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July 10, 2009

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¶ 2 November 06

I don’t suppose it even needs to be pointed out that my enthusiasm for this weblogging business has near fully waned.

We’ve had a good run but it’s no longer fun. Or useful. And I admit to a certain – perhaps misguided and no doubt ludicrously precocious – nostalgia for a once more intimate web, one with less of a noisy strip joint about it.

So I’m closing up shop to focus on endeavours of more delayed satisfaction, more careful crafting, more in line with where true passions lie.

Great gobs of thanks to all of you who stopped by over the years, and especially to those who made the joint classier with fine eloquence and wit in the comments.


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¶ 29 October 06

Simply glue a bunch of electromyographic sensors to your face, mouth the words and voilàthereyougovottak!

Not sure why but this gives me the creeps. Maybe because you have to keep a blank face for it to work – erase one of the most natural and revealing forms of expression to be able to communicate with an elementary level vocabulary.

Although, the accompanying article does say that it could help with diplomatic talks – Hello. Hola. Goodameecha ….. Howsthemissus? ….. Yo wassup, man? Arriba hombre? Helloooo? Hola. – and that it’s another positive step towards ridding us of the need for translators.

Obsolete factory workers of the world, I feel your pain.

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Oh, come on, we made a few good points.

¶ 9 October 06

Didn’t we?


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