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August 21, 2009

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Press Room - "FBI, This Week" Radio Show

Press Room
"FBI, This Week" Radio Show

Dogs Sniff for Explosives - I
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Mr. Schiff: The FBI Police have more than just weapons. Officer Joel Altman has a beautiful dog to help protect FBI Headquarters and employees.

Officer Altman: “ I am one of our Explosives Canine Detection Handlers, and I use Explosives Detection Canine Kurt and he is here with us today, also .”

Mr. Schiff: Tell us about Kurt.

Officer Altman: “Well he’s a black Labrador retriever; he’s a golden retriever black-lab mix, so he’s got a longer coat than most golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers .”

Mr. Schiff: Tell me about training.

Officer Altman: “ They’re introduced to different explosive odors to learn all the explosive families as well as firearms that have been fired and shell casings. And they are introduced to the odors and then as the handlers, we come in; we’re there for 10 weeks and we learn how to actually search with the dogs. So we’re the ones that actually the dog how to search and where to look for explosive odors; what areas on a vehicle or in a building would be productive to find the explosive odors. ”

Mr. Schiff: I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week .”

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Federal Bureau of Investigation - Press Room - "FBI, This Week" Radio Show