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July 7, 2009

[::] Tells The Story of How MJ Finally Made Him Cry! + BLUE Elvis EYESOREs from My CLOSET + Elvis Narco Book Search + Jimmy Velvet's Elvis Pix!

I'V gone back in the old unpublished draft archive and dug out some skeletons. As I mentioned earlier, I like to think I haven't gone crazy, but that I continue a long tradition of the same. So for the 5 people who regularly peruse this blog and used to frequent The Perfect American (now an overstocked library), I offer some posts that never quite made it past the cutting room...I'll also be compiling all of my Michael Jackson YouTube Videos, which have somehow found a mainstream audience, including CNN, and myriad foreign blogs and tabloid rags, which I never knew existed until the YouTube Anal-attics button under each of my videos told me so.

BEtienne the CNN/Anderson Cooper Monkey story, which I apparently researched for them after I found and riposted the sweetest little Moonwalking Bubbles clip, quaintly titled with neither the words 'Bubbles' 'Moonwalk' or 'Jackson', from a Japanese YouTuber, who has now included all three of these words into his new title and who is currently looking at around 90,000 views, and my 'Jackson Ghost' video, which distinguishes itself from the other hundred Jackson Ghost videos currently on YouTube, by being first and having a spotlit, halo detail of the ghost for easy viewing...and so much more, I've been busy trying to tune in, interpret, and redirect the powerful Jacko vortex swirling in the web. ALos, thanks to IFC, who started me on my current ascendancy to one million views (should be any day now), with their embedding of the first video I ever posted, the "Night of the Iguana" Trailer, which started out two weeks ago at an emaciated three-digit viewership to become one of my biggest producers, with around 20k. And if that weren't enough, Beware of the Blog repainted a little tossed-off Michael Jackson EBay poem (and I know that because there were actually people on this blog that weren't from Seoul or searching for Pussy*).
My Jacksonian State of mind stems from the fact that when I was 13-years-old, my idol (besides Jerry Lee) died, and even without the Internet, it was a weird fucking month afterward. In fact I can remember (and am getting right now the same feeling although a little less intense), which I recall from Grocery Store, Tabloid, Checkout, Point of Purchase Stands and the massing of cheap paperbacks, not to mention what substituted for TMZ back in the day--Giraldo and shows like 20/20 (possibly the worst News Magazine TV show ever).

You see,
ELVIS PRESLEY WAS MY FIRST CONCERT IN 1977 WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN(and remember that, because apparently it will make you cry at the end of this paragraph, say two people). And so every time (but not until now did I fully realize how much) a celebrity dies, I get a little whiff of that 1977 air, blue eye shadow, punk rock, really good porn, Trans-Am's, bad music on the radio, Catholic Girls in Uniform, and 7-11 Slurpee Cuba Libra's. So thanks MJ for the memories. And truth be told, I was all immune to your shit, 'till on a far corner of the Web one night at around 5AM, I found myself on a Romanian Video Site called Trilulu, which I belong to, and there I found a video posted by a thirteen-year-old Romanian girl...it was of you, and I don't even remember what song it was now, because the thing that made me cry was the fact that the title was decorated with hearts and stars.


Velvet Elvis Presley
24x18 Painting

Image Hosting by <span class=

If you love Elvis or know someone who does, this is a must have for any collector.

Features of the wonderful painting include:

  • This is a fantastic portrait of The King, Elvis Presley
  • This is a young, sexy Elvis with stunning BLUE EYES
  • Very life like image
  • Individuality hand painted
  • Individuals signed by the artist
  • Painted on soft deep rich velvet which is stretched over a wood frame
  • Painting is 24" x 18" and comes unframed
  • NO TWO paintings alike. The painting sent to you is an original. It may not be EXACT to the one pictured in this auction.
This is a lovely hand painted and signed picture of Elvis Presley on soft deep rich velvet.

final stage pic

Indianapolis concert

final pic on stage

Amazon Narco Search

Elvis Presley-RS 248 (September 22, 1977) Photo

Featured Books for "narcotics badge"
Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business
See all pages with references to "narcotics badge".
Excerpt - on Page 252: " ... " He muster approved, because he made me a lieutenant. The emblem Elvis really coveted was a federal narcotics badge. Through John Grade, a former L.A. ... "

Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley
See all pages with references to "narcotics badge".
Excerpt - on Page 438: " ... "' Everybody knew that Elvis was against this kind of activity: he showed them all his federal narcotics badge and spoke with disapproval about rock groups that were known to have drug problems. ... "

Elvis and Me
Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley
See all pages with references to "narcotics badge".
Excerpt - on Page 287: " ... acquire a Federal Narcotics badge for himself. Elvis was an avid badge collector. He had detective, police, and sheriff badges from all over the nation ... "

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