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July 7, 2009

What Killed Michael Jackson? - AhlanLive.com

Ahlan! discovers the cocktail of drugs the singer needed just to function each day, and asks who is to blame for the lethal injection that killed him?

by Aoife Stuart
picture: WENN.com

As the world continues to mourn the death of the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON, who died of a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 last week, the singer’s family have requested an independent autopsy amid mounting speculation over his final hours. The family are believed to be angered over unanswered questions surrounding his death, particularly with regards to Dr Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was with Michael at the time of his death, and who was believed to have administered the lethal injection of the morphine-like painkiller, Demerol that preceded his death. Ahlan! uncovers the mystery surrounding the death of a pop icon...

Demanding answers
As Ahlan! went to press, the second autopsy was believed to be underway, independently commissioned by the Jackson family, who were reportedly growing impatient with the slow-moving official post-mortem. Though the state coroner has ruled out foul play – revealing that there were no outward signs of a struggle on Michael’s body – he has ordered toxicology tests to confirm the amount of prescription meds in Michael’s body, which could take several weeks to be completed.

The second autopsy has been urgently ordered amid mounting claims that Michael needed a potentially deadly cocktail of prescription drugs just to function each day. The singer was reportedly injected with the powerful narcotic pain reliever Demerol up to three times a day, allegedly referring to it as his “health tonic,” and was also believed to have relied upon two other narcotic painkillers, plus sedatives and anti-depressants on a daily basis.
Like many stars in Hollywood, Michael had easy access to these pills, and Brian Oxman, a spokesman for the Jackson family has slammed Michael’s inner circle for “enabling” the singer, claiming he warned the family Michael may have been abusing a cocktail of potentially lethal prescription drugs.

Family fears
Michael’s family were said to be so concerned by Michael’s addiction to powerful painkillers, they considered forcibly admitting him to rehab, just two weeks before he died. Insiders say Michael was able to talk them out of it after promising to see a therapist and a ‘sober coach.’

“Michael was adamant he did not have a drug problem and was not going to rehab. But in the end he relented to his family’s wishes and agreed to having a sober companion,” said a source.

Liza Minnelli appeared to confirm fears Michael was an addict when she revealed on US TV that “all hell’s going to break loose,” when Michael’s autopsy results are in. Adding, “All those who knew him well really know what he was like... So thank God we’re celebrating him now.”

The missing doctor
Family friend of the Jacksons, Reverend Jesse Jackson, revealed on Good Morning America that the Jackson family have concerns over Michael’s doctor, cardiologist Conrad Murray – who has been questioned by police.

Early reports suggested that Dr Murray – who was hired to treat Michael during his planned series of comeback gigs in London next month at Michael’s insistence – was missing in the hours after his death. Though Dr Murray is said to be co-operating fully with authorities, his attempts to resuscitate Michael on his bed at home have been questioned.

‘”The first thing any beginner is taught about CPR is to move the patient to a hard surface. A bed is too soft,” said one medic.

Website TMZ.com are reporting that police also want to speak to a second doctor, Dr Tohme K. Tohme about an “alleged indirect connection” between prescription drugs and the pop singer’s death.

Dr Tohme was one of many doctors who cared for Michael, and the family are now keen to learn the roles of everyone in his inner circle.
“It is a name that has been in the Michael Jackson circle for a number of years – one of the many in the entourage – and nobody really knew what they were up to and what role they fulfilled,” spilled a source.

What Killed Michael Jackson? - AhlanLive.com