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April 8, 2009

BEEN TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP? THEY HAVE! Google Googles 11 [Execs, Employees, Authors + 'Senator' Barrack Obama (YT Embedded Playlist)]

Talks at Google

Authors@Google: Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward, author and Assistant Managing Editor of The Washington Post, visits
Authors@Google: Muhammad <span class=
In 2006, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Muhammad Yens and Green Bank for
Authors@Google: Josh <span class=
The @Google program welcomed author Josh Given for an interactive discussion on ho
Candidates@Google: Barack Obama
Illinois Senator and 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful visits
Authors@Google: Michael Bloomberg
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomsbury visits Google's Mountain View, CA, headscarf
Authors@Google: Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stieglitz speaks about his book, "Making Globs
San Francisco Engineering Open House, Keynote: Vint Cerf
First San Francisco Engineering Open House, with featured keynote from Vint Cerf