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July 7, 2009

This is the Second thing that made me cry: My comment to Weekly World News (fav paper) After they Embedded Another Person's Ghost Video--Not Mine!


Dear Ghost Chasers:

You really should check out the much clearer evidence I found and uploaded yesterday, where the ghost is Isolated with a spotlight halo, instead of just a red circle. This particular version was created by a paranormal research team in the Neverlands accustomed to presenting phenomenological evidence for Dutch Serial Killer trials and the Brothel Ghosts of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. They were called in to do some forensic video work by the investigatory team currently putting the drug case together with the DEA when through the comments at YouTube the media became aware of the Spectre of Michael Jackson in the now famous Larry King - Jermaine Jackson Ranch Tour.

My video was taken from the LAPD during its routine evidentiary discovery, and is the only detailed clip currently on YouTube.


I am also including the Video Description with the link to this page in hopes that more of you will participate in the Weekly World News Poll and offer your opinions on the evidence as included in my video. Unfortunately the Editors at WWN may not have noticed the distinguishing difference in my video when they embedded the video which you see above. However, I only offer an option and alternative for you to see for yourself in a more obvious way that which is only vaguely apparent in the video above.

What do you think?

Yes, that was definitely his ghost! 39%

I'm not sure, it's strange but hard to see 24%

No, it's just a shadow of one of the crew 38%

LOS ANGELES, CA Fans across the Internet have been speculating about the possible appearance of Michael Jacksons ghost in a CNN video!

A CNN crew was at Michael Jacksons former home, Neverland, broadcasting a tour of the house. As the reporter is showing the audience around the estate, a shadow clearly moves across the hallway! Is it Jacksons spirit, forever imprisoned in Neverland?

Michael Jackson - YouTube Fans See Ghost - Squint No More - Isolated Detail - 'Jacko's ghost at Neverland' - YouTube fans pick up shadow! Rumors spread across Internet! at 0:28 - 0:29 in the Hallway you could see a moving shadow believed to be the Ghost of Michael Jackson. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/...

Ted Rowlands y Miko Brando de CNN al mostrar un recorrido por la antigua casa del rancho Neverland del difunto Rey del Pop Michael Jackson.

MICHAEL Jackson fans are in a frenzy over a possible sighting of the star's GHOST at Neverland. An eerie shadow resembling Wacko's figure appeared on a wall in the singer's former home during a live television program last week - and walked across the corridor. It moved quickly from left to right before disappearing. The spooky sighting came during CNN's 'Inside Neverland,' which featured an interview between interviewer Larry King and Michael's brother Jermaine. Neither the presenter nor the cameraman noticed the specter.

After it was posted on YouTube fans picked up the shadow and rumors spread across the internet like wildfire.

During the program, Miko Brando, Marlon Brando's son and long-term friend of Jackson's, took a film crew on a tour of Neverland. At one point their camera is pointed down a long hallway when the shadowy figure appears at its far end. Very strange Michael Jackson Ghost During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Shadow. Larry King interview with Jermaine Jackson brother of Michael Jackson at Neverland ranch.

Look closely at in the Hallway. You could see a moving shadow believed to be the Ghost of Michael Jackson.

An eerie shadow resembling Jacko appeared on a wall in the singer's former home during a live television program last week and walked across the corridor.

~ nichopoulooza

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