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December 10, 2008

Misty Mundae: CHANTAL

"Chantal" On DVD November 13, 2007
From the liner notes by Ed Grant:
Misty notes that the character felt "autobiographical" in one of the two audio commentary tracks provided for the film, and one can sense that the emotions are true. Chantal's arrival as the last major release of a new Misty Mundae movie from Seduction Cinema certainly seems to provide a sort of odd closure to her work as a "sex star" under the Mundae moniker. For the teenaged Erin (whom we'll call Misty from this point on, for old times' sake) did her first acting as a victim in the Factory 2000 series of extreme horror and fetish tapes (Infamous Bondage Murders, Silk Stocking Strangler). In these tapes, she usually played a girl who is tricked into either being raped or murdered (occasionally, depending on the fetish, she assumed the aggressor role). The Factory tapes watched these events from "outside"; Chantal reverses this situation and puts the viewer in the position of the "tricked" girl, and stays there.
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