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July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson - Jackson's 'Spider Bite' Was Caused By Heroin Injection - Report - ttexas edwards

Michael Jackson

Caption: Michael Jackson (Picture) The memorial service for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the Staples Center Los Angeles, California ....


A former MICHAEL JACKSON associate has shattered one of the King of Pop's most elaborate lies - told to cover up his drug use.
The late pop star's one-time video producer Marc Shaffel has revealed Jackson's 'spider bite', which was used to mask a late arrival to court during a 2002 hearing trial, was actually a self-inflicted needle wound.
Shaffel tells U.S. tabloid the Globe Jackson had been shooting up heroin when a needle broke off.
He says, "He had the IV (intravenous) stuff back then. It wasn't a spider bite. It was an IV he pulled out of his leg. The needle broke off."
Jackson showed off the wound to the Globe at the time, telling the publication, "I really was bitten by spiders. I have been in agony."