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August 20, 2009


Critics often praise Quentin Tarantino for his edgy screenplays and directing technique, which is cool and all, but we’ve always respected the guy for casting so many hot women his movies. Seriously, the dude has a resume chock-full of beauties, and his latest flick Inglourious Basterds passes the sexy baton to Diane Kruger . Sure, D.K. is the latest and greatest attractive woman to star in a a Tarantino flick, but how does she stack up to other stunners the filmmaker has casted? Read on for a countdown of the 10 hottest girls from Tarantino films.


#10: Diane Kruger
FILM: Inglourious Basterds
ROLE: Bridget von Hammersmark
• The movie isn’t even out yet, but this German beauty has us copping pre-sale tickets.


#9: Pam Grier
FILM: Jackie Brown
ROLE: Jackie Brown
• Some say Grier hit her prime in the ’70s, but her snappy attitude, tight stewardess outfit, and our unfulfilled cougar fantasies made us love her in this role. The twos are forever.


#8: Patricia Arquette
FILM: True Romance
ROLE: Alabama Whitman
• We’d go on a cocaine-fueled run from the mafia with her on our arm any day.


#7: Vivica A. Fox
FILM: Kill Bill: Vol. 1
ROLE: Vernita Green
Fox didn’t get much screen time with this role, but seeing her all bloody and sweaty in the opening fight scene brought out our inner sadist. Too weird? Whatevs.


#6: Lucy Liu
FILM: Kill Bill: Vol. 1
ROLE: O-Ren Ishii
• Ah, our favorite chick from the Deadly Vipers squad. We’d love to stick her with our Hattori Hanzo sword, if you know what we mean.