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July 10, 2009

President Obama Booty Check Explained? When In Romeo so much!

When In Romeo so much!

President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy trade places on a dais with "Junior G8" delegates.

On first glance, the snapshot appears to show President Obama caught in a moment of less than lofty analysis. But upon looking at the video, the moment might seem to appear quite innocent -- one of those times when a picture can be misleading. The president was on a higher step and was stepping down -- so he looked down to assure his footing as the woman was walking up the stairs.

Although: not everyone agrees. Judge for yourself.


What I find despicable is the way ABC is blatantly trying to cover Seriously who Francklin cares So the prey was caught looking at some booty I pretty sure that most guys out there myself included do on a regular basis I find rather hilarious in its content even if I don't agree Obama. Obama and his policies How about reporting on how the current Democrat run government has out spent Bush in his 8 years combined in their first two months in power How about reporting on how they have finished spending our grand children's future and are now working on our great grand children How about reporting on how the Obama. Obama administration has taken the Bush administrations impeachment of our liberties and expanded on them How about that skyrocketing unemployment rate. There are even worthwhile stories than that to report on out there and all you can do is come excuses for Obama. Obama organization is pitiful. Why are they trying to excuse him for the camera catching him in the act. Yeah where is his birth certificate. I believe is what is called community organizing. He is making sure all is in order. ABC what a joke don't you all think Tapper does a wonderful job sucking for administration. Tapper obviously never met a totalitarian headmistress. Caught red handed and ABC lies for him...oh come on Obama. Obama was looking why did he look at the girl he was helping keep your eye on the prize deflecting your motive pal.

Nothing to see here people move along Dear Leader expects from you next time Obama.
Obama is not eligible under the Constitution to be President. When will he reveal his real birth certificate. What is he trying to hide. Where Birth Certificate. leave it to ABC and Jake to keep thief noses firmly in Derringer. Since when is it the responsibility of the press to make excuses for the president rather than to hold his feet to the fire. Oh yeah Since Obama. Obama was elected Great job dudes. You just keep on doing that hard hitting journalism thing sharpshooter. shameful that ghetto trash low life is President. He human debris & his wife is a pigeonhole. There is the child Obama. Obama was ogling 6 years old. In fact many of the people getting ready for photo op were underage and Obama. Obama knew going into photo op being a mayor assistant much less President I can wait to hear BUMBLING BIDET words of wisdom on event no doubt he will some how come out some tongue twisted newsflash. Chris Cuomo who are you kidding if he watches his footing on stairs the poor guy will break his fool neck! and you say Sarkozy was the one checking her out maybe but he looks like he about to bust a gut laughing at Obama.
Obama acting like a footballer checking out that debutant and she just happened to get in the way Sanforized like his Presidency NOT TOO SMOOTH.Very inexpensively

Jake here is your chance to get on top of the of the centerfold situation surrounding Mr Afterbirths certificate is starting to break loosely recently the slopes the website largely credited defusing the birth certificate issue said that Mr Obama.
Obama was born in Queens hospital in Honolulu In the last couple of days they changed that to the Okapi'Noelani hospital Ditto for the UPI article on Mr Obama. Obama For the past 6 months Okapi'Noelani hospital has carried a letter purportedly from Mr Obama. Obama congratulated them on their 100 year anniversary and calling it the place of my birth. That letter has suddenly been taken down. The hospital personnel will neither confirm or deny that Mr Obama was born there. The spokesman at the Honolulu Public Records say they have viewed Longshoreman's form birth certificate and that it is in accordance Hawaiian law but they refuse to say that it proves Mr Obama. Obama was born in Hawaii At the time of Mr Stillbirth people not born in Hawaii were able to obtain birth certificates. The whole thing could be solved, but he refuses to do and sends lawyers into court to block the release Seriously Jake don't, you think the American people deserve a further exploration of issue. It will be resolved soon or later but for the moment presents a wonder opportunity for an unenterprising journalist to investigate clotheshorses. If is all you repugnant have to cry about it goes to show how blind and stupid you are. All you care about is what PRESIDENT Obama. Obama is looking atop and you voted for Pain because she was pretty according to yourself. I Read about how some of you want to bed sauntering artisan. No seasonal Seurat Sodas, sable, ques la belle DE trashy es queasy en loos Sombreros.

Tu gran transferal talkative quatrain a nu pant a pasta alas gorillas hero a Alabama. no lo Carpetbagger commentator guy. I don't even know your name and I don't want to. You have got to be and idiot not to see how you are so obviously in Catercorner here. I mean do you really think you are so gifted as to know what he is thinking during that video I think to anyone that has a clear mind and is not whoring it out for the Obama.