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December 27, 2008

Laurindo Almeida + The Modern Jazz Quartet: Samba de Una Nota


PIL (Public Image Ltd.): Rise + Hard Times + Home + This is Not a Love Song [Live at Canecão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 1980s: Realce - TV]

Rise + Hard Times + Home + Love Song

at Canecão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
PIL (Public Image Ltd) 80s Brazilian TV Show "Realce"


Video raro com o Billy Bond nos vocais

Amigao, não era o Clip Clip, era o BBVIDEO, o outro era na Globo.

Eu não perdia um BBVIDEO CLIP

O Billy depois do Joelho "lancou" a ideia do videoclip na TV brasileira. TODAs as grandes bandas dos anos 80 passaram epelo BOND.
A ultima proeza do Billy foi inventar o Luciano Huck
SalVE Billy

proletário, na London de Tatcher. Parabéns ao Billy, ao Tico, a todas as pessoas que pensaram e fizeram a banda. Sou músico e sei que um projeto desses não sai do nada, ou do vazio. Vamos respeitar nossa memória.

Tenho, cá para mim, que o retrato urbano de cidades como Rio e Sampa,feito na obra do Joelho é impagável,senão genial. Em 1978 rolava muita coisa...uma banda como essa fatalmente sofreria preconceitos, como sofreu. Mas, moleques como eu (um dia fui),espalhados pelo país ouvia e gostavam. A inteligentzia,sempre com o pé atrás,cheia de meias-palavras e pensamento dúbio não poderia mesmo relacionar a abordagem da banda com respeito aos assuntos tupiniquins...para eles, ser punk era coisa de inglês

Billy Bond hoje é diretor de musicais (teatro). E está magro.

não tem mamonas certo...

Tambem assisti o show deles em 78 no Tereza Rachel, teve um episodio que alguns babacas, jogavam tomates no Joelho, Blyy desceu do palco e encheu de porrada os caras, até banco saiu voando, depois o show rolou. 10, notas 10!

mira, por donde y enq ue anda exactamente no se pero hace un par de años se junto con la pesada para tocar en un festival al que no tuve oportunidad de ir, mas que eso no se, si te sirve de algo al menos saber que no se jubilo, jajaj, EMI. espero que se entienam ejjeje.

Dolores Duran: Moleque Tião

Cantora e compositora brasileira famosa pelos samba-canções de amor, tristíssimos, de dor de cotovelo e responsável por clássicos, tipo "A Noite do Meu Bem" nos anos 50.Aqui ela aparece cantando um samba num número musical de um filme brasileiro.

Gilberto, Jobim and Bonfa

Peter Green: Splinter Group: Real World (promo video)

James Brown & B.B. King: Sweet Little Angel +Jam [Live Roxy Theater, L.A. 1983]

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey - Look at Little Sister

Veselye Rebyata: Весёлые ребята [1934]

Veselye Rebyata (Весёлые ребята 1934)

Весёлые Ребята, 1934
Часть 9
Режиссёр - Г.Александров.
Авторы сценария -- В.Масс, Н.Эрдман, Г.Александров
Композитор -- И.Дунаевский
Операторы: В.Нильсен, Б.Арецкий
Текст песен: В.Лебедев-Кумач

В ролях: Л.Утёсов, Л.Орлова
М.Стрелкова, Е.Тяпкина
Ф. Курихин, Э.Геллер
А.Арнольд, Р.Эрдман

Ol' Man River: Muslim Magomaev [R.I.P. - Муслим Магомаев]

Ol' Man River by Muslim Magomaev.R.I.P.(Муслим Магомаев)

Stevie Ray Vaughan — Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love (live in Italy'85)

LONNIE MACK: Satisfy Suzie [Legends: Albert Collins, Lonnie Mack, Roy Buchanan: Live at Carnegie Hall - December 6, 1985]

Legends Albert Collins, Lonnie Mack, and Roy Buchanan
share the stage at Carnegie Hall
December 6, 1985

Buddy Guy + Jack Bruce + Buddy Miles + Dick Heckstall-Smith: Mary Had A Little Lamb [Supershow 1969]

Buddy Guy, Jack Bruce, Buddy Miles, Dick Heckstall-Smith - Mary Had A Little Lamb.
Supershow 1969...no further comments...

GERRY JOE WEISE - Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)

The Air Lane Trio: Swamp Fire! [Otherworldly Instrumental: Marta Nita]

Swamp fire! The Air lane trio

Otherworldly instrumental featuring Marta Nita

Screaming Lord Sutch: Followin' Night [MEEK] + Jack the Ripper + Heinz: C'mon Everybody [London Rock 'n' Roll Show: 5th Aug, 1972 - Wembley Stadium]

London Rock 'n' roll show 5th Aug 1972,Wembley Stadium

Heinz: C'mon Everybody

Lord Sutch: Till the Followin' Night + Jack the Ripper

MARDI GRAS MASSACRE [RareTelevision Spot for "Blood Feast" Rip-Off: 1978]



BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 22:  Quarterback Je...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
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'Folkstreams' YouTube Channel: Folk Art + Outsider Art + Blues + Folk Music

The 'folkstreams' YouTube Channel has the most interesting and least seen videos on YT, and it's no surprise. Take a look at the titles. Take a look at the lack of interest in this art. It's the death knoll continuing for folk and outsider art; collected by a few wealthy whites and rarely disseminated, except in ultra-conservative and exclusive showings in major cities, once a year.

Bill Ferris, who is responsible for making a few of these films, is the pater noster of this rich, white, and happily anonymous enclave; stemming from the genesis of the relatively recent collector's frenzy, when collection entailed exploration of a formerly unknown African American world [incidentally, any dealer will tell you that isolation and ignorance of folk art by its artists is the ultimate inclusive sign], which, once accepted, was exploited, co-opted, and finally, cut-into watered-down, mass-produced pieces [when the family started sniffin' around].

hey, it's a dirty business dealing with the living, but these guys got it down to a tee. mostly doctors, lawyers, bored wives of these same husbands, and a few lesbians to boot. collectors of other art seemed less edgy, while folk/outsider art was, and to some degree, still is the last bastion of rich, white, old fucks who, for less money than european art, can claim to have an even more obscure and edgy collection which also looks good in their ranch/southern-style house or New York Condo.

i don't know where 'folkstreams' fits in, but its combined 3- or 4-thousand views is something of a travesty.

I Ain't Lying

1975 16mm documentary based on fieldwork William Ferris conducted with African American storytellers and bluesmen in the communities of Leland and Rose Hill, Mississippi. The stories include include folk and religious tales, jokes, toast telling sessions, and characters from African American oral tradition.

Son Ford Thomas

Black and White 16mm documentary film based on fieldwork Bill Ferris conducted with Leland, Mississippi, bluesman and folk artist James "Son" Thomas. Included is footage of Thomas performing at juke houses, his wife preparing dinner, and Thomas making skulls out of clay. The film was made before the advent of 16mm cameras that could take syncronized sound.

Free Show Tonight

1983 tribute to the American medicine shows of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Shows a re-creation of a typical medicine show by veteran performers, as well as archival stills and film footage.

Buck Season at Bear Meadow Sunset

A 1984 portrait of a traditional hunting camp in northern Appalachia, the men who hunt there, and the traditions they keep alive. The men hunt the old way: they drive the deer.

Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black, 1903-1972

Calvin Black was a folk artist who lived in California's Mojave Desert and created more than 80 life-size female dolls, each with its own personality, function, and costume.
Possum Trot is part of the "Visions of Paradise" series on contemporary folk artists directed and produced by Irving Saraf and Allie Light. The other four films in the series are: Angel That Stands By Me: the Paintings of Minnie Evans, Hundred and Two Mature: The Art of Harry Lieberman, Grandma's Bottle Village: The Art of Tressa Prisbrey, and The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder. You can find information about them at www.lightsaraffilms.com.

Gravel Springs Fife and Drum

Othar Turner, a fife-maker and musician, owns his farm in the Gravel Springs community in northwest Mississippi. The rhythmical music he and his friends play is called "fife and drum." A 1971 film by Bill Ferris, Judy Peiser, and David Evans from the Center for Southern Folklore.

Made In Mississippi

A 1975 Bill Ferris film that features artists from a number of different craft traditions discussing and demonstrating their work, including quilting, sculpting, house building, and basketmaking. Artists in the film include James "Son" Thomas, Shelby "Poppa Jazz" Brown, Richard Foster, Othar Turner, Louise Williams, Esther Criss, Leon Clark, Amanda Gordon, Mary Gordon, Lester Willis

Telling Stories

Our personal folklore is often invisible to us, like water is to a fish. "Doesn't everyone do that?," we might ask. Well, no! Folklore is universal but it is also unique to individuals and communities. Looking back on "The Film of Your Life" is useful not only as biography, revealing perhaps a consistent order and significant drama, but as a way of sharing elders' wisdom with their children, grandchildren, friends, and community members.The Veterans History Project, National Public Radio programs, StoryCorps, YouTube, scrapbooks, digital photo albums, and personal blogs--Americans today are vitally involved in telling their stories. Like photographs or mementoes, documentary films stimulate storytelling about people's own lives.

From the Folkstreams "Generations Portal" by Paddy Bowman.

Appalachian Journey
Alan Lomax travels through the Southern Appalachians investigating the songs, dances, and religious rituals of the descendents of the Scotch-Irish frontiers people who have made the mountains their home for centuries.
Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Dance, Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Religion, Aging / Appalachia / 1991
58 minutes | Read More | Preview

The Ballad of Frankie Silver
In 1833 Mrs. Frances Silver was hanged in Morganton, North Carolina, for the ax murder of her husband Charles. Tom Davenport's film explores the case through the singing and stories of Bobby McMillon and the comments of North Carolina Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Gray and others.
Narrative & Verbal Arts, Women / Appalachia / 1996
47 minutes | Read More | Preview

Being A Joines: A Life in the Brushy Mountains
John E. "Frail" Joines was a master tale teller from Wilkes County, N. C., on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His hunting tales, stories from World War II, and religious narratives, and the life stories of Frail Joines and his wife Blanche mirror changes that swept away much of the traditional culture of his Appalachian rural community in a single generation and show the character and values with which his family met these circumstances.
Narrative & Verbal Arts, Religion, Women, Work, Agriculture, Family, Rural Life, Sports/Hunting / Appalachia / 1981
55 minutes | Read More | Preview

Born for Hard Luck: Peg Leg Sam Jackson
A film portrait of the last Black medicine-show performer, Arthur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson, with harmonica songs, tales of hoboing, buckdances, and a live medicine-show performance.
Healing & Medicine, Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Aging, African American Culture / South / 1976
29 minutes | Read More | Preview

Catching the Music
An hour-long WETA-TV documentary on musician Stephen Wade. Catching the Music describes the passing of the banjo from one player to the next. The film includes footage of Kirk McGee, Hobart Smith, Fleming Brown, Doc Hopkins, Roscoe Holcomb, Pete Steele, Uncle Dave Macon, and Virgil Anderson.
Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Folkmusic RevivalMiddle Atlantic / 1987 /
54 minutes | Read More | Preview

Closing Time
The New York real estate market forces the oldest store in Little Italy to shut down. The film is a portrait of a family, of the neighborhood that used to be and of the way the city changes in a blink of an eye. Behind the surface, the old store contain small treasures belonging to a part of Italy that does not exist anymore, not even in Italy.
Ethnic & Immigrant Cultures, Family, Regional, Urban Life / Middle Atlantic / 2006
33 minutes | Read More | Preview

Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1910-1983
Born in the coalfields of eastern Kentucky, Gunning suffered a life of bitter poverty which became the fuel for dozens of moving songs about working people, the mines, and the great coal strikes of the twenties and thirties. Gunning's a cappella roots music is intercut throughout the interviews and archival footage.
Music, Women, Work, Social Justice/Protest / Appalachia / 1988
38 minutes | Read More | Preview

Free Show Tonight
Presents a nostalgic tribute to the American medicine shows of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Shows a re-creation of a typical medicine show by veteran performers, as well as archival stills and film footage.
Customs, Drama, Healing & Medicine, Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Regional, African American Culture / South / 1983
58 minutes | Read More | Preview

I Ain't Lying: Folktales from Mississippi
16mm color documentary based on fieldwork William Ferris conducted with African American storytellers and bluesmen in the communities of Leland and Rose Hill, Mississippi. The stories include include folk and religious tales, jokes, toast telling sessions, and characters from African American oral tradition.
Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Work, African American Culture / South / 1975
22 minutes | Read More | Preview

Lige: Portrait of a Rawhide Braider
Henry Elijah "Lige" Langston was born in 1908 in the Great Basin outback on a homestead. He worked his entire life as a wrangler and rawhide braider in the region known as the Sagebrush Corner of northeastern California and northwestern Nevada.
Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Work, Rural Life / West / 1985
29 minutes | Read More | Preview

Powerhouse for God
Powerhouse for God is a portrait of an old-fashioned Baptist preacher John Sherfy, his family, and their church in Virginia's northern Blue Ridge Mountains. Audiences who were born and raised among old-time southern Baptists say this film captures the fierce preaching, determined singing, autobiographical witnessing, and stern doctrine that characterizes these religious communities.
Religion / Appalachia / 1989
57 minutes | Read More | Preview

Ray Lum: Mule Trader
Ray Lum (1891--1977) was a mule skinner, a livestock trader, an auctioneer, and an American original.
Narrative & Verbal Arts, Work, Agriculture / South / 1972
18 minutes | Read More | Preview

Red Alexander: Shipwright and Folk Artist
This video documents the passions of 80 year old "Red" Alexander: building ships (both model and real), wood working, and story telling. Red was encouraged by the sale of one of his first model ships to one of his school teachers. In 1934 he joined the Shipwrights, Joiners, and Boat Builders Union - local 1149, in the San Francisco Bay Area. After 46 years of building real ships Red retired in 1980 as dockmaster at the Pacific Drydock in Alameda, Ca. Today his kitchen is a studio where he makes detailed models of all types of ships and boats.
Arts & Crafts, Traditional, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Aging / West / 1998
25 minutes | Read More | Preview

Remembering Emmanuel Church
An oral history of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Fauquier County, Virginia. The storytellers are masters-all of them members of the congregation from the old farming community tradition of Fauquier County. The stories, funny, sad, and scandalous, are memories of friends and family who are dead and buried in the churchyard.
Narrative & Verbal Arts, Religion, Rural Life / Middle Atlantic / 2000
37 minutes | Read More | Preview

Remembering The High Lonesome
Profiles filmmaker, photographer, artist, and musician John Cohen. The film examines the birth of a new artistic ethic and counterculture through John Cohen's involvement with the Beat Generation, abstract expressionist painters, and the Folk Music Revival, and it explores the role of an outsider documenting the life and arts of an Appalachian community.
Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Folkmusic RevivalAppalachia / 2003 /
27 minutes | Read More | Preview

Sonny Terry: Shoutin' the Blues
Shot in 1969, SHOUTIN' THE BLUES is a one shot, one story and one song short film of harmonica great, Sonny Terry. Seated in a motel room on Broadway in Oakland, California where we filmed him while he was on tour with Brownie McGhee, Sonny, with one small harmonica in his hand, creates a complex and soulful blues solo out of his whooping and hollering, after telling us the story of the context that gave birth to that solo.
Music, Narrative & Verbal Arts, African American Culture / South / 1969
05 minutes | Read More

Tales of the Supernatural
This film documents a group of teenagers telling urban legends, ghost stories and horror tales. The film explores how teenagers transmit horror stories, what the functions of such stories are for teenagers and the connection between transmission and function in the telling of tales. The film also relates these legends to media images.
Narrative & Verbal Arts / West / 1970
26 minutes | Read More | Preview

Tommie Bass: A LIfe in the Ridge and Valley Country
At the time of his death in 1996, "Tommie" Bass, was probably the most well-known herbalist in the United States. The subject of scholarly and popular books, television features, a front-page essay in the Wall Street Journal, and numerous articles in newspapers and magazines, Tommie Bass lived his entire life in the Ridge and Valley region of Alabama where he devoted himself to "trying to give ease" to the many people who sought his advice.. "Tommie Bass" is a biographical portrait of Mr. Bass, told almost entirely in his own words.
Healing & Medicine, Healing & Medicine, Narrative & Verbal Arts, Rural Life / South / 1993
49 minutes | Read More | Preview

When My Work Is Over: The Life and Stories of Miss Louise Anderson, 1921-1994
The gifted African American storyteller Louise Anderson (1921-1994) tells her family stories and folk tales, and recites poetry in this film taped in Jacksonville, North Carolina, in the last years of her life. Her sisters Evelyn Anderson and Dorothy McLeod join Louise in recalling their experiences growing up in the South, working in restaurants and as domestics in white households, and struggling for civil rights in the early 1960s.
Narrative & Verbal Arts, Women, Work, Costume/Dress, Aging, African American Culture, Social Justice/Protest / South / 2000
38 minutes | Read More | Preview