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July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson - Elvis Death: Fans Find Dr. Nick -- Murray - Klein Comparison

This video from 1978 on the indictment of Memphis physician, Dr. "Nick" George Nichopoulos and the death of his most famous patient, Elvis Presley, is the only such video record of the now-prophetic and strangely similar investigation, still ongoing, into Michael Jackson's death--only the dates and names need be replaced for its eerie equivalence. The burgeoning TV Tabloid press of 1977 was in its infancy with the laughably sincere Geraldo Rivera and that of 20/20 host, Hugh Downs. The "Memphis Mafia" whom Dr. Nick was a "member" finds its mirror in Jacko's staff, security and 'starfucker M.D.s,' Conrad Murray and Arnold Klein: seemingly all willing to sacrifice the cash cow (golden goose) for the cash (egg) now; all glorying in their respective bedside manners to one King or another and the perceived effect on its status or pocketbook, from the perspective of a cardiologist, dermatologist, and in Dr. Nick's case, general practitioner. All of these doctors, in one way or another, were willing to sacrifice their practice, profession, and possible freedom for a brush with two incredible performers and world's most famous junkies. There is no conspiracy to hide or cover-up the lack of documentation of Elvis's doctor's low profile on the Internet--his spotlight has come and not quite gone--especially now, as he turns 80, with the unfortunate timing to resurface into the spotlight of Julien's Auction House of Las Vegas: up for bid? among other things, the King's Prescription Bottles recovered after his death, and Nasal Douche, just as the Michael Jackson death and Doctor Scandal broke across the dessert. Having bravely soldiered through the landslide of Elvis detritus, exponentially multiplied after the Internet explosion of the last decade, I can tell you that Elvis Fans are almost, if not more, rabidly fantastic in their idolization AND denial of their exalted Idols' human fallibility (it remains to be seen, whether one will surpass the other in longevity of morbidity). The climate is fascinatingly identical: death hoaxes, ghosts, healing, obsession, depression, all five stages of denial simultaneously, shock, and blind inconsolable grief and disbelief pervade. It will be nothing if not interesting to track the lynch mob of Murray and Klein from this perspective, and analyze just how predisposed one group of fans will be to accept and admit to their Idol's fallibility, foibles and fall from grace, nodding and slouching toward Kublah Khan, and finally leaving Graceland and Neverland for the Promised Land without even a note, in order for any satisfaction of perceived Justice to be served in the prosecution of the doctors to be possible (although the DEA doesn't give a fuck about the fans). Will Jackson fans submit to the temporary indignity, which they've suffered all too often, and admit Jackson's drug addiction, if only to hang the doctors who happened to be at the barbershop? Elvis's didn't...and most still don't to this day (Junkies are dirty and ill-kempt, they don't BOTH HAVE URI GELLER AS HAIRSTYLIST, PAL AND SPIRITUAL ADVISOR/SPOONBENDER.) George Constantine Nichopoulos was acquitted of Federal charges brought forth in a criminal trial by the state of Tennessee and the Federal branch of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, in costly proceedings, which ultimately failed to prove his criminal intent, and therefore negligence in the overprescription (coined just for him) of Schedule II narcotics, including opioids and amphetamines, in staggering dosages, while claiming he was trying to help. (Well media, that's a hell of a recap for you...you're welcome.) Elvis's toxicology report found no less than 14 drugs and drug polypharmacies present in his body (in other words, some of the drugs were making new drugs in combination). His death is still ruled a cardiac event and has not been reclassified as anything else (although everyone except a few million fans of his accept the truth and realize that even without conviction and intent proven, Elvis was murdered by Dr. Nichopoulos...Oh, and the other twenty-five doctors like him, who dispensed anything the King wanted, whenever he wanted it (Elvis and MJ were both master Doctor Shopaholics); not to mention the family, friends, fans, and entourage, who sat idly by and watched in silence and fear for their own security. With the full extent of addiction and its more sinister causation left a mystery for Elvis, one can only imagine if things will play out in a similar fashion for Jackson, and those involved in his life, fame, demise, death and legacy.

~ nichopoulooza
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