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April 12, 2007

Morrissey - Every Day is Like Sunday

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The Donnas - Get Rid of that Girl

from 1999

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Jackie Dennis - La-Dee-Dah

from the 1957 UK movie 'Six-Five Special'

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Stereolab - Miss Modular

Bronski Beat & Eartha Kitt - Cha Cha Heels

"1989 Hi-NRG Electropop hit for Bronski Beat and Eartha Kitt , with a song originally to be sung by Disco Diva ,Divine. The song is based on a line from his movie Female Trouble, directed by John Waters"

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Alberta Hunter - Down Hearted Blues

on Dick Cavett show in 1979 (at age 84)

"Alberta Hunter (April 1, 1895 -- October 17, 1984), the American-born singer, composer, and actress. In 1923 she wrote a hit song with Lovie Austin called "Down Hearted Blues," which Hunter recorded with great success on the old Paramount label. Bessie Smith subsequently recorded it for Columbia Records and it has remained in the catalogues now for over eighty years. In the theatre, she appeared in the first London production of "Show Boat," along with Paul Robeson. She was featured performer in the short-lived J.C. Johnson musical "Change Your Luck" (George M. Cohan Theatre) in 1930. On Broadway she also appeared in "Mamba's Daughters" (Empire Theatre, 1939-40), which co-starred Ethel Waters, Canada Lee, Anne Brown and J. Rosamund Johnson. In 1954 she understudied several roles in the musical "Mrs. Patterson" (National Theatre), starring Eartha Kitt. After a dormant period in her life, when she practiced nursing, she reemerged as the toast of Manhattan when she appeared at The Cookery in the late 1970s. She made many appearances on television (including Dick Cavett's excellent show) and radio discussing her career and the legends with whom she worked. "

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Julie London - Cry Me a River

Clip from the 1956 movie 'The Girl Can't Help It'

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April 11, 2007

Joy Division - Shadow Play

live 1979

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John Otway and Wild Willy Barratt - Really Free

On Top Of The Pops 1977

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Brenda Lee - Bye Bye Blackbird

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Patsy Cline - I've loved and Lost Again

From the TV Show Ranch Party in 1956

The Posies - Richie Dagger's Crime

"From the Germs tribute "A Small Circle Of Friends" directed by Dave Markey. A radically different approach to the LA Punk Anthem."

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Hi Guys!

After over 1 year and 1600+ posts I think it's about time for a short introduction to this page and what's going on here.

As you may have noticed I'm posting videos and... not much else.

Yes, I'm posting music videos found at, mostly YouTube, but also videos found over at Dailymotion and occasionally a few good ones are found and posted via Google Video and Veoh.
As you probably already know if you're acquinted with online video deposits (like these above) the videos are not there forever. For copyright reasons and shady "morality" reasons some videos are bound to be taken off the air at any minute. This concerns especially videos uploaded to YouTube.
So, enjoy them while they're up. Do not blame me if the video you want to see is not there anymore and, please, do not ask me to upload it again.
99,9 % of the videos posted here are NOT originally uploaded by me but by somebody else.

Labels were introduced to The Visual Guidance LTD. in the beginning of 2007. That means that about 1100+ posts haven't been labeled, and will never be. Use the search box in the top left applied by blogger.com to check out if you're real lucky today.

You can also find everything posted here by browsing the Monthly Archives.

If you want a badge to put on your own place showcasing the latest videos posted here you can get one here (information on how to do is found in the bottom of that page).

It will look something like this:

The design can be changed. It's css.

Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD is my secondary site.

My main attraction is PCL LinkDump, a pop culture depositary for audio and visual findings.

The Visual Guidance thing (this place) started when I noticed how many cool vids I found while cruising the net for material for PCL.

If you by any reason need to get in touch with me use this email adress.

If you want to subscribe to this blog you can go here or here [Bloglines] or just get the feed you need: atom and/or rss.


Have fun.

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Note: On September 17, 2007, After 2.454 post the visual guidance was closed for new posts. See You over at PCL or maybe in the future completely elsewhere. Who knows! Check the archives. There are still some good stuff there to guide you.