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June 23, 2007

next time you see me i might be see-through OR is mdf (playin' possum)?

From: monolith0
Orson Welles WINO!

George Jones
Honky Tonk Song
From: countrygerry1

George Jones
Wrong's What I Do Best

David Ball
Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level
From: DavidKiern



From: loca1101 寺内たけしとブルージーンズ - 津軽じょんがら節

From: gavrochedrums

From: ombremor Crazy video clip from Alan Vega's song "Wipeout beat", from "Saturn Strip", his third album

From: NonoMu Kunihiko Kase & the Wild Ones
"Omoide no Nagisa"

1938年PCL製作「續千萬長者」から。エノケンの「セントルイスブルースや二村と の絶妙な二重唱(?)が見事です!st. louis blues

Provided By:
The Gories second music video I made...to personify the west-African spirit, Ogun, for my future feature length effort, Wayne County Ramblin'http://www.waynecountyramblin.com/def

From: Dcdrmwthme
Animal vs Buddy Rich

From: kpjjazz Don Byas playing 'I'll Remember April' at the Molde - Norway Jazz Festival in 1966. Sorry that the clip is incomplete but this is all I have and it is fine whilst it lasts!

ji (mi)(mmy) gate

this one's for mr. dante fontana, starting with a little number from his home country and ending with a climb up the heavenly stairs!
but you say: TPA, why you give us classic rockers' video? we are aware of these?
i say: i don't give you classic rockers' video! i give you great youtube debate and then i give you a world you never imagined...

Now Please for hendrix of jimi
it's winter or summer in tokyo...you've just come home from dinner with the boss...he's insulted your seniority to an underling...you've drunk many sakis...you sit down lotus-style at your mac and enter into a classic american pastime...rock n' roll debates and determining who is the greatest guitarist of all time...
now close your eyes and get italicized!

From: orestes988
Jimi Hendrix and the Experience performing Voodoo Child on Swedish TV. Stockholm, 9. january - Koncerthuset - 1. Black and white. Great performance!

As for execution jimi Hendrix and execution of experience cursing the ヴードゥー teaching is put on the child of Swedish TV. Stockholm, 9. January - Koncerthuset - 1. Black and white. Large efficiency!

Ebola nip the fragment of Ebola (22 hours ago)
Actually bud when he first started off how to play he could not afford to buy a left handed guitar and all he had was a right, but before when he died eric clapton was going to give him the right left handed guitar but it was too late..
it had been about that he will give the counterclockwise guitar the right to diederic clapton him, but when excessively being slow, him who plays him it was not possible first to be able buy the counterclockwise guitar, from method separated it started and the right he to be had, but when really showing entirely before

guttersnipe67 as a bud of スパム (1 day ago)
jimi is one i try to play everyday.he's in his own world,its fuckin hard to play till you get in the right state of mind. it's all in the mind,loose yourself and play it,by the way he was an arbor reneger.
With jimi of スパム in spiritual state on all certain right of heart, you yourself who are loosened until the showing which enters, it does that 1 I try everyday.he's of his himself world in order to play, making fuckin eager, being to be reneger of the arbor which is he at the place.

aqueduct luster7494 high waterway luster7494 (1 day ago)
dude, jimi hendrix had to play the guitar backwards cause when he started playpen guitar they dent make left handed guitars so he taught himself how to play backwards and he is spoor God! ROCK ON!
The showing which is brought to the rear where he as for him the method of playing to the rear the concavity increases the counterclockwise guitar where those make the fact that it is the God of spoor the guitar of playpen which therefore he taught to him himself when is begun and the guitar must be performed

hen Dex024 (3 days ago)
i agree. Jimi Hendrix is the best futurist in history. Now don't get me wrong, i love page and clapton but hendrix is out of this world.
With me in order to agree スパム, sign had been attached Hendrix is the Futurism whose history is best. Now the wrongdoing is not obtained in me, I love page and clapton, but as for hendrix there is from this world. The slewing gear the page say rather thin weakly

swivel (3 days ago)
yeah, page is pretty sloppy. but he is one hell of a guitarist. either way, i don't think Page could live up to Hendrix standards
as スパム, to obtain, it showed, but the page can keeping responding to the standard of Hendrix as for him one hell of either method guitarist.

lambkin (4 days ago)
hey 'comelier' what the hell...? how dare you dis-respect a true genius like hendrix in public. who cares? we all know equipment was primitive in the late 60's and the man had probably just done his 14thy night in a row. leave your opinion to yourself. who the hell are you? what does it matter if this performance snored as polished as Alberto hall. i still learned from it.why don't you learn to have some RESPECT!!!
me without thinking, does the challenge which is the impolite true genius how like hendrix of the public whom you worry?.. no lambkin just a little ' it shows me without thinking, does the challenge which is the impolite true genius how like hendrix of the public whom you worry?.. no just a little ' it shows as comelier スパム and is high. ? We all devices are beginning in the sixties latter term, the 14th night where the person perhaps exactly permission in the line is that in you yourself you know that you give an advise? That, this efficiency as the Alberto hole it polishes, assuming when you scratch snore, is that importance something which I do not learn the fact that still it has the point from it why! ! It learned!

bromide77 (4 days ago)
it shows as duh

comelier (4 days ago)
this is actually quite a flat version of voodoo child. the Alberto hall performance is far superior
whose スパム where sign has been attached to the child meaning that スパム which of スパム is this level edition rather, applying cursing the ヴードゥー teaching with the Alberto hole

deuce barfly war (4 days ago)
don't search for him in a tale called heaven..he's gone..rather search for a new legend..(hint)

excellent is new. (hint) heaven. for the sake of he's gone. rather being not to search him of the story which is called investigation efficiency legend.

Now Please for jimmy the page

From: keiko1881
Jimmy Page playing a longer version of the Stairway to heaven solo. This solo is so great. One of the best ever played?
The page of ジミー which does the edition where the stairway is longer in solo of the heaven. Independent this is large very. It is done, 1 handle being best. !

JimmyPage159 (9 hours ago)
People always say the best guitarist is their favorite guitarist. It is impossible to determine the best, it depends on your interests. I prefer Jimmy because his solos fit with the songs perfectly and have feel in them. I also like other guitarists like Hendrix, Angus Young, EVH, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck for all different reasons. I like Page the most out of all of them though because I like his style the most. It all depends on your interests ;).
Of the people speech is guitarist of the best guitarist their taste always. That being best to your interest what is decided depends impossibly, is. I being, that solo which is agreeable with song completely like ジミー, possess feeling with those. In addition as for me Hendrix, the young person of the un gas, other guitarists like EVH, エリック Clapton, and Beck of ジェフ for the reason where everything differs is liked. I it meaning that I most like that style all mustard oaks most like the page. That is influenced by all your interests; )

PageandPlant4Life (10 hours ago)
omg i can't believe u even dared to use slash's name in the same sentence with jimmy page.
It is not possible to believe u which makes boldly in order to use the name in the slash in the same sentence of this page of the omg ending!

Jarmierulzalot (14 hours ago)
this video made me cry :(
As for this video in me who am done the scream

yankeesPWN (14 hours ago)
Healthy earlier description!

ogloclol (19 hours ago)
For everyone stating the "official list" of greatest guitarists, composers, WE DON'T CARE.

This is a video of a great guitar solo, I would prefer to discuss it than debate who's the best. There is no BEST guitarist, there are no top guitarists of all time, contrary to what you may have read in Rolling Stone. There's only music that different people appreciate.
"The official list" of splendid guitarists, the composer is shown, we do not worry everyone.

It is best rather than liking the fact that you discuss video my that of the everyone's independence large guitar, you discuss this, is. Guitarist which is best to those which can read the rolling stone is not guitarists with respect to all times which is there, in the opposite direction. There is music only the people who differ recognize!

NameIsSimon (19 hours ago)
no your all wrong...
i dont have a list
You was wrong... I do not have the list entirely!

Pencilhead202 (20 hours ago)
every one is wrong except for oran200 i mean come on a1dukester john lennon are u retarted jimi and frusciante and the srv
As for each one jimi and frusciante and srv retarted thing lennon coming by a1dukester John of u, by mistake it is excluding oran200 where I mean thing!

hml34455 (22 hours ago)
the order of the best guitar players in the world is
1) jimi hendrex
2)jimmy page
3)eric clapton

As for order of the guitar player where the world is best:

1) hendrex of jimi
2) of jimmy the page
3) clapton of eric

oran2000 (1 day ago)
frusciante is the best =)
as for frusciante is best, =)

June 21, 2007

Born with the Orleans News On

from Gabaom's description on dailymotion of Louis Prima's Buona Sera,
i think this sums up the great man's glorious career:

orn with the Orleans News on-- December 7, 1910, Louis PRIMA was a genii's Bean... Louie Prima is most known going back to 1956 also Wildest, in which appear Just has a gigolo on Marie... With Lime, it played with the orchestra of Sam Butera, Witnesses with the Kaspar Lounge, smallest of the large living rooms of the Sahara hotel of Las Vegas. Married five times, divorced as much, this wire of Italian emigrants who passed for a mongrel because of his basin dye left in annals of Las Vegas the memory of a doubled public entertainer of a heat inconstant rabbit. Struck of a concussion in 1975, he died after three years of coma. He was the inventor of the rate/rhythm ninny, that which had known to mix rigmarole, swing, pop music and quadruple-professional.

In the early thirties trumpeter/showman Louis Prima ( b.1910) played in New Orleans in the "Courtyard Club" on Bourbon Street. He moved later to New York and started the " Famous Door" on 52nd Street.
This 1937 film clip starts with a short conversation between Prima and some customers in the Famous Door and then the band plays Basin Street Blues in what looks like a New years party.
On clarinet is Pee Wee Russell quietly sitting next to the piano, leaving the main part of the show to Prima.



outed by whimperin' bill anderson from a television special that could only be TNN or possibly TBN, this veritable craunch-mart of a craunch session easily rates as craunch porn in its "titillation with no redeeming value," or its "i know it when i see it" factor. after researching johnny counterfit i now empathize with the supreme court justices who must also have felt a little sickened from their required overexposure to certain unartfully presented pornography, although probably less inclined to masturbate.
i am not easily confused and in fact have been known to be purposefully obfuscatory. i am dedicated to the pun, but if there exists one in mr. counterfit's sir name--i am checked and confess it here. (i now empathize with former president clinton who was also confused by "it".)

i will defer any tongue-in-cheek or winking appraisal as to the legitimacy or "counterfeitness" of johnny counterfit to the following panel from this forum of the hee haw roadshow who may be more knowledgeable on the subject; however, if you are easily offended by cornpone, or are allergic to corn (think hee haw without the animation or hot chicks and more toupees), then you may want to skip this particular clip featuring a medley of "counterfit" songs ending with a most explicit version of del reeves singing green, green grass of home as walter brennan en duet with mr. counterfit as john wayne, and proceed straight to the two clips from sons of country singers, conway twitty and roger miller-- there, i think you will find a more palatable introduction to this particularly unpalatable entreé of craunch dui jour.
as a prepended apologia to this post i have appended a postprandial palate-cleanser of white lightning by the possum: prost!

johnny counterfit (in two parts)
i walk the line/walkin' the floor/act naturally
del reeves and johnny counterfit singing green green grass of home as walter brennan and john wayne

Counterfit Bio

Comedian/Celebrity Impressionist
Born in Omaha, Nebraska, comedian/celebrity voice impressionist, Johnny Counterfit started developing his skills when, as a child, he watched most of the cartoons, movies, and variety shows found on television in the late 1960’s. Through Elementary and High School, Johnny would entertain students and teachers, sometimes to the chagrin of the latter, while honing his vocal and ad-lib skills during class and recess.

While still in High School, the young comedian began performing on stage, at the Nashville West Dinner Theater, in Portland, Oregon, albeit as a “freebie” on open-mic Sunday evenings. In 1981, Johnny Counterfit decided to attempt a career in show business, assembled a band, and never looked back.

In 1990, the “big break” came when ABC in Hollywood became aware of Counterfit, and asked him to be part of its new America’s Funniest People broadcast. After that, Johnny appeared on a host of networks including CBS, TNN (The Nashville Network), TBS, and The Disney Channel. Johnny’s voices starred in the (1986) EMMY award winning feature, A Claymation Christmas Celebration, still being sold on Amazon.com.

Johnny Counterfit continues appearing on television and radio.

Counterfit Reviews

"One of the most crowd pleasing entertainers I have ever met!"
Ralph Emery

"He's the best I've ever seen!"
Johnny Cash

hell-o darlin'
mike twitty

dean miller
old toy trains

white lightning
george jones

THE完 PERFECT完 AMERICAN な: johnny couterfit surfeit

June 20, 2007

tammy wynette: well-versed (I'LL ADD SOME PLAYABLE VIDEOS SOON: TPA 11.29.08)

medazzaland interview


[vurst] Pronunciation Key,
experienced; practiced; skilled; learned (usually fol. by in):
She was well versed

Tammy Wynette dead at 55

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- She grew up picking cotton in Mississippi, worked as a beautician and sang for the people who, like her, knew about hardship and heartache.

Tammy Wynette, whose hits included the classic country ode "Stand by Your Man," died Monday at age 55 while napping at her Nashville home.

The cause of her death was believed to be a blood clot, spokeswoman Evelyn Shriver said. Wynette had had a series of health problems in recent years.

Billy Sherrill, who co-wrote "Stand By Your Man" with Wynette, signed her to Epic Records and produced her pivotal early hits. Other hits included "I Don't Wanna Play House," "Womanhood," "Take Me to Your World," "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad," and "The Ways to Love a Man."

The genius of "Stand By Your Man" was how Wynette's tearful voice undercut the lyrics, capturing the pain of a woman struggling to be true to a man who probably didn't deserve it.

Throughout Wynette's 25-year career, stormy marriages and hospital stays threatened to overshadow one of the most successful singing stories in country music history. In 1978, she was abducted at a Nashville shopping center, driven 80 miles in her luxury car, beaten and released by a masked assailant. No one was ever arrested, though Wynette later said the man apparently ended up in prison for another crime.

Wynette's personal life settled down that year when she married her fifth and final husband, George Richey.

She was hospitalized for various ailments dozens of times, and admitted in the late 1970s to being dependent on painkilling drugs. She had several operations in the last 10 years to relieve recurring inflammation and infections of her bile duct.

Wynette raised from the grave

NASHVILLE, Tenn., APRIL 14 - The body of country music star Tammy Wynette was removed from her tomb and autopsied Wednesday in an attempt to answer questions raised in the year since her death.

The steps were taken a week after three of Wynette's daughters filed a wrongful-death suit against her doctor and her husband-manager, George Richey, claiming they were responsible for her death at the age of 55.

Richey told a news conference he had requested the autopsy because of the allegations made against him in the suit.

``I'm profoundly saddened her children are willing to drag their mother's closely guarded private life into the public, leaving me no choice but to respond,'' he said.

``I'm saddened that out of frustration over financial matters, her daughters have been willing to work so hard to discredit their mother. ... I'm saddened that part of Tammy's legacy is this fiasco,'' he said.

Richey said his late wife, known as the ``first lady of country music,'' had not wanted to be autopsied or cremated. Her body was entombed at Woodlawn mausoleum in Nashville.

``Tammy was a woman who knew what she wanted in life and in death,'' he said.

Bruce Levy, Tennessee's chief medical examiner, said he had conducted the autopsy and would issue a report in four to six weeks.

One week ago, three of Wynette's daughters -- Georgette Smith, Jackie Daley and Tina Jones -- sued Richey and Wynette's doctor, Wallis Marsh of Pittsburgh, in Davidson County Circuit Court for $50 million in compensatory damages and an unspecified amount in punitive damages.

The suit alleged that Marsh was guilty of malpractice by giving the singer powerful narcotic drugs and Richey had ''improperly and inappropriately maintained her narcotic addiction, improperly administered narcotics to her and failed to see that she would receive necessary medical treatment.''

Officials earlier this year asked the coroner for an autopsy, but he refused, saying he did not have sufficient evidence to seek a court order for the removal of her body from the tomb. Richey's request, he said Wednesday, allowed him to proceed.

Wynette, who had long suffered from intestinal illness and other health problems, died April 6, 1998. At the time, her death was listed as due to natural causes, and Marsh said it had been caused by blood clots in her lungs.

Tammy Wynette's daughters settle $50 million lawsuit

Story filed: 09:05 Friday 19th April 2002

The daughters of Tammy Wynette have dropped legal action against a doctor over her death.

They had claimed Dr Wallis Marsh contributed to Wynette's death in 1998.

Lawyers for both sides say they have now agreed a secret out-of-court settlement.

A trial had been set for May 7.

The country star's four daughters were suing for $50 million, claiming Dr Marsh had mismanaged her case.

"Both parties are quite happy that it's over and done with," said Dr Marsh's lawyer Wilbur McCoy Otto.

She suffered for years with painful stomach ailments and was treated for addiction to painkillers.

Dr Marsh prescribed the painkiller Versed to the singer.

The daughters also sued the pharmacy Care Solutions of Nashville for delivering the painkiller and Wynette's last husband, George Richey, for helping to administer it.

The daughters - Tina Jones, Jackie Daly, Georgette Smith and Gwen Nicholas - previously removed Richey from the lawsuit .

He had asked that Wynette's body be exhumed for an autopsy to help clear up questions about her death.

In October, a federal judge also dismissed Care Solutions from the case.


In the U.S.—

  • Versed

In Canada—

  • Versed


Midazolam (MID-ay-zoe-lam)is used to produce sleepiness or drowsiness and to relieve anxiety before surgery or certain procedures. It is also used to produce loss of consciousness before and during surgery. Midazolam is used sometimes in patients in intensive care units in hospitals to cause unconsciousness. This may allow the patients to withstand the stress of being in the intensive care unit and help the patients cooperate when a machine must be used to assist them with breathing.

  • Injection (U.S. and Canada)

Precautions After Receiving This Medicine

For patients going home within 24 hours after receiving midazolam:

  • Midazolam may cause some people to feel drowsy, tired, or weak for 1 or 2 days after it has been given. It may also cause problems with coordination and one's ability to think. Therefore, do not drive, use machines, or do anything else that could be dangerous if you are not alert until the effects of the medicine have disappeared or until the day after you receive midazolam, whichever period of time is longer.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages or take other CNS depressants (medicines that slow down the nervous system, possibly causing drowsiness) for about 24 hours after you have received midazolam, unless otherwise directed by your doctor . To do so may add to the effects of the medicine. Some examples of CNS depressants are antihistamines or medicine for hay fever, other allergies, or colds; other sedatives, tranquilizers, or sleeping medicine; prescription pain medicine or narcotics; medicine for seizures; and muscle relaxants.

Side Effects of This Medicine

Prolonged after-effects of midazolam dosing after dental surgery inspired Duran Duran vocalist Simon Le Bon to entitle the group's 1997 album Medazzaland, likely in reference to psychotropic effects he experienced.

Sci-Fi Skane - Falla Hårt, Landa Mjukt

Added by patrikgyllstrom

got loudermilk?

john d. loudermilk

break my mind
oak ridge boys

Break My Mind has been recorded by The Box Tops, Glen Campbell,
Jerry Lee Lewis, Lee Hazlewood, Linda Ronstadt, Roy Orbison,
Anne Murray, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Wreckless Eric, and many many more...
never composer John D Loudermilk himself ...
live version of John D. - 2007
Poets and Prophets

Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum,
Ford Theater, Nashville TN.

Break My Mind


Baby, oh, baby
Tell the man at the ticket stand
That you've changed your mind
Let me run on out and tell the cab
To keep his meter flying
'Cause if you say goodbye to me, babe
You're gonna break my mind

Break my mind, break my mind
No, I just can't stand to hear them big jet engines whine
Break my mind, break my mind
If you leave you're gonna leave a babalin' fool behind

Baby, oh, baby
Let me take your suitcase
Off the scales in time
Tell the man that you've suddenly developed
A thing about flyin'
'Cause if you say goodbye to me, babe
You know you're gonna break my mind

(c) 1966 and 1967, Acuff-Rose Publ. Inc.
(source: Standard Songs Pop/ Country/ Blues/ Folk/ Instumentals/ Novelty, Acuff-Rose Publications Inc. 1956-1973)
Roy Orbison 1969
Roy Orbison picture sleeve Dutch release
George Hamilton IV (1967, RCA 9239, C&W #4 hit)
Bobby Wood (1967, MGM 13797, cashbox #96)
Box Tops (1967, LP Letter/Neon Rainbow 1967)
Jan Howard (1967, LP This Is Jan Howard Country)
Glen Campbell (1968, LP Hey Little One)
Debbie Lori Kaye (1968, Columbia 44311)
Dick Nolan (1968, LP I Want To Live, Canada country artist)
Jerry Lee Lewis (1968, LP Another Place Another Time)
Benny Barnes (45 rpm by Texan honky tonk singer)
The Four Blazers (Buddy 140, not the doowop group)
Larry Butler (1968, Imperial 66277)
Sammy Davis Jr (1968, Reprise 0757)
Tommy Collins (1968, LP On Tour)
Sixteenth Avenue Singers Society (1968, TRX 5008)
Jean Shepard (1968, Scorpion 157)
John Drummond (1968, Page One 85)
Johnny Darrell (1968, LP Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp)
Danny Gatton (1968, LP Bobby Charles Invades The Wells-Fargo Lounge)
Ann Margret & Lee Hazlewood (1969, LP The Cowboy and The Lady)
Buddy Knox (1969, LP Gypsy Man)
Hank Snow (1969, LP Hits Covered By Snow)
Linda Ronstadt (1969, LP Hand Sown Home Grown)
Pat Boone (1969, Tetragrammaton 1516)
The Carter Family (1969, Columbia 44982)
Margie Bowes (1969, LP Today's Country Sound)
Mac Curtis (1969, Epic 26419)
Pawnee Drive (1969, Forward 103)
Duane Eddy (1969, CBS 3962 UK)
Iain Campbell (former Ian Campbell Folk Group) (1969, MajorMinor 639, UK)
Jordanaires (1969, LP Monster Makers)
Jimmy Wakely (1969, LP Please Don't Hurt Me Anymore)
Roy Drusky (1969, LP My Grass Is Green)
Gary Buck (1969, LP Tomorrow Today, Canada)
Roy Orbison (1969, London FLX-3240 (NL), EP London 7594 (OZ))
Clifford Curry (1969±, Elf 9304)
Joy McKean & Slim Dusty (EP Things We Sing On Tour, live by Australian couple)
Al Hirt (1969/70?, GWP 519)
Anne Murray (1970, LP Snowbird)
Emerson & Waldron (1970, LP Invite You To A Bluegrass Session)
The Byrds (1970, cd Ash Grove, live recording with Linda Ronstadt doing vocals on this track)
Barbara Mandrell (1971, Columbia 45391)
Wanda Jackson (1971, LP I've Got To Sing)
The Hagers (1971, LP Motherhood, Apple Pie & The Flag)
The Shades (1971, LP The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Al Shade & Jean Romaine)
Ann-Louise Hanson (1971, LP Ann-Louise, Swedish version: "Håll Min Hand")
Cymarron (1971, LP Rings)
Colin Butler (1972, LP Canada's Young Singing Sensation, 11 years old child star)
Caney Creek Reunion (APT 26007)
Don Sohl Trio (Shoe 1970)
Petr Spálený (1972, Czech version "Mně Se Zdá", duet with Miluse Voborníková)
Julie Byrne & Nashville Cats (1972, LP The Nashville Sound, UK band)
Frank Yonko & Everglades (1972, LP Live at the Nashville Room London, UK C&W)
Dale Crider (1972, LP White Springs Bluegrass Festival)
Jerry Tuttle (1973, LP A Touch Of Music Row)
Alex Fraser Combo (±1973, LP At Home with the Alex Fraser Combo, Canada)
Flying Burrito Brothers (1974, LP Close up the Honky-Tonks)
The Cousins (1974, LP Country Cousins)
Fumble (1974, LP Poetry In Lotion, UK 70s rock)
South Tampa Horn Band (LP South Tampa Horn Band, instrumental Florida funk)
Susy Rose (45 on Rome RF-877, Ohio girl singer)
The Hillsiders (1975, LP To Please You, UK country)
Paddy Cole's Superstars (1975, LP Paddy Cole's Superstars, Irish Showband)
Al Barrett's Linemen (1975, LP Open Country, UK Country)
George Moody (LP Especially For You, UK Country)
Mike Fox (LP Country Boy's Memories, Australian country)
Sydney Devine (1976, 2LP Double Devine)
Vern Gosdin (1978, Elektra 45532)
Brendan Boyer (1979, LP Irish Showband)
Wreckless Eric (1980, LP Big Smash, UK punk version)
Bohannon (1981, LP Alive)
Joe Sun (1981, LP Storms Of Life)
Warren Storm (±1982, LP Heart 'n' Soul)
Richard Thompson (cd Nocturnal Emissions, live broadcasts and demos 1980-82)
Oak Ridge Brothers (1983, MCA 52488)
Richard Thompson (cd Nocturnal Emissions, live broadcasts and demos 1980-82)
Jiri Brabeg & George Hamilton IV (1983, LP George Hamilton IV & Jiri Brabeg & Country Beat)
Taxmeni (1993, cd Vrata Vyskocil, Yvonne Prenosilova, another Czech version "Zůstávám")
Crystal Gayle (1993, cd Best Always)
Barbados (1995, cd Barbados, another Swedish cover "Håll Min Hand")
Jayhawks (1995, cd Bad Time)
Kenji Nagatomi (cd Country Dream Duets, dentist-singing cowboy from Kyoto, duet with George Hamilton IV)
Iris DeMent (1996, unreleased live GAMH)
Brit Lyng (2002, cd Western Boots, Norway)


As published by JDL, telling about the start of his career, source the Acuff Rose Song Folio Book, publ. ca. 1964

Back in 1934 on the last day of March... I was born.
It all happened in Durham - a small half university, half industrial town in central North Carolina. I grew up around cigarette factories and hosiery mills and played roller-bat in the street like everyone else. Dad was 50 and mother was 40 when I was born so my two sisters were already grown and away from home by the time I came along.
Dad could neither read nor write so I used to go with him to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon and sign his pay check for him... (I always did believe that's why he gave me the same name as his). He was a carpenter all his life and never changed occupations. Mother was a housewife and a sweet and wonderful mother but, bless her heart, she liked to move a lot. She seemed happiest when the big moving van was backing up to the porch and the pasteboard boxes started to move. From the time I can first remember to the time I left home we had moved 19 times and never got out of the same school district.
Sending off for a Lone Ranger Mask, a scooter made out of an old rusty roller skate, Batman comic books, Mother teaching me to play her old guitar, and my own private tree house are all fond memories of my childhood.

My early religious influences were mostly along the gospel or holiness line. Singing to the accompaniment of "Stringed Instruments", Horns, Tamborines, Hand Clapping and the Big Bass Drum was my first conception of music... and a lasting one. Shouting at prayer meetings and giving one's own personal testimony was The Rule Of The Day.
Aside from the religious music, I also liked folk music (back then they called it "Hillbilly Music"). Sunday school came awfully early after staying up all night listening to The Grand Ole Opry on the radio.

My folks had always wanted me to become a preacher, but when I became a teenager instead, they became aware that I had become aware of a certain thing called social pressure. So I turned in my Christmas bell and uniform and started singing and playing more "Pop" type stuff on the guitar... the guitar that mother and the Salvation Army had taught me how to play.
Yea, Ivory Joe Hunter, Fats Domino and Lloyd Price were what was happening.
I later got hung up on concert guitar and all through high school I was playing and singing a combination of Jimmy Reed, Eddy Arnold and Andres Segovia.

Gold records On graduation from high school I went to work at my hometown television station painting sets and doing commercial art work. I was also on the air an hour a day playing bass fiddle in the Studio Combo and doing an occasional tune with my guitar on camera. It was during this time that I discovered the works of Kahlil Gibran, the Far Eastern poet and philosopher, who inspired me to try my hand at writing.
One night after work I wrote a poem about A Rose And A Baby Ruth candy bar. It sounded pretty good, so I put a tune to it with my guitar. I sang it on the show the next day and the phones started ringing... people wanting to hear it again.
George Hamilton IV (who was a student close by at UNC) was one of the ones who called. Before I knew it, he had recorded the thing and bam!... overnight the record was a hit.
George was a star and I was a songwriter!!

I had always wanted to go to college so off I went -down to a little junior college in the eastern part of the state. It was here that I wrote "Sittin' In The Balcony" (which was later to become Eddie Cochrans first hit record.)
I began to get offers from publishers in New York and Nashville, so before long I went home to pack. I had a whole bunch of songs by then and a little bit of royalties left so I headed on out to NashviIle, Tennessee.

Carolina Pinetoppers John's saturday night's band in the early 1950s: the Carolina Pinetoppers. Young John D in the center with fiddle.

"The popular orchestra is shown here during a rendition of one of their tricky hillbilly numbers". Other group members Burton Spicer, Eddie Hill, Donald Boswell and Philip Forest.

Picture from a local NC newspaper (picture courtesy Mike Spicer).

Erroll Garner - Thanks For The Memory

In Sweden, 1962