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July 14, 2007

David Hasselhoff - Pingu Dance Rap

"In 1989, David Hasselhoff released (in Switzerland only) the single "Pingu Dance", a rap song based on the Pingu shorts and featuring a number of samples of Pinguish. ..."

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Lalo Schifrin - Magnum Force

Magnum Force, 1973, opening credits

Score by Lalo Schifrin

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Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry, 1971, Opening credits.

Score by Lalo Schifrin

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Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt

Bullitt, 1968, opening credits.

Score by Lalo Schifrin

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Thelonious Monk - Off Minor

In 1963, Germany

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"I was country music's national drunk and drug addict."
george jones

George Jones




"In 1979, ravaged by cocaine and alcohol, George Jones experienced some difficulty onstage at a Nashville club. The wobbly country star could open his mouth, but he was unable to sing. 'My friend Deedoodle [a duck] is going to take over this show, because Deedoodle can do what George Jones can't,' the singer improvised. Jones sang the entire set in a Donald Duck-inspired quack."
[Deedoodle was later joined in Jones's troubled head by another 'character': a drawling old-timer.]
the duck destROYs IT ridiculous and sings so

For much of 1979, Jones wallowed in severe whiskey and cocaine addiction. Eventually, his whole personality cracked

(perhaps "quacked" is a better word)

into two distinct beings: One was George Jones, washed-up country singer, while the other was Donald, or sometimes Deedoodle Duck, who spoke in quack-talk. Jonesduck voice. The duck's debut came at Nashville showcase venue the Exit-In before an audience of industry insiders, at what was supposed to have been a comeback show.

George 'Ragged But Right' Jones' came onstage and announced that George Jones was washed up, a has-been, but that on that night a new star was born who was going all the way to the top. As George stood onstage, face drawn, with his pants falling down-- the duck destROYs IT ridiculous and sings so like a, you could see tears in most of the audience's eyes.
Donald continued the quacky-tonkin'
until he was carted offstage in a straitjacket.

George Jones


Charlie Rich

Country Music Awards

to announce his successor as CMA Entertainer of the Year, Rich opened the envelope, announced that his "good friend John Denver" had won, and then set fire to the envelope and results card. Earlier in the evening, Rich had been spotted backstage swilling gin and tonics and autographing a woman's bare breast.

Rich's spin doctors went into overdrive: His gaffe, they said, came as a result of a negative reaction to a pain medication he was taking to overcome an agonizing spider bite he'd incurred while mowing his lawn. (Yeah, that's the ticket.) Rich was pretty much finished by this incident, and the CMA continues to hold a grudge long after his death -- despite being both a critical fave and the biggest artist in country music for a few years in the early '70s, he is still not a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Hawkwind, BBC 4 Documentary

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 (still to be uploaded) - Part 8 - Part 9

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Run DMC - King Of Rock

Nina Hagen - Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen

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Herb Alpert - This guy's in love with you

In 1968

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Grace Chang - I Love Cha Cha


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July 13, 2007

Knifenstein Pemphigus Chris Stein

Chris Stein (born 5 January 1950, Brooklyn, New York) In 1983, Stein was diagnosed with a rare and usually fatal genetic disease called Pemphigus. After a long battle with the disease, he fully recovered. As of 2005, he is still touring and recording music with BlondiE

Blondie: ET Reunion

Debbie Harry & Andy Warhol


Pemphigus is an autoimmune disorder that causes blistering and raw sores on skin and mucous membranes. As with other autoimmune disorders, it is caused when the body's defenses mistake its own tissues as foreign, and attack the cells. This particular autoimmune reaction is sometimes associated with the use of Penicillamine. Pemphigus is derived from the Greek pemphix, meaning bubble or blister.

Debbie Harry & Andy Warhol 1986Debbie Harry & Andy Warhol 1986

"My boss and house stage manager Chad Houseknecht pulled me aside and told me to go score some cocaine for Debbie's guitarist/lover Chris Stein. He told me, "It's kind of complicated, because Chris is really weird, he said he can't buy drugs from strangers, so he gave me this knife as a present, so that meant we were friends, and so now I can sell him drugs..."

For those craving the true roots of rap, Wild Style (1982) captured the hard core South Bronx scene at its birth. The stars of Wild Style form the pantheon of hip hop's pioneers: DJ's Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, D.St.; rappers Grand Master Caz and The Cold Crush Bros, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Double Trouble, Fantastic Freaks and RAMMELLZEE and bboy champions The Rock Steady Crew. Beat Music by legendary Blondie guitarist Chris Stein and Fred Brathwaite.

There had recently been a Rolling Stone article on him, and he showed me a knife that had been mentioned in the article. This knife folded up into a rectangular case about the size of a credit card. It had been given to him, I believe, by John Steinbeck, Jr. He mused that if you didn’t like your bill at the restaurant, you could casually pull this thing out of your credit card pouch and- poof- you’d have a dead waiter before he could even protest. He also showed me a magazine article on the proposed Biosphere Project in Arizona. This project was to build an enclosed atmosphere, intended to study the possibilities of maintaining life on another planet. He was interested in this project, and planned to visit it.

Blondie est un groupe de musique américain, fondé en 1974 à New York par Deborah Harry (ex-Wind in the Willows) et Chris Stein (ex-The Stilettos), qui a connu son heure de gloire à la fin des années 1970 et au début des années 1980.
Deborah Harry - chant
Chris Stein - guitare
Clem Burke - batterie
Jimmy Destri - claviers
Gary Valentine - guitare basse

1977 : Frank Infante remplace Gary Valentine, il passe ensuite à la guitare après l'arrivée en 1978 de Nigel Harrison à la basse.

1998 : Reformation du groupe avec Deborah Harry, Chris Stein, Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri

2000 : Paul Carbonara (guitare) et Leigh Foxx (guitare basse) rejoignent le groupe.

Andy decided what kind he wanted to paint in a manner typical for him. He asked Jay to buy some kitchen knives and bring them to the studio. He was living in Andys building at 342 Bowery, near many restaurant supply businesses. Jay brought Andy an assortment of knives and of course, the receipt for them. Andy then took Polaroids of the knives in various combination's and formations. He was also looking around for different types of knives and daggers. We knew our friend Chris Stein (co-founder of the band Blondie) collected knives. It was some of his more exotic and sinister knives that Andy took Polaroids of in many different configurations. After the photography, the editing started. People would assume Andys choice for the paintings would be Chris's group of unusual daggers and handmade knives. Instead he chooses the common object, considered by most of us as nothing special, and elevating it to art. Kitchen knives never looked more interesting or beautiful.

Ramones  Chris Stein

Ramones and Chris Stein of Blondie 1987
Ramones play 'Bonzo Goes to Bitburg'

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July 12, 2007

Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child

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Fats Domino - The Big Beat

from the 1958 movie of the same name

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Johnny Cash & Hank Williams jr - Kaw Liga

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Tuxedomoon - Desire

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pedophilé gumbo meaux

Huey P. Meaux :
"I'm going to record 'Old Shep' in rock and roll - only Old Shep is gonna die in my song. I think I'll send him up to Elvis's place and let it bite the hell out of him."-- Jerry Lee Lewis

Huey Meaux's non-stop chatter in the regional patois made him local celebrity.
The 'Crazy Cajun' put Swamp Pop' on the map.

1959: Rod Bernard This Should Go On Forever

Barbara Lynn Ozen born in Beaumont in 1942

The daughter of Creole parents from the other Golden Triangle (LA)

'Black Elvis' Barbara

You'll Lose A Good Thing- June, '62:
spent three weeks at #1 R&B toppling
Ray Charles'
I Can't Stop Loving Yo
At 20 years old, Barbara was one of the first female guitar playing singer-songwriters (black or white) to make the charts.

As a promoter, his most brilliant stroke was the Sir Douglas Quintet:
Sir Douglas Quintet She's About A Mover #13 pop 1965

"She's About a Mover" was a hit, but by 1966 Meaux was struggling to get his other artists on the air.

"Huey called and asked if I knew any party girls,"
recalls a friend, eager to please the local music legend. The kid convinced a 16-year-old hanger-on at the radio station to accompany Meaux to a Nashville convention for $300. Unfortunately for Meaux, not long after the convention ended, his contact was busted on narcotics charges. The young man cut a deal with the authorities to have the drug charges dropped in return for telling them what he knew about Meaux and the underage girl. Meaux was convicted of conspiring to violate the White Slave Traffic Act.

Sentenced to three years in federal prison, Meaux was incarcerated for eight months at a federal facility in Seagoville, Texas and received a full pardon from President Carter.

After his release from prison in 1969, Meaux seemed to be a changed man. According to associates at the time, it wasn't a change for the better.

"Huey came out of prison with a lot of new friends," recalls promoter Steve Gladson. "It was very intimidating for a lot of us. We had never met convicted murderers."


Jerry pictured with Tony Joe White, Mack Vickery and producer Huey Meaux
Southern Roots Session TMI Studio, Memphis
29 September 1973
- it was Jerry's birthday - he was 38!

Down in Memphis, the Killer was in rare form. Yep, Jerry Lee Lewis was making a record - 18 cuts, to be precise, at TMI Studios. "It's just like a circus," said Jerry Williams, president of TMI, casting an eye over the 30-odd souls gathered in the control room. Now, this was no ordinary session - if any Jerry Lee session can be called ordinary, and that's open to doubt. The Killer was going back to his roots, and he was, taking Carl Perkins, the MG's (Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, and Al Jackson, Jr.), Tony Joe White, Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere's Raiders), the Memphis Horns, and his own Memphis Beats along with him.

The album? Southern Roots.

"We fought," Huey P. Meaux told Colin Escott, "but we delivered."

Meaux was one of those colorful characters who gave southern writers prime source material and who made outsiders wonder if they were being put on. A Cajun named after Louisiana dictator Huey ("Kingfish") Long, Meaux had worked in all aspects of the record business, and in September 1973 he was glad to be in his own loud clothes instead of what he had been wearing most recently: prison garb. Upon his release he had re-established contact with Mercury. Now, after agreeing with Mercury's vice president of artists and repertoire Charlie Fach that a pure Jerry Lee album was the cure to everyone's ills, he was signed to produce such an LP.

The resulting set, Southern Roots, was recorded virtually nonstop over three days and nights in Memphis. Meaux enjoyed extraordinary connections, so he was able to assemble a group that was undoubtedly Jerry Lee's most sympathetic accompaniment since his 1964 tour. He recruited guitarist Steve Cropper, bassist Donald ("Duck") Dunn, and drummer Al Jackson, the essential Stax rhythm section, as the core band. Then he added other top-of-the line musicians like organist Augie Meyers of the Sir Douglas Quintet, the original Memphis Horns, members of the Memphis Beats, and Carl Perkins. Mack Vickery contributed harmonica, vocals, and enough craziness to be allowed in the same room with Meaux and Jerry Lee.

Recording conditions were chaotic, to put it mildly. Musicians, family members, delivery men, ex-girlfriends, and people just off the street wandered around, pushed engineers out of the way, and slept on the floor. Unlike the London session earlier in the year, where producer Steve Rowland tried to tone down his charges' behavior and instead made everyone more nervous, Meaux encouraged all in his kingdom to whoop it up. The unwieldy Southern Roots sessions were not designed with controlled behavior in mind, but they did yield what was unquestionably the most spirited and sustained studio album of Jerry Lee's long and spirited career. The album was subtitled Back Home to Memphis and featured Jerry Lee's only post-Sun studio performances that consistently captured what made him special, different, and impossible to pigeonhole.

A filthy Mack Vickery tune written with Jerry Lee in mind, "Meat Man," kicked off the album and pinned itself in fifth gear. "Meat Man" was two minutes and forty seconds of vivid sexual boasts, delivered furiously and convincingly:

"They call me the meat man/You oughta see me eat ma'am." He did not sing as if there were any possibility that the woman might decline his offer. Jerry Lee made listeners believe he had a "Maytag tongue with a sensitive taster."
He whooped it up in an avalanche of a solo and his least practiced shouting in years. His mind wasn't in a studio; as far as he was concerned he was in the darkest, toughest roadhouse in Mississippi. "Meat Man" was the most frankly sexual song of Jerry Lee's career, no small achievement. It was the first time in the studio since his glory days at Sun that he sounded truly free. Even when the song ended, he refused to stop, shouting, "Meat man, you mother!" until Meaux shut off the tape.

The second side of Southern Roots erupted to life with "Haunted House," originally a novelty hit for Memphis singer Gene Simmons. Those listening closely could hear liquor and pills rattling through the vocal.

In Vickery, a fan as well as a professional, Jerry Lee had found someone who could articulate his troubles better than he himself ever could.

Instead of reviving Jerry Lee's career, Southern Roots condemned it. The album never hit the Billboard chart because its ridiculous cover, a drawing of the Killer that looked positively antebellum, gave the LP all the appearances of yet another reissue of old cuts. All but the most loyal fans did not know that there were any new hits because nothing from Southern Roots got on the radio. In a pea-brained marketing move, Mercury opted for "Meat Man" as the first single. Granted, it was a stupendous song, but part of what made it fantastic was that it was a defiant, upraised middle finger at countrypolitan record formats. Jerry Lee made a sublime album, but nobody got to hear it. He resigned himself to the inevitable.

He ribbed producer Huey Meaux throughout the 50 hours of sessions, calling him "Papa Thibodeaux." One night he declared,

"I'm going to record 'Old Shep' in rock and roll - only Old Shep is gonna die in my song. I think I'll send him up to Elvis's place and let it bite the hell out of him."

The sessions were the setting for one auspicious occasion: Jerry was surprised by a birthday cake and champagne.

While Meaux was working to re-establish himself, Tex-Mex singer Freddy Fender was attempting to revive his own career. Like Meaux, Fender was an ex-con, having served time at Angola State Prison in Louisiana for a pot bust in the early '60s. Fender and Meaux had known each other for years but had never collaborated. At a dead end in his career, Fender turned to Meaux. He would later say that he had felt that he could trust Huey, since they had both been to prison.

By the end of the ride, in 1980, Fender was strung out on dope and booze and bankrupt with $10 million in debts. He was also accusing Meaux of taking advantage of him through unscrupulous contracts. Huey, who had previously specialized in one-hit wonders, was ready to sever the relationship too, blaming Freddy for squandering his earnings.

watch the 45

Meaux survived a bout with throat cancer. Save for one last novelty hit--Rockin' Sidney Simien's 1985 (Don't Mess With) My Toot-Toot.

Meaux starting buying the rights to songs that were already hits. He claimed, for instance, to have bought the rights to Desi Arnaz's "Babalu" and boasted that the song netted him $12,000 a year; he also reportedly owns a good portion of soul singer Isaac Hayes' 1970s output.

In the studio, Meaux would at times become agitated and incoherent. His mouth was often dry and he was constantly smacking his lips -- telltale signs of cocaine use.
Detectives received a call claiming that Meaux was producing child pornography, they were more than a little intrigued -- especially since the tipster was Ben Meaux (huey's dad). After ten years of spiraling cocaine use and its attendant difficulties, the Houston Police (acting on tips from Meaux's own family) arrested him and brought him to his office at Sugar Hill to execute a search warrant in early 1996. Breaking down a locked door of his playroom was a physician's examining table, complete with gynecological stirrups, and just under 15 grams of cocaine in one of the drawers. There was also a king-sized bed and a dozen or so sex toys nearby. And strewn about the room and stuffed inside a large chest were hundreds of photographs and dozens of videos that police say Meaux had produced himself at Sugar Hill over the past 20 years. According to investigators, some of the photos were of nude girls as young as seven. Some of the videos (n/a) showed Meaux having sex with girls ranging in age from 12 to 16--among them, the two daughters of Meaux's former live-in girlfriend.

The 66-year-old Meaux was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of child pornography and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. A few days later, he was slapped with a civil lawsuit by his two former common-law stepdaughters, who accused him of having sexually abused them for years. A frail, wasted-looking Meaux showed up for his court arraignment on January 31, but a few days later, he failed to keep an appointment to be fitted with an electronic monitoring device that a judge had ordered him to wear while out of jail on his $130,000 bond.

Huey Meaux was on the run, and he remains at large as of this writing.
After his release in 2002, he was shipped back to jail for violating his parole in February of 2003--TRY KAPLAN!

July 11, 2007

Doris D & The Pins - Shine Up

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Dizzy Gillespie - Girl Of My Dreams

"Let's stick around Montreux a little bit longer for yet another concert given there on July 14, 1977, a 30-year jubilee of sorts, team up Dizzy Gillespie with Milt Jackson, Monty Alexander, Jon Faddis, Ray Brown and Jimmie Smith and see what happens."

Gang Starr - Ex Girl To The Next Girl

Black Star ft. Common - Respiration

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Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

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R. Stevie Moore - I Not Listening

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until these two: spedding--motorbikin' twofer (new rose records)

chris spedding

chris spedding
promo vid

Bass Rocks: Willie Alexander

another new rose recs. stablemate from the 80s and my fav. yt craunchy of the week: willie "loco" alexander: bass rocks

dennis glen brian mike

dennis Wilson & Rumbo (Daryl Dragon)
Sound Of Free
Dennis Wilson's first solo release Lady (
December 4, 1970-- also known as "Fallin' In Love") early version SUNFLOWER
Background vocals (American Spring)

dennis wilson
You Are So Beautiful

dennis wilson
you are so beautiful & barbara ann

dennis wilson

dennis wilson
Angel Come Home
april 27, 1979

glen cambell
guess i'm dumb
by Brian Wilson and Russ Titleman
features the Beach Boys on backing vocals
Shindig, 1965

brian wilson
Mike Douglas Show

nov 28, 1976
Part 1 of 2

be true to your school
Mike Love

Full House 1990

July 10, 2007

tv movie craunchy

little egypt

Bill Black's Combo
From Teenage Millionaire (1961)

Jimmie Nicol
Spotnicks documentary (Sweden 1983)
Jimmie Nicol was stand-in drummer for Ringo Starr June, 1964
drummer The Spotnicks (Sweden) 65-67

It'll be me (1963)
Johnny Taylor & The Strangers
french TV

Billy Bridge et Les Mustangs
Italian TV 1962

andre brasseur

July 8, 2007

big s: for j.c. hardaway

meat man by the killer
(written by mack vickery)

Big S Grill

1179 Dunnavant Ave (at Dow)
Memphis TN


I don't hide [my recipes]. I let them have them, but they tell me, "You're lying. That ain't the way you fix it." I say, "That's just the way I fix it." They don't want to believe it. God Give everybody so much. If barbecue is yours, that's it.
--J.C. Hardaway

Essay by Joe York

The plywood pig hanging perpendicular to McLemore names the place: Candy Man Lounge. The few parking spaces in front are as empty as the lot next door. Black iron bars block all the entrances. Midday, midweek, and nothing is happening here.

Before the Candy Man moved in and crapped out, the store housed Hawkin's Grill. Started in 1938, Hawkin's turned out shoulder after slow-cooked shoulder for the better part of six decades. It was there that J. C. Hardaway, one of Memphis' world-renowned pit masters, got his start at the age of thirteen delivering orders on his bicycle.

Before long, J.C. traded in his pedals for the pits. He cooked hamburgers and chopped the meat as it came off the coals, all the while soaking up secrets and learning the tricks of a trade that would feed him and his community for years to come.

In 1993, J.C. took his tongs and walked around the corner and down Dunnavant to the Big "S" Grill. Now that J.C. sends his smoke up their stacks, they've added his name to the sign and his barbecue to the board, which for years sold only soul food. Listening to J.C., one wonders if there is a difference.

"God gives everybody so much. If barbecue is yours, that's it."

Oral History

Interview with J.C. Hardaway Conducted by Brian Fisher, 19 February 2002

Early Experiences

In the restaurant, Hawkins Grill. Eighteen, but I started at 13, 14, riding a bicycle delivering orders. At that time they didn't allow children [to work] in restaurants until they were of age. And, at the age of 18. So after I reached 18, I went inside and started working around, and started looking around and started cooking. Hawkins Grill, they were my godparents.

Did you try to spend time in the kitchen when you were younger? Did you get shooed away?

I think it might be that it was in my blood. Just in me that I would learn it. I was around it. I just picked it up.

Cook at home?

Nothing but regular food. Soul food. Home cooked food. No barbecue just home cooked food.

Beginnings in the Hawkins Kitchen Frying hamburgers and selling sandwiches, chopping up barbecue but I wasn't cooking it.

Profession from the Beginning?


Who did you learn to cook from at Hawkins?

No teacher. Just picked it up looking. Just looking. We didn't take time to teach you. You just picked it up.

They said here's the job?

Here's the job and if you couldn't do it you had to go I guess.

Who was in charge of barbecue at Hawkins?

Mrs. Hawkins

How Long Have You Been Cooking?

Since I was 18. 59 years.

How long was Hawkins Grill open?

From 1938 and I left in '93. Big S since '93. It'll be nine years in October.

Enjoy commercial cooking?

Yes. I enjoy cooking for the public. It's just a part of me. At the age I am now, I don't need nothing else but that basis.

A favorite part of cooking for the public?

I can do pastry. Most anything. But I do barbecue especially if I have a party I'll fix some barbecue beans, spaghetti, potato salad. That line of food, party food. Even cold plates, you know, if necessary.

J.C. Hardaway's pork art

Pitmaster J.C. Hardaway (left) with Lolis Eric Elie , author of  Smokestack Lightning,  was awarded the "Keeper of the Flame" award for his shoulder sandwich, which Elie describes as one of the best in America
Pitmaster J.C. Hardaway (left) with Lolis Eric Elie , author of Smokestack Lightning, was awarded the "Keeper of the Flame" award for his shoulder sandwich, which Elie describes as one of the best in America

(CNN) -- To Lolis Eric Elie, author of the cultural barbecue travelogue "Smokestack Lightning" (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), there is no better barbecue pork shoulder sandwich than one made by barbecue pit-master J.C. Hardaway, honored this year by the SFA with the "Keeper of the Flame" award.

 A sliced pork shoulder sandwich in the hands of J.C. Hardaway is close to a work of art. Slow-cooked pork, meltingly tender, is served alongside tangy potato salad and homemade sweet tea
A sliced pork shoulder sandwich in the hands of J.C. Hardaway is close to a work of art. Slow-cooked pork, meltingly tender, is served alongside tangy potato salad and homemade sweet tea

When asked why pork shoulders, Hardaway, who started cooking when he was 14, smiles in a way that conveys that he has forgotten more about barbecue than the questioner will ever know, and says, "It just the best."

Smoky Hale, a symposium participant and author of "The Great American Barbecue and Grilling Manual" (Abacus Publishing Company), says pork shoulder is one of the finest cuts a barbecue chef can use.

"The pork (shoulder) butt is to pork cookers what the beef brisket is to a Texan. Both cuts have layers of fat interspersed within the meat. When cooked low and slow, the fat melts while basting the meat to keep it moist until it gets done," explains Hale.

Recipe By     : John Willingham's World Champion Bar-B-Q
Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Bbq Sauces

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
3/4 cup Light brown sugar -- packed
1 each 1 1/4 oz package regular -- flavor chili seasoning
(I used GArry Howard's Chile Powder recipe)
2 teaspoons Dry mustard
1 teaspoon Ginger -- ground
1/2 teaspoon Allspice -- ground
1/4 teaspoon Cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon Mace -- ground
1/4 teaspoon Black peppper -- fresh ground
1 cup White distilled vinegar
1/4 cup Molasses
1/4 cup Water
32 ounces Ketchup
3 teaspoons Liquid smoke (optional)

In a large saucepan, combine the brown sugar, chili seasoning, mustard, ginger,
allspice, cayenne, mace, and black pepper. Add the vinegar, molasses, water,
and liquid smoke. Stir until dry ingredients are dissolved. Add the ketchup
and stir to mix.

Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly to avoid spattering.

Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes.

Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature.

Hubert Sumlin & David Johansen with my pal, henry gray
DVD "Blues: the Road to Memphis


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Donna Hightower - This world today

Pérez Prado - Mambo del Politecnico

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Povel Ramel - Johanssons Boogie-Woogie Vals

"This clip is a well deserved show-off for the swedish genius entertainer and performer/composer Povel Ramel. And the tune, of course, is his first big hit, "Johanssons boogie-woogie vals" (The boogie-woogie waltz of Mr. Johansson) from 1944. The lyrics are in swedish, but it is all about a guy who suddenly hears a foreign boogie-woogie record (from the US) and then writes his own tune, a mixture of a traditional swedish waltz and a boogie woogie :-) ..."

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Orlando Riva Sound - Moon Boots

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bonnie b: l'histoire du bonnie b: jerry lee lewis

La Dolce Musto
Screen Legend Throws Shit Fit at Musto!
by Michael Musto
March 17th, 2003
But back to big orchids, a producer just played me a copy of an '89 recording he found by Robert Blake's murdered wife Bonny Lee Bakley, who gave very good treacle. The record turns out to be just the kind of poignantly kitschy celeb-worship collectible you'd expect from the woman who owned a photo of her face superimposed next to Elvis Presley's. The rap tune—"A Tribute to Elvis"—has a cheesy sounding synth and drum machine backing Bakley's effusive utterances like "Some people say it's hard for them to understand/I want to be in heaven's rockin' band/Bill Haley and Buddy Holly too/We sing our song for all of you." Sadly, she made it to the band before her time.

In 1989 she made two records for Noway Usa Music of Palisades Park, New Jersey:

Using the name Lee bonny Bakley, she recorded a number called "Tribute to Elvis Presley" that contained the line "Rock and roll will never be the same/Rock and Roll Leebonnie is my name". She also made a brief appearance in the 1985 movie "Turk 182" which starred Robert Urich.

In 1990 Lee Bonny and Linda Gail Lewis sued a UK newspaper that had reported they were running an expensive sex chat line service.

Bonny's Address Book

Bonny Bakley's resourcefulness was apparent in her address book, which Harland Braun recently made public with the addresses, and sometimes telephone numbers, blacked out.

"Let me show you something," Braun said as he flipped through its pages for reporters. "It's really disgustingThis lady was completely wacko. She was absolutely evil."

The book contains 17 entries, and includes addresses for:

Robert Redford
Sylvester Stallone
Gary Busey
Sugar Ray Leonard
comedian Chuck McCann
Robert DeNiro
Jimmy Swaggart
Jerry Lee Lewis
Larry Flynt
actor James Best
Pat McCormick
Will Jordan
Chuck Berry
Lou Christie
Frankie Valli
Dean Martin
and of course
Robert Blake

Marriages, relationships, children

  • 1) Husband: Evangelos Paulakis (divorced)
  • 2) Husband: Paul Gawron
  • (cousin, m. Nov-1977, div. 1982, 2 children)
    • Son: Glenn Paul Gawron (with Paul)
    • Daughter: Holly Lee Gawron (b. 1981, with Paul)
  • 3) Husband: Robert Moon (m. 1984, div. 1987)
  • 4) Husband: DeMart C. Besly (m. 7-Dec-1988)
  • 5) Husband: Joseph Brooksher (m. 1992 for just 1 day)

  • 6) Husband: William Webber (m. 1993 for just 2 days)
    • Jeri Lee Lewis
    • Daughter: (b. 28-Jul-1993, father unknown)
  • 7) Husband: E. Robert Telufson (married for 6 weeks)
  • 8) Husband: Glynn H. Wolfe
  • 9) Husband: John Ray (m. 1996, div. 1998)
  • Boyfriend: Christian Brando
  • 10) Husband: Robert Blake (m. 19-Nov-2000)
    • Daughter: Christian Shannon Brando
      (renamed Rose Lenore Sophia Blake, b. 2-Jun-2000)

  • Elvis impersonator, my friend, and Linda Gail Lewis's 5th ex-husband: Robert Stefanow
    during an appearance with Greta Van Sustern on Fox TV. Stefanow married Linda Gail Lewis, sister of Jerry Lee, in 1987. Reportedly, Ms. Lewis divorced him after he and Bakley got involved sexually

    A note written by Bonny Lee
    A note written by Bonny Lee
    Bonny's resourcefulness, not to mention her persistence, as a celebriphiliac is also evident in the aggressive manner in which she pursued a relationship with Jerry Lee Lewis for years.
    "She was all over us," recalled J.W. Whitten, Lewis's former road manager. "She would always stay in the same hotels we were in. She popped up at one of his birthday parties. Once she offered me money to tell her where he was. She actually thought she had a shot at being Jerry's girlfriend."

    Bonny Lee Bakley says

    "Jerry lee Lewis is the Daddy of my little girl"

    Star Article 1993

    original Star article from 1993:



    A scorned girlfriend of Jerry Lee Lewis says he's the father of their love child - and now she's taking the legendary rocker to court. Bonny Lee Bakley wants the legendary rocker to acknowledge and support the 4-week-o1d daughter she's named Jeri Lee. Lewis, 57, his sixth wife, Kerrie, and their son, Lee, are currently living in Ireland to avoid high taxes in the U.S. But that hasn't stopped Bakley, 37, from filing a petition in Memphis to establish paternity. "I took a home pregnancy test. I called Jerry and told him I was pregnant. He didn't really seem enthused," Bonny tells Star.

    "He told me, 'Don't tell anybody.' He didn't want me to tell his sister, Linda Gail, even though we were friends. He said he would get back to me but he never did. I thought he was on the verge of a break up with Kerrie," she says, adding that she gave birth just a few minutes' drive away from The Killer's mansion. Now an unemployed mother of three, Bakley says she had, an on-again, off-again affair with the Great Balls of Fire singer for seven years, and adds she always believed she'd be the next Mrs. Jerry Lee right up until the time the child was conceived. 'The last time we made love was on October29, 1982, at the Airport Marriot in Nashville" Bonny recalls. "I wore a blue silk dress. Jerry said, 'you look good tonight. After we made love, he said, 'I got to get up early' and he left."

    Now that Bonny has resigned herself to to life as a single mom, she is determined to make Jerry pay up. "I knew that I had to do something to see that the baby had her rights," says Bonny. "So I went to the Memphis juvenile court and told them I was having a baby - but the father isn't responding." Bonny says the paternity tests can't be done for another two months - but she has no doubt the results will prove that the child is Jerry Lee's. "I would marry him in a heartbeat" sighs Bonny "I love Jerry I love him so much I was willing to have his child. I would do it all again."

    She says she fell for the aging performer after seeing him on stage for the first time. 'Jerry made a lasting impression on me," says Bonny "I met him backstage while I was living in New Jersey. "I came to Memphis for a visit" recalls Bonny, 'and ended up staying for a month, and seeing him almost every night usually at Hernando's Hideaway - one of Jerry's favorite clubs, "In 1986, I even moved down to Memphis so I could be with Jerry"

    Even if she does win her suit Bonny may have a rough time collecting any money. Jerry Lee owes the IRS $1.6 million, and recently, agents seized some of his most prized possessions - including his piano. "Jerry flatly denies he is the father of this child," the singer's attorney, Charles Waldman, tells STAR.

    "I hate the word has-been," continued Merich, "but common sense tells you that the B-list people have more of a problem (with celebriphiles). They don't have handlers and can't afford top-notch security. And they tend to visit the same places over and over again, because people know them there and they still get the attention they crave. They leave themselves open to this problemyou have to get into the psyche of the celebrity. Because as much as they complain about it, these people like being famous. They like walking down the street and having people say, 'Oh, my gosh, that's so-and-so.' That's why they became a celebrity in the first place. And your B-list people aren't getting that attention anymore. So they're much more susceptible to groupies or hangers-on or somebody like this Bakley woman."

    "I've been in this business for ten years, and these sorts of cases have been a constant," said John C. Lane, Jr. Lane, formerly the lead officer in an LAPD celebrity protection unit, is now employed by Omega Threat Management Group. "There has always been an undercurrent of inappropriate pursuit in the entertainment industry. Usually it gets dealt with behind the scenes."

    Bonny Bakley with Jerry Lee Lewis

    Father: Edward J. Bakley (arborist, d. 1973)
    Mother: Marjorie Lois Hall
    Sister: Margerry Lisa Bakley
    Brother: Joseph Bakley
    Brother: Peter Carlyon (half brother)
    Husband: Evangelos Paulakis (div.)
    Husband: Paul Gawron (cousin, m. Nov-1977, div. 1982, 2 children)
    Husband: Robert Moon (m. 1984, div. 1987)
    Husband: DeMart C. Besly (m. 7-Dec-1988)
    Husband: Joseph Brooksher (m. 1992, 1 day)
    Husband: William Webber (m. 1993, 2 days)
    Husband: E. Robert Telufson (6 weeks)
    Husband: Glynn H. Wolfe
    Husband: John Ray (m. 1996, div. 1998)
    Husband: Robert Blake (m. 19-Nov-2000)
    Daughter: Holly Lee Gawron (b. 1981, with Paul)
    Son: Glenn Paul Gawron (with Paul)
    Daughter: Jeri Lee Lewis (b. 28-Jul-1993, with Lewis)
    Daughter: Christian Shannon Brando (renamed Rose Lenore Sophia Blake, b. 2-Jun-2000)
    Boyfriend: Jerry Lee Lewis
    Boyfriend: Christian Brando

    In 1980, still married to her cousin, Bonnie moved down south. One day she arrived, uninvited at Jerry Lee's boyhood home. Frankie Jean Lewis, the rocker's sister, says Bonny sashayed into her living room with a tape recorder playing striptease music.

    "She takes off her blouse and peels down her stockings," says Frankie. "It was good. She said 'I'd like to meet your brother.' So I got Jerry on the phone and I said 'Jerry, we got us a real live one here.' And he said 'Send her up.' That's what he always said."