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March 9, 2007

Swede Week: Peter Wahlbeck - Ullared

Ullared is the name of a village in Sweden that harbors a very big and wellknown low price store. Svensson's go there to buy stock jeans and stock blankets.Peter Wahlbeck is a stand up comedy act für alle. And apparently also a singer/poet.

Added by Maxavelli

Swede Week: Evert Taube - Pepita Dansar

Live at Gröna Lund, Stockholm, 1966.

Added by Hjamner

Swede Week: Fleshquartet - Lave

Live Swedish Television 2001

Added by asbestosman

March 7, 2007

Swede Week: Britt Dahlén - Love Me Forever

from the Swedish tv show 'Solstollarna' 1987

Added by DiscoQueer

Swede Week: The Sinners - Hotshot

on french TV channel Bordeaux FR3 1986

Added by thesinnersfromsweden

Swede Week: Sillstryparn - Doin the Omoralisk Schlagerfestival

"Back in 1975 there was a popular movement in sweden against the music competition Melodifestivalen. The young people fought big music corporations, and most evil of them all was Stikkan Andersson, founder of Polar Records and also ABBA's manager.
Among other things the movement arranged the Alternativfestivalen as an alternative for Melodifestivalen. It was here that Ulf Dageby performed Doin the Omoralisk Schlagerfestival under the name Sillstryparn."

Added by anteapel

Updated: Article in Aftonbladet (Sweden's most read newspaper) today (10th of March) about this song and how the progressive/political tendencies back then actually was hot stuff.

Swede Week: Sahara Hotnights - Hot Night Crash

Added by campswampey

March 6, 2007

Swede Week: Barbie - Barbie Goes Around The World

pre-Army of Lovers

Added by Ch1the

Swede Week: Whale featuring Bus 75 - Four Big Speakers

live at the Swedish talk show 'Sen kväll Med Luuk'

Added by vinicity

Note: original video here.

Swede Week: Dom Dummaste - Huset (live at Konsum Remix)

From Swedish Television's Musikbyrån, 1993.

Added by vonoben

Swede Week: The Torbjörn Zetterberg Hot Five - Live At Fashing

Live at Fasching, Stockholm. (I have no title).

Added by jazz2000

Swede Week: The Knife - Pass This On

Added by captainbongo1

Swede Week: Union Carbide Productions - Cartoon Animal

Late 80s. Pre-TSOOL. See this myspace page.

Added by Blasko

Swede Week: Ebba Grön - Staten och Kapitalet

"Staten och Kapitalet" = "The State and The Capital", capital in the sense of economics.

Swedens best known Punkband. Live in the end of the 70s.

Added by DryIce409

Swede Week: Zarah Leander - Ack Wärmeland du sköna

"A beautiful version of the traditional and beloved Swedish song/hymn 'Ack Wärmeland du sköna' performed by Zarah Leander (clip from a 1965 TV broadcast)."

Added by MissXenia

Swede Week: The Go-Getters - Teenage Kicks

Live. Cover of Undertones' punk pop sclassic.

Added by gatorrock785

March 5, 2007

Swede Week: Tages - I Should Be Glad

Tages, Swedish 60s band. 1965

Added by beyondthebeat

Swede Week: Eilert Pilarm - Jailhouse Rock (short)

The (in)famous Swedish Elvis impersonator Eilert Pilarm in a commercial for Kelda (a Swedish brand for creamy sauces)

Added by visualguidance

Swede Week: Eggstone - The Dog

Added by djcomet

Swede Week: Cornelis Vreeswijk & Östen Warnebring - Första vackra dan i maj

"Första vackra dan i maj" = "The first beautiful day in May"

From the Swedish tv show Lyckohjulet in 1971
Added by Hjamner

Swede Week: Carola Häggkvist - You Can Have Him

From the Swedish tv show "En gång på 60-talet".
Added by NamieAF

Swede Week: The Spotnicks - Spotnicks Theme


Swede Week: The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So

Added by dylanschmidly

Swede Week: Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama

from 1987
Added by DiscoQueer

Swede Week: Lill-Babs - Ställ Dej I Kön

"Ställ dig i kön" = "Get In Line"
Lill-Babs (Barbro Svensson) from the the Swedish 1966 movie 'Pang i Bygget'
Added by ViktorF

March 4, 2007

Swede Week: Torsson - Klippans Centrum (live)

Live in Klippan (town in the south of Sweden).
A rendition of "Kansas City".
Added by EXOVOX

Swede Week: Entombed - Chief Rebel Angel

Performed with the Stockholm Royal Ballet for the Swedish Grammy awards.
Added by Morbidous

Swede Week: Bob hund - Istället för musik: förvirring

"Istället för musik: förvirring" = "insted of music: disorientation"
Added by franklinvv

Peace Orchestra - Shining

Bitch - Be my slave

Added by kingfowley

Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria - Voulez vous

Added by Poedie

Another Dutch Pop Star (via Splusp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Dutch Popstars

Dutch Postars, new theme (and label) over at Splusp!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Dolly Dots - Leila:

Uploaded by Willy25

The Shangri-Las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss

On Shivaree 1965
Added by visualguidance

Merle Haggard - Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

in 1968
Added by allanmn

Roy Rogers and Sally March - Lazy Old Moon

From the 1939 movie, The Arizona Kid.
Added by papaidl

Juliette Greco - Parlez-moi d`Amour

in Berlin, 1967
Added by hapansen

Madonna - Material Girl

Kraftwerk - Das Model

"kraftwerk entertain a german "audience" from a tv show in 1980 helping promote The Model from their Man Machine album.... even on this afternoon show they still look cool !!! (more) "
Added by TONYM2M2

Note: Available here now

The Fall - Mountain Energei

Added by pnkermiz

And watch it Live at Knitting Factory Los Angeles 2006

Radio Birdman - TV Eye

Added by nzoz1977