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July 27, 2007

Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters - Parting Of The Ways

Grand Ole Opry. With Chet Atkins.

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Taj Mahal - Ain't that a lot of love

Live at the Rolling Stones Rock & Roll circus show on bbc in 1968

Transvision Vamp - Landslide of Love

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Roy Orbison - Lana

"The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club" 1974

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Shape and Size - Want you to like it

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Tiny Tim & Eleanor Barooshian - I Got You Babe

"Tiny Tim and Eleanor Barooshian (of 60s girl group The Cake) perform the Sonny & Cher hit, I Got You Babe, in a clip from the 1968 film, You Are What You Eat. The music is performed by The Band"

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Motörhead - Sacrifice

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Dee D. Jackson - Meteor man

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Amanda Lear - Nymphomania

In 1981

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Johnny Rivers - Secret agent man

Live at The Hollywood Palace - Aired on May 07,1966

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Roxanne Shante - Wack It

Sonic Youth, Rockpalast 1996

Live Düsseldorf Germany

1. Teenage Riot - 2. Bull In The Heather - 3. Starfield Road - 4. Washing Machine - 5. Junkies Promise - 6. Saucer-Like - 7. Becuz - 8. Sugar Kane - 9. Skip Tracer - 10. Skink - 11. The Diamond Sea Part 1 - 12. The Diamond Sea Part 2 - 13. The Diamond Sea Part 3 -

Sonny & Cher - Plastic Man

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Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Day Tripper

In 1967

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Beck - Round the Bend

July 23, 2007

just finished may 1and 2, 1977 (chicago shows): 24 shows left till I....I....i'm dead: see ya in saginaw tomorrow night

Chicago - Stadium - May 1, 2

May 1 & 2

i wore the King Of Spades suit

Chicago Stadium

Chicago IL
(8:30 pm)


PTS. 1

PT. 3

here's AL DVORIN
the guy who says,
"elvis has left the building!"
listening to pj proby's OH, MY PAPA

see ya in Saginaw,

"I’m I’m just so tired of being Elvis Presley."
ol' dj fontana sure is nice for lettin E do this videoblog of some of my '77 concert dates. i gotta lotta respect for swedes...met one of em in the army...nice fellow...any kin of my old drummer is a guy i'd like to ride the river with...john r. used to say that on tour back in the day...anyway...here's just some pre-show ruinations...norm crosby used to say that in vegas...for ya'll...and then i'm gonna load you up with the usual faniax super 8s...set lists, etc.

i got some extra tickets to tomorrow's concert wherever we are? saginaw? a block of tickets, on the second or third row, from Elvis to whoever wants em... it'd be a whole row, but there weren't enough tickets left... Joe Esposito was in front of the coliseum, after the show started, when Jackie was doing the comedy warm-up before i go on and everybody knew I was Elvis-- I had my badge on and I was talkin' to people and I would decide who wanted to get in the most and give them tickets. I was able to give tickets to small people who were there just hoping to get a glimpse of me, not only did they get to see me, but they had the best seats in the house.

we visited this place October 14 and 15 last year.