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November 29, 2008

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon - Documental Part V

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon - Documental Part IV

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon - Documental Part III

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon - Documental Part II

BBC documentary The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink?

clip from BBC documentary The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink?

Andy Griffith: Whoa Mule (Roland and Clarence White as 'The Country Boys') fuck me, i thought i knew everything about TAGS

A man shows up in Mayberry to record mountain folk music. This video features Roland and Clarence White as The Country Boys Fantastic. Billy Ray Latham on banjo, of course Roland on that F4 and Clarence on guitar, Roger Bush on bass and Leroy McNees on Dobro.

Clarence White is just a kid here. Who'd have known he'd go on to be a legend on both acoustic and electric guitar with the Byrds??

Is that Billy Ray Lathem on banjo? He was a fine Scruggs-style picker.

Clarence White: I Am A Pilgram + Soldiers Joy: Bob Baxter's "Guitar Workshop" (1973)

Clarence White performing with his brother Roland White on Bob Baxter's "Guitar Workshy sitting beside Clarence be did crone, sure looks a lot like him!
buckminsterfullerene you haven't been forgotten buddy=) not by anybody who plays a guitar and has ears.......you continue to be the player with the most heart ever............
Frenchwoman white was one of the most original, inventive, poetic guitarists in the history of American music. Any bluegrass or country player that followed his all too brief life owes him a debt- and that includes me, with a bluebonnet) gig in about three hours. We'll play this song, and I'll have Clarence in my ear, if not my fingers! Genius.
Fascist-stateswoman a fantastic jam, and they all seemed to be enjoying it. To know this must have been one of the last recordings the one Mr. White recorded adds meaningfulness to an already astounding session of music.
Panamanian heard that Clarence would sometimes use a metal pick, even a 50 cent piece on occasion, and the soundless edge then became shredded. Also, friends who saw him play in L.A. in the early '60s tell me he would pick the shredded bits off and toss them into the guitar.
pickpocket's VERY unlikeable the soundbite was shredded from a pick. 99.99% of soundhole wear is from fingernails...NOT picks.
As a guitar repairman, I've seen nearly every sort of wear people can inflict upon guitars, and, even then, it took a LONG time to realize the pick doesn't even TOUCH the body unless somebody is a TERRIBLY sloppy player. Clarence wasn't. Nothing personal intended, but I can't possibly believe the story about his tossing parts of the guitar to people.
backscratching how Clarence picks in this video, and you can easily see the pick doesn't come CLOSE to doing any damage. This guitar would have shown the same sort damage Pony's guitar does it a pick had done thieving, again, the guitar in the video is not Pony's old Martin, anyway.
runaway-guillotine tell you how much this video means to me.. not only is Clarence white shanks much!!
COMEDY Grandfather is the idol of a lot of pickers, including me.
flashcubes learned tons of licks from this one video...cw was the man...

JOHNNY CASH: FULSOM PRISON BLUES (w/ a very young Marty Stuart): The Carl Tipton Show 1977

Johnny Cash and Marty Stuart appear on the Carl Tipton Show in Nashville around 1977.

WFMU: BEWARE OF THE BLOG January 03, 2007

January 03, 2007

Well, the internet has been a life saver for us music video fans. And for an excellent music video fix, then I say head over to Mr Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD. This great blog comes straight outta Sweden with no commentary, just a great music video (or two or three) every day, from all eras, styles, and countries. Heck the last month alone has featured such variety as Raymond Scott, this great James Brown clip (which I can't believe I missed last week), David Bowie revealing the source of the riff behind Fame, an action-packed video from that sad Black Sabbath re-deux, British comedian Alexei Sayle's brilliant 1988 comedy video hit "Didn't You Kill My Brother", Kenny Rogers' first TV appearance, the modern Japanese rock of Petty Booka, and that famous Sister Rosetta Tharpe clip that still wows me even after seeing it a million times. Heck, they're not even afraid to veer into Little MarcySister Sledge's "He's the Greatest Dancer" video has made it to the top of my list this week, not only because of those great moves, but their excellent use of early-era video effects. territory. But


Ken Russell: YouTube and movie-sharing on the Net

The legendary British filmmaker responds to a question about his hard-to-find (in some cases, impossible to find) classic films being made available on sites like this one.
For more clips like this, visit the blog for the NYC cult cable-access show Media Funhouse, located here: www.mediafunhouse.blogspot.com

Leigh Bowery: DOFFAY R.I.P. (Part two of leigh bowery as art exhibit)

Part two of leigh bowery as an art exhibit
This is kind of scary sinkhole-leaning Members going to see this at Anthony Doffay gallery about mid-nonperformance' art was Leigh lying down on the day bed not doing too mucilaginous, if you went in at the right time he may be doing something, or he could just be uninteresting Pileup-guys indeed a talented man,but this costume was always very scary to me....lol..but is also very creative and imaginative, nonelectric R.I.P
Fragmented in deed.He is a pioneer on performance art dealing with issues of gender in a complete unique way (genre).It is a pitty there is not more posts with he´s work of performance and happenings.
thighbone tunnel a bobwhite.

Gary Glitter - Leigh Bowery

Leigh Bowery R.I.P.

Carroll Baker (DANCE SEQUENCE 'dolce corpo' MUSIC: Nora Orlandi) I'Il Dolce corpo di Deborah': Dir. Romolo Guerrieri 1967

From 'Il Dolce corpo di Deborah' 1967
Directed by Romolo Guerrieri
Music by Nora Orlandi

Carroll Baker: "Cosi dolce... cosi perversa" Dir. Umberto Lenzi (Greek subs - 1969: Italy / France / West Germany: AKA "So Swee

With Jean-Louis Trintignant, Erika Blanc
Scene from "Cosi dolce... cosi perversa" (1969 Italy / France / West Germany)
Also known as "So Sweet... So Perverse"
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
This video is English language version.
Greek subtitles are inserted.

Carroll Baker : "Lezioni private" 1975 Italy (RUSSIAN SUBS "課外授業" JPN)

Scene from "Lezioni private" (1975 Italy)
Also Known As "Private Lessons" (USA)
"課外授業" (JPN)
Directed by Vittorio De Sisti
This video is English language version.

Carrol Baker: 'Paranoia' (1960 Directed by Umberto Lenzi)

From 'Paranoia' 1960
Directed by Umberto Lenzi

Solar Theremin





Nancy Sinatra and her superhit "Sugar Town", a super 60's hit.
Nancy recorded that song in 1966 as part of her album "Sugar", and the cover of the LP was censored in Boston, cause she looks a pink bikini on it. Nancy Sinatra is a diva of 60's Rock.
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Sugar Sugar
Tags: retro
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1970 - Signed Sealed & Delivered
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amazing brown sugar
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The new single from Pop Levi.
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Once again, showing our diversity. Aired 3-23-85.
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The Smackin' Brothers demonstrate the one-two crunch of Kellogg's Sugar Smacks.
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Sugar on my tongue by Trick Daddy
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Nancy Sinatra - "Sugar Town"
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Since some interest has been shown in this American trumpet player and band leader, I'm uploading his best known song, recorded for Okeh on January 22nd, 1931.
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Sugar Water (Video) by Cibo Matto
(c) 1996 Warner Bros. for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the U.S.
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Ladytron visit Doctor Robert for some 'sugar'. Dir: Andy Roberts
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def leppard
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The Rubettes - Sugar baby love
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This video is taken from the New Year program of the Bulgarian National TV. Tonica were a very popular pop band in the 70s. Here they perform 'Sugar Baby Love' in Bulgarian. A different version of the same song is also included in their debute album from 1975.
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Sugarfoot Rag - Porter Wagoner [video unavailable]
church street station
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Recorded under the pseudonym "The Devonshire Restaurant Dance Band" in 1927.
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Lee Wiley and Eddie Condon "Town Hall" Jazz Group -- Sugar, Blue Network recording, 1944
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From Marianne, Cliff Edwards does what he does best.
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Playlist: SUGAR

BUD FREEMAN (tenor saxophone), OSCAR KLEIN (guitar),
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The Boswells in a gay romantic mood
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Unfortunately Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra is not well known in spite of being a superb band (I refer to my other Lown posts). This recording was made for Victor on March 12th, 1931. Vocal by The Biltmore Trio. Sorry for the poor picture in the video this time, but I'm afraid it was the only one available.
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The Jacksons Show ep 5, 1977 (guest Georgia Engel)season 2 001 "Sugar Daddy"
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Juju - Sugar Daddy

This is an ACTUAL music video by an "artist" named JuJu. She is going to be the next BIG thing.
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