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July 10, 2009

LYNN CAREY SAYLOR "WE BELONG" with BRIAN MAY [this is great--and i have a YT crush...it's friday]

Lynn Carey Saylor covers the classic Pat Benatar 1984 hit, "WE BELONG" with special guest friends, legendary QUEEN guitarist Brian May
(lead/rhythm guitar and background vocals), as well as the song's co-writer, Eric Lowen, who is seen in the video singing throughout with Lynn.

Eric Lowen suffers from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Lynn wished to honor him and this wonderful song by cutting his and co-writer Dan Navarro's biggest hit of their songwriting career.

"We Belong" appears on Lynn's CD "You Like It Clean"

(out now!)

*which [::] highly recommends for Queenophiles and Monster Guitar Lick Lovers, as well as Country Fans (even though she's an all LA Gurl, there's a definite 'What's good about New Country-Vibe happening with her voice,' which as Martha Stewat would say, is a good thing...but most of all, she transforms what would normally be an irony-laden experiment in disposable, retro interpretation into a sincere [in a good way, not bathos-sincere--LA cool sincere] labor of love for a finely crafted song, which happened to be sung by an iconic female rocker, whom you either love to hate or who still remains a guilty pleasure, and the friend/songwriter who penned it)...

which features the song,

along with 10 other cuts

written entirely by Lynn.

For more information and purchase links