, are drawn on canvas and only posca marker or stabilo were used as ink pencils. Currently, some of the drawings are for sale at the famous bodyart store in st. tropez and the others will soon be available through the online store

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