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September 1, 2007

Andy Gibb + Victoria Principal: All I Have To Do Is Dream [MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 1981] Replaced 12.08

Merv Griffin Show: August/September 1981

A well-publicized affair with actress Victoria Principal ensued, while Gibb signed to several projects outside of the recording studio, including acclaimed performances in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway, Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance in Los Angeles, and a short-term stint as co-host of the television music show Solid Gold.

However, as Gibb's drug use intensified, he was unable to commit to regular performances and tapings; he was eventually removed from each of said endeavors. His romance with Principal also ended a short time later, but not before recording and releasing a vanity duet of the Everly Brothers' classic "All I Have To Do Is Dream.

This would be Gibb's last official single, and his last US chart entry, peaking at number 51

God, it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass replacing sebastian's great clips removed by YouTube, if they weren't great.


Madeleine Peyroux - Don't cry Baby /Don't wait too long

on Italian TV.

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August 30, 2007

Reverend Gary Davis - Death Don't Have No Mercy

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Marion Williams - I'm Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song

"from the early 60s TV show "Hotenanny", hosted by Jack Linkletter.

The episode containing this performance first aired 9/28/1963, from the University of Pittsburgh. "

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Loa Falkman - Symfonin

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GWAR - Gor - Gor

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Judas Priest - Heading Out To The Highway

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the Nomads - Wasn't born to work

live Sthlm 2007

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Tav Falco & Panther Burns - Oh, how she dances

live on Art Fein's Poker Party, Mar 2, 1999

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Clifton Chénier - Hungry Man Blues

At the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 1977

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Ramones - Pinhead (live)

At CBGB's 1977

Lunachicks - Jerk of all Trades (live)

live at CBGB 2001

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Cycle Sluts From Hell - By The Balls (live)

Live at CBGB's in 1991

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Blondie - A Girl Should Know Better (live)

Live at CBGB'S 1975

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Dead Boys - Revenge (live)

Live at CBGB'S 1977

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The Lennon Sisters - Sittin On Top Of The World

From the Aug. 5, 1967 Lawrence Welk Show.

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Glen Campbell & Cher - All I Really Wanna Do

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Funkadelic - I Got A Thing

1970 on Upbeat.

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August 28, 2007

Ginette Sage - Le Kangourou


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The Temptations - My Girl / (I Know) I'm losing you

Ike & Tina - Come Together!

Miles Davis - Spanish Key

Antibes, France, 1969

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Andy Kirk and His Orchestra - Apollo Groove

From the 1948 "Killer Diller".

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The Hives- Tick Tick Boom (live)

The new single live at Ruisrock Finland 2007

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Butch Willis & The Rocks - The Garden's Outside / The Girl's on My Mind

"Primitive rocker Butch Willis & The Rocks perform two of their hits "The Garden's Outside" and "The Girl's on My Mind" at a public access TV studio in Forestville, Maryland. Backed by the "House Band from Hell", Butch's inimitable vocal stylings can be best-described as outsider music or proto-grunge. This 1985 performance features a throat guitarist and a fog machine mishap."

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Ethel Merman - Alexander's Ragtime Band

On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson promoting her 1979 Disco Album.

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Rikki and Daz feat. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy (Giddy Up Giddy Up)

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Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy


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David Hasselhoff - Rhinestone Cowboy

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Jonathan Richman - New England

On Top of the Pops

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Soledad Brothers - Good Feeling

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Erroll Garner - Fly Me to the Moon

From a tv show in Brussels, Belgium in 1964

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Señor Coconut and his Orchestra (feat. Argenis Brito) - Smoke On the Water

Live Sonarsound Tokyo October 2006

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Ella Fitzgerald & Ray Charles - Route 66

At the Moulin Rouge

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August 26, 2007

Echo & the Bunnymen - Crocodiles (live)

Live from the Futurama festival in Leeds, 1980

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Nina Lizell - Ein kleiner Teufel steckt in Dir

At the german Schlagerwettbewerb 1970

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Jacob-Sisters - Blowin' in the wind

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Jayne Mansfield - That Makes It!

A clip from the the 1966 movie Las Vegas Hillbillies.

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Amanda Lear - Follow Me

In 1987

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Povel Ramel, Monica Zetterlund and Gunwer Bergkvist - Följ mej bortåt vägen


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Barney Kessel - Misty

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Clark Terry - Stardust

Jazz at the Philharmonic 1967

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France Gall - Frankenstein

Big Star - In The Street

On Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Lorreta Lynn - Coal Miners Daughter

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