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December 4, 2008

While David Baddiel was Snogging Mel B. & C., I was Snogging Morwenna B. in the Big E! All's Fair in Love and Tabloids, Dave!

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Spice snogger? David Baddiel



COMEDIAN David Baddiel Spices up this week's Would I Lie To You? by confessing that he once kissed

Mel B AND Mel C.

The TV funnyman shocks guests including Jimmy Carr and Richard Wilson by saying that he puckered up with the pop stars in a hotel in 1996 - just before the girls hit the big time.

Cheeky Jimmy remarks that he finds it hard to believe that David - who has a young son and daughter with partner Morwenna Banks - has kissed two girls let alone two Spice Girls.

Watch our preview here.