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July 11, 2009

Commonly Misused Words

Accept, Except - Accept means to receive, while except means to exclude.

Adverse, Averse - Adverse means difficult, Averse means having a strong feeling against (like an aversion)

Affect, Effect - An Effect is a result, Affect usually means to alter.

Alright - This just isn't a word. You should use all right.

Assure, Ensure, Insure - Assure means to guarantee, Ensure means to make sure, and Insure should only be used when talking about insurance.

Compliment, Complement - A Compliment is praise, to Complement is to go well with something else.

Could Of - This doesn't make sense. Use Could Have.

Discreet, Discrete - Discreet is to be careful, Discrete means distinct.

Farther, Further - Farther refers to distance, Further means more.

Foreword, Forward - A Foreword is the beginning of a book, Forward is a direction.

i.e , e.g - In Latin i.e means "that is", while e.g means "for example".

Its, It's - Its is possessive - something that belongs to someone, It's is short for it is.

Labtop, Laptop - Labtop is not a word. The computer sits on your Lap, not your Lab.

Like - Don't Say Like fifteen times in a sentence. Like is not a placeholder.

Loose, Lose - Loose is the opposite of tight, Lose is the opposite of win.

Precede, Proceed - something Precedes if it comes first, Proceeds if it follows.

No, Know - No is the opposite of yes, Know refers to something you've learned. (or in this case haven't learned)

Than, Then - Than is used for comparisons, Then means it came next.

There, Their, They're - There is a place, Their is something that belongs to them, They're is short for They Are

To, Two, Too - Two is a number, Too means also, To is used with verbs (going to).

Weather, Whether - Weather is what the meteorologist always predicts wrong, Whether is used when making a choice.

Who's, Whose - Whose is possessive, Who's is short for who is.

Your, You're - Your is something that belongs to you, You're is short for you are.

Commonly Misused Words