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July 11, 2009

YouTube and Mantovani

YouTube and Mantovani. If you were to search for "Mantovani" on YouTube, you'd find there are 759 videos available. Who can doubt the current world popularity of Mantovani? Here are statistics that support the fact that there remains a world-wide interest in beautiful Mantovani music. The statistics are accompanied by selected viewer comments. Note:  The quality of sound from YouTube is very poor compared to that from a good quality vinyl or CD release. If you click on the title, it will take you to the specific YouTube video. Please use your [Back] button to return to the Mantovani Fan Website. The numbers seem to be increasing by hundreds per day. Wow!!!  The comments are very touching. They reminded me of the comments we received on Mantovani's 100th Birthday Tribute. You may read them by clicking here: Tribute

Title Views Comment
  28 May 2009 12 June 2009  
Le Ronde/Greensleeves (from a 45 RPM double recording) 9,209 9,819 Gracious! The memories come waltzing down. Used to hear this 35 yrs. or more ago on the radio and never knew the name of it (La Ronde)! Still so lovely, many years later! Viva Montovani!
Swedish Rhapsody 22,836 24,063 Just wonderful. Brings back great memories. I always tried to pick out the accordion parts every time I heard it as a chikl.. Thanks for posting.
Edellveiss 30,163 36,087 if u close ur eyes then open them again u can imagine urself in another place a beautiful place of course
Elizabethan Serenade 16,396 18,164 I am 25yrs and this song takes me back to grade three when we would have music. I remembered being absent that day we were supposed to write it and for the next few days we learned to sing it.I loved the song so much but didn't have the words. Until today. It's beautifully serenading.The serenity it brings is just undescribable. Great piece of music
Le Mer (Beyond The Sea) 49,506 52,473 Oh man!!! what beautiful feelings you have stired in me. Memories of an earlier life that was free of many of todays ills. Note: there are other versions following Mantovani's on the program.
Blue Danube 29,542 31,536 lindo, musica dos sonhos maravilhoso. I'd like to add my own comment, this is the piece that introduced me to Mantovani in about 1953-1954. My life has never been the same since then. You will not hear this Strauss masterpiece played more beautifully, even in Vienna. Listen for the bell like sound from the high strings.
Some Enchanted Evening 33,116 34,549 Thanks to YouTube we can see and hear the evolution of Montavani's music. Note: Listen to Charlie Botterill's magnificent Deagan Vibraharp.
La Paloma 25,648 26,605 The most beatifull music that I like me very much. Thanks,
Come Prima 44,308 46,331  oh,Lord, such beautiful masterpiece. you don't need romance to feel that love. Thank you for your sharing.
Sweet Lelani 60,038 63,243 Mantovani's music is just lovely, and ageless
Theme From Exodus 36,104 37,951 Unbelievable,Unbelievable,Unbelievable all the music… and all feelings in just one instrumental…
Under Paris Bajo el cielo de París) 45,423 47,293 What to GO! kraustrujillo ! Your hitting home to my heart on this tune! WoW! Can't say enough! My parents used to play. !!!!!La orquésta de Mantovani, hace mucho que no la escuchàba, muy buena orquésta!!!!! Note: listen to the magnificent transition to the Mantovani Signature Sound (he did not use it everywhere).
Ebb Tide 10,641 12,093 why o why can't there be more gorgeous music like this on the radio ? Thank God I was privy to his music when growing up and listening to my parents radio player. His music is a PRIME example of WHY everything doesn't always have to have a BEAT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ! God bless that there will be more beautiful music like this in the world !
Amapola 13561 14,938 ellissima musica!!! Grazie Luiz !!!! Besos Perla.
Theme From Limelight 10,467 11,625 OH MAN! How awesome! I was so lucky to see them live in concert! Thank you for sharing!
Greensleeves 10,404 11,378
The most human melody , a melody that connects people with the heavens !!!
Tulips From Amsterdam   66,106 Mantovani's strings ALWAYS make me shiver.




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