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August 11, 2007

Jeanne Cherhal - I´m Waiting for the Man

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Hee Bee Gee Bees - Meaningless Songs In Very High Voices

"Quite good spoof of Bee Gees recorded from swedish tv show "Måndagsbörsen" in 1982, but the comedians was from England and did another one at the same show (a Status Quo spoof that wasn't as good as this)"

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Peggy Lee - Fever

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Muddy Waters feat. Otis Spann - Cold Feeling Blues

At Tivoli Konsertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1968

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Uncalled 4 - Grind Her Up

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THOR - Knock Them Down

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Billy Bragg - The Great Leap Forward

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Amanda Lear - Blue tango

From an Italian Tv Special 1983

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the statler brothers: flowers on the wall: porter wagoner show

壁のStatler の兄弟花は画像の

Statler Brothers-Flowers On The Wall

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ポーターのWagoner ショーの

Porter Wagoner Show

STATLER の兄弟それらと訪問してもらうことを楽しんだ

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Captain Beefheart - Bat Chain Puller

from the French Chorus TV show 1980

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Thelonious Monk - Don't Blame Me

Live in Denmark 1966

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Martha and the Vandellas - Heatwave

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The Who - Heatwave

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Ahmad Jamal Trio - Darn That Dream


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Chico Hamilton Quintet feat. Eric Dolphy - Blue Sands

at the 1958 Newport jazz festival

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Ozark Jubilee Boys - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

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Judy Collins & Eric Andersen - Thirsty Boots

"Judy Collins and Eric Andersen, together in 2002, singing Eric's song that was first recorded by Judy on her 1965 album, "Judy Collins' Fifth Album." Providing back-up vocals are Arlo Guthrie and Tom Rush. Clip is taken from DVD "Judy Collins Wildflower Festival""

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August 10, 2007


ちゃんねる:Outkast - Roses

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ちゃんねる:Elvis Costello (ALISON) 1st TV Appearance

理由# 1: ' "THE 完全なAMERICAN" かなぜ MDFVG のための完全な友達は! ある:


ちゃんねる:Elvis Costello 1st TV Appearance

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Elvis Costello: ALISON: 最初テレビの出現!- only a small part of this appears on his official DVD 'The Right spectacle'. The original master tape was wiped.
カテゴリ:音楽 (Music)
この動画を含む2chスレ: 70年代洋楽スレ

ちゃんねる:Rhythm-a-ning Monk: clean

ちゃんねる:Rhythm-a-ning Monk Thelonious 1961

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Another clip from a film recorded in the sixties and found in the archives of the Dutch broadcasting company. What else is buried in there and might show up at some time. A collector in Holland taped this from a jazz show of recordings done mainly in the late fifties or early sixties. The Thelonnious Monk quartet plays Rhythm-a-ning in 1961 with Charlie Rouse on tenor, John Ore on bass, and Frankie Dunlop on drums. Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917 -- 1982) was a jazz pianist and composer. He is known for his unique improvisational style and many contributions to the standard jazz repertoire, including his classic works "'Round Midnight" and "Blue Monk". Monk is often regarded as a founder of bebop although his playing style evolved away from the form. His compositions and improvisations often highlight rhythmic and spatial relationships rather than melody.Monk's manner was idiosyncratic. Visually, he was renowned for his distinctively "hip" sartorial style in suits, hats and sunglasses, and he developed an unusual, highly syncopated and percussive manner of playing piano. He was also noted for the fact that at times he would stop playing, stand up from the keyboard and dance in a counterclockwise fashion, while the other musicians in the combo played. It is said that he would rarely speak to anyone other than his beloved wife Nellie, and certainly in later years it was reported that he would go through an entire tour without speaking to the other members of his group. There has been speculation that some of Monk's quirky behaviour was due to mental illness. As his health declined, his last years were spent as a guest in the New Jersey home of his long-standing patron, Baroness Nica de Koenigswarter, who had also nursed Charlie Parker during his final illness. He died of a stroke on February 17, 1982

ちゃんねる:Tornados - Robot

ちゃんねる:Tornados - Robot

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Tornados rock the twang in a back-woods sci-fi robotic dance party! And then kiss girls! Tornados of "Telstar" fame, produced by wacky innovator Joe Meek. Guesstimated year, 1964. From Scopitones.com