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July 9, 2009

Celebs Tweet Final Respects to Michael Jackson - E! Online


So today was Michael Jackson's memorial. Pretty big, historical, epic moment, obviously. And pretty big, historical, epic moments don't go unnoticed by Twitter (unless you're a Hills castmember).

M.J.'s farewell dominated the entire Twitterverse and its trending topics all day, as everyone paid tribute to the King of Pop and documented their reactions to everything from Al Sharpton's powerful speech to Paris Jackson's tearful words about her father.

Our favorite tweeting celebs, whether actually at the Staples Center or watching TV like the rest of us, made sure to share their thoughts on the Michael Jackson memorial experience, 140 characters at a time...

Kim Kardashian: "Michael's children were so brave brave 2 stand there on stage & speak to the world about their father...I spoke at my dad's funeral & it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was shaking & crying & what Paris did was sooo soooo brave!"

Nick Cannon: "A day of mourning. Here in the Staples Center, God is absolutely present."

Ryan Seacrest: "This makes the world feel so small...everyone connected right now."

Sherri Shepherd: "Loved what Al Sharpton said to MJ's kids 'wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with.' Michael's kids needed to hear that said....'nothing strange about your daddy.' "

Serena Williams: "Today, we honor Michael Jackson for his love, music, & being a genius. I'm still shocked. Please, share your favorite songs. Thriller is great. Remember the Time is such a classic as well. Life is short, but his music will never die. MJ was subjected to harsh words, but I hope that people find understanding & stop judging."

Emmy Rossum: "Beautiful memorial. I cried when Paris spoke. I hope the family is able to grieve and their privacy will be respected during this time."

Paris Hilton: "In tears watching the MJ Memorial Service on TV, so touching. Everyone loves you Michael!"

Brandy: "Michael Jackson will forever inspire my soul and forever live in my heart. He is an angel that can now see his wings. R.I.P"

Nicky Hilton: "I was in awe of how respectful all of the media and fans were. I expected chaos. Despite what is shown on tv everyone was very gracious."

MC Hammer: "May the movement and message of The Dancer continue to move the Soul of the People to Joy, Peace, Restoration and Glory. God Bless MJ"

Kelly Osbourne: "MJ's children are so brave to stand up there and remember their father while the whole world is watching!"

Paula Abdul: "Remembering MJ and the true legend that he was and will live on to be..I'm taking some time to reflect today."

Larry King: "I was surprised MJ's body was there, but it was very touching. Al Sharpton gave such a commanding speech, so dramatic in tone & content. There was so much emotion when Usher & Brooke Shields took the stage. this has all been phenomenal but I hope the stories die down soon. Let's let him have some peace."

Celebs Tweet Final Respects to Michael Jackson - E! Online