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June 13, 2007

*i played buddy holly in the worst movie of all time

Great Balls of Fire!!!

from Jim McBride the man who brought you The Big Easy with Dennis "CAJUN" Quaid asGomer/ JLL:

i was filmin one of my scenes at the beautiful mempho orpheum theater watchin gomer (the big DQ) burn the piana in the recreation of the brooklyn/freed/apoc-rock myth, although with a distinct disney/bowdlerized epithetlessness:

listen here, my good man of bitumen complexion...now you may attempt to perform your set piece, as i have just completed my great pyrotechnical display...
jerry lee shows up to watch. he exits the limo in flip flops and a sherlock holmes pipe while me and chuck berry are gettin our pictures snapped with the extras. the producer, adam fields, starts to introduce me to the killer, and jerry lee looks at this biopipsqueak-rock'n'roll-desecratin-phony-type-producer cat and says to adam killer:
killer, i know killer...

and adam killer says:
he's playin buddy holly.
jerry lee gives me the once-over twice, pops the meerschaum out of the side of his leering suckhole and in a dilaudid-meets-ferriday drawl, slurs in my direction:
killer, buddy holly was my best friend in the world...
and then to adam killer:
killer, if you had enough sense to get killer here to play buddy holly you got more sense than i thought you had...
and then to me killer again:
son, you look more like buddy holly than buddy holly ever did!

here is a transcript of my comment to this guy:
christ, where did you get this?

oh, god, i'm dyin...who the fuck is dorothee? and where are her giant french balls hidden? and how does she materialize beside killer's piana like that? oh fuck, that's harold cowart playin' bass on this, the craunchiest vid i've never seen of gbof

rockin' my life away by the late great Mack Vickery, who divulged to me at one of jll's nesbit ranch birthday parties in answer to my questioning the significance of the seemingly random set of numbers with which jll introduces the song:
well, hoss, i used to play touch football with elvis at graceland and it's a quarterback play we used to run!
i said, oh...and smiled

that's me in the intro standing in the front row with a gold tuxedo and seven jack daniels and babania in this craunchy raveup of swanee river rock at the greatest small show of all time at storyville in n.o., fats and friends...ray charles can play a rhodes...and for all you harp-lovers, that's sug blue...and for all you obscure bass/cajun studio legend cognescentis, that's harold cowart on bass...and for all you cocaine kingpins, that's ron wood well into a second eightball...but who is that second guitarist???

see more buddy holly impersonator resume here:

June 12, 2007

Cobra Killer - Mund Auf Augen Zu

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Bill Evans Trio - Beautiful Love

Livi in 1965

Serge Gainsbourg - Cargo Culte

Two Man Sound - Charlie Brown


Steely Dan - Do It Again

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Kenny Rogers and the First Edition - Ruby

live performance from 1972

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wayne county ramblin' (not that one): dan rose, director

Wayne County Ramblin' directed by dan rose

Provided By:

Here is a Trailer from the recently completed feature length film, Wayne County Ramblin' -- 15 yrs. in the making. Acting performances from Iggy Pop, Mick Collins (of the Dirtbombs / Gories), Otha Turner, Sharde, Lorette Velvette, Cub Koda, Tav Falco, Jeff Conolly (of Lyres), Cordell Jackson, Ron Easley, Ben 'Rivethead' Hamper (of Michael Moore's 'Roger & Me'), Bill Peitsch, and narrated by soul legend, Nathaniel Mayer. Also, unique soundtrack recordings from Chan Marshall (of Cat Power), Eddie Kirkland, Iggy Pop, Fan Fan & Jou Jou -- produced by Mick Collins. DVD of complete film and more info availablehere.

This is a music video we made for the late and incredible, Junior Kimbrough. One that we at Little Ruby Pictures are most proud of having made. It was for the last record that Bob Palmer produced for Junior. When we were working with Iggy Pop on our independent, feature length film, Wayne County Ramblin', the video impressed upon him to ask Junior to open for him on the upcoming Iggy Pop tour. We were contracted by Fat Possum Records to make this video way back in 1993; we've been awaiting reimbursement for many a sad day and many a lonely night. Still, was an honor to have met and worked with such a great and talented man. Look for Otha Turner and R. L. Burnside among the patronage at Junior's Juke Joint. We also featured many of the remarkable paintings created by local artist Johnny Hughes, in the video, as well. The juke joint burned down shortly after Junior's passing, and we are sad for the loss of a kind and uniquely gifted musical legend in Mr. Junior Kimbrough.

This is the first music video I made. One that I am most proud of, both in content and for the opportunity to work with the prestigious Cordell Jackson. This video we used to help get Cordell on David Letterman, Arsenio Hall, Regis & Kathie Lee, MTV, and the Jon Stewart Show. It also helped Cordell land the Budweiser commercial with Brian Setzer that premiered in a super bowl many moons ago, nearly making her a houselhold name. We were thrilled to work with Cordell Jackson again for our independent feature length film, Wayne County Ramblin', in which Cordell plays a prison security guard with genuine authority! Cordell was a marvelous performer and human being. She is much missed.

This is a shortened version of the tour film Iggy hired us to make and project behind his band throughout the 'Naughty Little Doggy' tour. There was no music behind it originally, as Iggy provided that live for it's original intention, and it was about 3 times as long. We shortened it to cut with a song from the album both the tour and the fim were meant to promote. Prior to making this we had completed filming phase 1 of shooting with Iggy for our independent feature length film, Wayne County Ramblin', in which he plays a grandfather.

Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Dan relocated to New York after graduation from college to begin a career in film and video production. He has directed and produced award winning music videos for record companies such as Warner Brothers, Hollywood, Matador, broadcast on MTV. He has also worked on a large number of TV commercials for national advertisers.

Pride lies more, though, with the music videos he has directed for artists such as Cordell Jackson, The Gories, Lorette Velvette, The Country Rockers, Junior Kimbrough and Alan Vega, to name a few--as well as those he produced for Pavement. (dig doug easley's pedal steel--he recorded wowee zowee)

produced by dan rose
directed by John Kelsey

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curly chalker

craunchy notes for people too hip for adjectives


Instruments: Steel Guitar
Date of Birth: 1933
Place of Birth: Enterprise, Alabama
Date of Death: April 30, 1998

Harold Lee "Curly" Chalker is of pedal steel guitar, known as "Curls...Hee Haw for 18 years, played sessions by Lefty Frizzell...on Hank Thompson's "Wild Side of Life." also with Charlie McCoy & Doug Kershaw, and was even open-minded (adj. included for ex.) enough to contribute to the Country Porn album by Chinga Chavin here. (beat ya to the blog)

Chalker has a nickname, "the King of Chords." uncredited on Marie Osmond's "Paper Roses," and on Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer" and he played live or in the studio with Willie Nelson, the Gap Band, Ray Price, Leon Russell, and the original Bill Haley and the Comets.

Chalker almost went to prison once for whacking a drunk over the head with the metal leg of his pedal steel guitar. Chalker died of a cancer-related brain tumor.

~Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

died April 30, 1998 (age 66) at a nursing home in Nashville, TN. of a cancer-related brain tumor.

linx for steeler fans:

June 9, 2007

A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum

Taj Mahal - Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day

Baccara - Venus


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Billy Taylor Trio - Who Can I Turn To

Live in 2001

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Soft Machine - Hope For Happiness


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Johnny Bond - Kansas City Kitty

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The Drinkard Singers - Lift Him Up

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May 2007

The Visual Guidance for May 2007:

Bootsy Collins - Party On Plastic

The Cult - Love Removal Machine

Night Music

The Osborne Brothers & Friends - Little Darlin' Fr...

Venom - Bloodlust (live)

Madonna - Open Your Heart

Turbonegro - Do You Do You Dig Destruction

Natasha - Iko Iko

Liberace - Medley: As Times Goes By / Chopsticks /...

Jack Frost - Thought That I Was Over You

The Church - Reptile

Cornelis Vreeswijk - Sjuttonde Balladen

John Cale - Hallelujah

Johnny Russell - Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue R...

Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know

Pere Ubu - Breath

George Jones - White Lightning

Al Green - Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Pedal Up

Odyssey - Use It Up And Wear It Out

Jerry Lee Lewis with Bette Midler - Whole Lotta Sh...

Dolly Parton - Your Old Handyman

The Shades - Geronimo Stomp

Eazy-E - Real Muthaphukkin G's

Scott Walker - Rosary

Wayne Gibson & the Dynamic Sounds - Whole Lotta Sh...

The Fifth Dimension - Stoned soul picnic

Ellen Foley - Stupid Girl

Martin Denny and his band - Dites Moi

The White Stripes - Icky Thump

Janis Ian - Society's Child

AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

Lene Alexandra - My Boobs Are OK

Marty Robbins - Devil Woman

Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin

France Gall - Y a du soleil à vendre

Timbaland feat. The Hives - Throw It On Me

Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man

Buck Owens - Love's Gonna Live Here

Zsa Zsa Gabor - High Heel Sneakers

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Volunteered Slavery

Lee Hazlewood - The Nights

Sweet Hollywaiians - Milenberg Joys

Lunachicks - Edgar

Mano Negra - King Kong 5

Iggy Pop - Sweet Sixteen (Live)

Yma Sumac - Tata Inti

Levi and the Rockats - All Through The Night

Les Baxter's Orchestra and Chorus - Autumn Leaves

Webb Pierce with The Wilburn Brothers - I Ain't Ne...

Los Bravos - Black is Black

Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (Live)

Sister Lena Phillips - Lord Send The Rain

The Tornados - All The Stars In The Sky

Beastie Boys - Off The Grid

Martin Denny and his band - Quiet Village

Sonia Lopez - El ladron

Kongar-ol Ondar on the Late Show

Jon The Dog
Goran Bregovic - Kalashnikov

Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries

Creation - Painter Man

Thor - Anger

The Peanuts - Glass no Shiro

Quincy Jones Big Band - Birth Of A Band / Moanin'

Sister Sledge - Always

2 Live Crew - You Go Girl

Dalida - Je suis toutes les femmes

Jacques Dutronc - Mini Mini Mini

Bill Evans Trio -Gloria's Step

Dizzy Gillespie Big Band - Things to come

Frank Sinatra, Concert for the Americas

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

Juliette Gréco - Sous le ciel de Paris

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - Jackson

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Bittersweet Samb...

The Kinks - All Day & All of the Night

Guitar Wolf - UFO Romantics

Jerry Lee Lewis - Lonely Weekends

Kitty Wells - A Woman Half My Age

Bruce Campbell - Hungry Like A Wolf (Commercial)

Jackie DeShannon & Glen Campbell - Less of Me

Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Àguas De Marco

Dave Brubeck Quartet - It's A Raggy Waltz

Doctor Ross - Feelin' Good

The Kessler Twins - I Say a Little Prayer

James Chance and The Contortions - Can't Stand Mys...

Pankow - Deny Everything

Honey Ltd. - At Long last Love / Respect

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

Tex Haper - Country New Wave

Jesse Green - Nice and Slow

Spencer Davis Group - Keep on Running

Pee Wee Crayton - After Hours

Edu Lobo & Sylvia Vrethammar - Upa Neguinho

Johnnie Ray - Paths Of Paradise

The Staple Singers - Are you sure (live)

Ugress - Kosmonaut

Julio Iglesias - I Love You Baby

Dead Kennedys - Riot / Moon Over Marin

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys - Yiddish Hula Boy...

Mötley Crüe - Take Me To The Top

Bryan Ferry - Limbo

Helix - Heavy Metal Love

Ilamai itho itho

Charles Mingus Sextet

Astrud Gilberto - Aqua de Beber

Sven Ingvars with Sarah Leander - Det var dans bor...

Messer Chups - Ich Bin Eine Hexe

Ms. Dynamite - Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

Marlene Dietrich - Where Have All the Flowers Gone...

Ruth Brown - (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean

Lewis Lymon and the Teen Chords - Your Last Chance...

Air - Sexy Boy

Alice Donut - War Pigs

Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe - Two Little Girls F...

Gil Scott-Heron - The Bottle

Rafael Méndez (and his sons) - Tre-Mendez Polka

Funkdoobiest - The Funkiest

Robert Farnon & His Orchestra - Portrait Of A Flir...

Iggy Pop & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Risky

Electric Banana Band - Banankontakt

David Bowie - Drive In Saturday

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - Blowin' In Wind (live)

Brook Benton - It's Just A Matter Of Time

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends

Tessie Maize and her Darktown Strutters

Ted Weems Orchestra (with Flapper Chorus Line)

The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

Daler Mehndi - Ho Gayee Tu Balle Balle

Eartha Kitt - Monotonous

Beyonce - Freakum Dress

Echo and the Bunnymen - Stormy weather

jimmy 'orion' ellis

O R I O N - "as long as they spell my
name right publicity is okay I guess... thank you, thank you very much".

intro to my article on Orion, written in the style of Nick Tosches...stay tuned for full article, either serialized through this site or on the perfect american site

The history of Orion begins with invention-anointed; a true Historasy that unrolls until its decisive end, or rather, its indentation.
This is its dashed dissection.

In the city of harsh-hardeners with Titanic dreams, vacant or heisted--Orion was anecdote,cued from emulators, ordinators, Instamatic-worshipers...

Orion was inalienable of Elvis excess; his supernatural excrescence; of his incorporeality--his America.

From the Troy of music and like superstructures came the name Orion--and it was Mammon's, in the loot of its velour blousing whose muscles and shoals were retooled ; in the foul, mean language of Elvis--

that was Orion.

Top Elvis Impersonator Killed..
Gunned Down in His Alabama Pawn Shop Dec. 15, 1998

By Todd Venezia

ORRVILLE, Ala. (APB) -- One of the world's most famous Elvis impersonators was killed when a robber with a sawed-off shotgun stormed into a pawn shop he owned and blasted him and his ex-wife at close range, authorities said.

Jimmy EllisJimmy Ellis, who for years used his remarkably Elvis-like voice in a masked stage persona he called Orion, was standing before the display counter in his Jimmy's Pawn and Package Store just after noon Saturday when the gunman burst in and, in seconds, turned the quiet shop into a slaughterhouse.

"Mr. Ellis never had time to do nothing or say nothing," Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. told APB News. "He just opened fire in seconds and hit Mr. Ellis in the side."

After the first blast, which left the 53-year-old Ellis mortally wounded and crawling for safety, the gunman turned his weapon on the singer's 44-year-old ex-wife, Elaine Thompson, who was on a stool behind the counter. He fired once into her face, killing her instantly and hitting another worker, Helen King, in the hand.

Wounded victim shot at again..

The gunman, who police believe is Plantersville resident Jeffery James Lee, then fired twice more in an attempt to blast Ellis a second time as he struggled to find a haven behind a computer desk, Huffman said.

The shot missed, and then Lee allegedly turned his attention to the cash register, which he knocked off the counter after he could not open it, Huffman said. He then dropped the gun, fled the store and drove off in a car with two accomplices, authorities said.

Huffman said King, who played dead, was treated and released from a hospital for her hand wound. Ellis died in his store about 10 minutes after the attack, Huffman said.

Later that day, sheriff's deputies caught up with the two alleged accomplices, Andre Darren Lee, 19, who is the alleged gunman's brother, and Jerry Dewayne Johnson, 17, who is his cousin. Police later found Lee holed up in a motel about 30 miles outside Atlanta. All three are being held without bail and are facing the possibility of the death penalty on two counts of capital murder, authorities said.

Fans mourn star's death..

Word quickly spread through this town about 20 minutes west of Selma that one of its most popular residents was killed. Soon, Ellis fans around the country were mourning.

"I was just devastated," said Kathy Hoffman, a Maryland woman who is the president of the Jimmy Ellis fan club. "It's just a very sad thing. He was just the sweetest guy."

Ellis' career took off after Elvis Presley's death in the late 1970s when producers at Presley's former record label, Sun Records, discovered that his voice sounded hauntingly like the King's.

They suggested that he don a mask and perform under the name "Orion," doing a mix of old Presley standard and his own work. He stood out among the many Elvis impersonators partly because of his voice and partly because he only performed as Orion, never claiming publicly to be copying Elvis.

Broke from Presley image..

He enjoyed several years of popularity and worked with many of the top performers in Nashville such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Loretta Lynn. According to Hoffman, his fan club once numbered in the thousands. However, in the mid-1980s, the novelty of his act wore off, and he removed his mask in an attempt to be taken more seriously.

It wasn't an easy move for the Orrville native. In a 1997 interview, he said that his attempt to be a star in his own right was stifled by his voice's natural likeness to Presley. "It's been both a blessing and a curse," he said. "The Nashville establishment won't accept anyone who sounds that close to Presley."

In the '90s he went back to his Orion persona and played the U.S. earlier this year. He also stayed closed to his core fans.

"He was a friend," Hoffman said. "He was a very easygoing person. His career was important to him, and he was sometimes discouraged because he had so many ups and downs."

Todd Venezia is an APB News staff writer - toddv@apbnews.com

this is the craunchiest post i could think of.
mr fontana is suffering withdrawals but will be back shortly.
i would like to take this opportunity to thank him for the public forum and for his, the best site on the www.

June 8, 2007

please help with obit for mrdjfontana: i hardly knew him

Fontana, Wayne
tomography request

Man-emulative name of Pawnee hero: D.J. Fontana

Weird Elvis, hogtied signori, Apache Rx's suntan, Wobegon-suited everyman, The Overstock Cat, Tribe detainee, Moneylender of limeys, the Grausigkeit Snake, inflated Father-vice, well-done-Mignon, timpani-grill, Ritziest effigy, fatwas with hell things, 1963 unremarked and spent in Oedipal-insanity mode, R&Brassy,crafty, venereal, "Amigo of Newcomers, Downrange veteran,1965 coinage of "Thou Love Excess", "2 Blind" anarchist of the teeny-outed, Demerol's rash, Lutheranism's "Jugs tilde"... !65% Afro!

See Craunchy!

Simply fill in the craunks below with whatever craunches you like. When you're craunchy, hit the "See Craunchy!" button, and your choices will be inserted into the craunch. What you've craunched up may end up being craunchtastic, craunchingly funny, craunching silly, craunzy or just plain craumb. It all depends upon the craunchies you've craunched and how they "crauchify" the craunchory!

Input Your CRAUNCHY Choices:

Adjective #1:

Adjective #2:

Adjective #3:

Part of the Body:

Plural Animal:

Plural Article of Clothing:

Plural Noun #1:

Plural Noun #2:

Plural Noun #3:


Verb Ending in ING:



an example of craunch:

The most craunchy.music in the U.S. today is called

"Country and Craunchy" music. The musicians all wear

cowboy craunch huggers.and play electric craunch.

They sing about roping craunches.and craunching

out in the stable. In a lot of songs, the people end up with a broken

craun.and vow they will never craunch-up.again.

Most country records are made in Nashville, Tennessee, the home of

the Craunching.Old Opry. Most cowboys are just ordinary

craunchers.who wear big hats and tell even bigger craunchies.



CRAUNCHY Grammar Primer

Something Adjektivisch:
An ADJECTIVE describes:
Grinding Fathers,
the smoothness of the pigs and the cuts which are ugly

.. If we request STATIONARY WORK, we would wish:
(Mexico, Oakland) or (bathroom-cooks)
An ADVERB tells As it
fingers the winch Fonda
who informed.
This verb generally finalises

An EXCLAMATION or Disturba:
CRAUNCHY-generator of the atrophying word; to shout outside oddest!
How I interest the CIA! Guidebooks! grunted-crying! I'M DADo!
A NOUN is the name for a Hooker:
Polystyrene, the umbrella cockatoo, the bathtub of Tabatha and the Wekzeugspritze
are nouns.

When we request PLURALE + plus one.

Because an example pluralized is

Daisy Getters Garters
A VERB is is a word affidavit.
If he is executed you ..
are a Rich wimp

executed is the verb

Put the verbs in past tense if the directions say PAST TENSE.

When we ask for specific words gradissimo:

NUMB DOLOR, anise, the meander of the BODY, weak wrongs, the green one's nest

June 7, 2007

mi v i dea

i know what zoso means


the world's largest prescription or regular meeting of tgif-pdr book club
i received another message from him by telegram one hour ago:

Fantastisch di riguardo. È interessante. Per me. Come sono andato. E
per i lettori. Erano con la metà nel sonno. Di conseguenza sono
sempre riparazione putrid. All'inizio di Nizza.

Ringrazia /Z

please reader, if you speak italian, provide a rough translation of this latest obscurity...it troubles my sleep and i feel unsure of his mental disposition.