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July 21, 2006

Joni Mitchell - My Old Man

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Dizzy Gillespie on The Muppet Show

"Dizzy Gillespie on "The Muppet Show" Performing, "St. Louis Blues" with The Electric Mayhem, in a very groovy way.This excerpt is from "The Muppet Show", season 4 episode 85. Aired: February 28, 1980."
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Family - The Weavers Answer

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July 20, 2006

Bette Davis - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Except from Andy Williams Show 1962
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10.000 hits

Well, it took around 6 months.
(10.000 hits is what PCL have on a regular week)

Still I think that is pretty good.
This is a blog I do not put much time and effort into.

Cheers to You dear visitors coming here enjoying the audio-visual treats!

We're having fun!


The Jonzun Crew - The Jonzun Crew

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July 19, 2006

The Bomarr Monk - Surface sincerity

Get this video and more at MySpace.com
found footage with original music by the bomarr monk.

Elvis Presley - Come On, Everybody

from "Viva Las Vegas "
Listen to the song if you can bring your eyes and mind off of Ann-Margret...
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Sergio Mendes featuring Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada

Added by fioretti

Carmen - Bulerias/Bullfight

"the only prog/flamenco/glam band, two songs from "fandangoes in space" from bowie's "1980 floor show" tv special . . "
Added by nonwave

Charles Mingus - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Live at Montreux 1975
Charles Mingus [b] Don Pullen [p] George Adams [s] Gerry Mulligen [bs] Benny Bailey [t]
Added by zek12

Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama

Playback at the Swedish tv show "Solstollarna" 1987.
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Waylon Jennings - Anita You're Dreaming

from "road to nashville"
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Joe Maphis - Picking and Singing

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Fotheringay - Too Much Nothing

Beat Club 1970
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Jeanne Moreau - Le Tourbillon

"French actress Jeanne Moreau singing 'Le Tourbillon' in François Truffaut's film 'Jules et Jim'.
The lyrics is written by Cyrus Bassiak."

Added by Dansmoncafe

Fats Domino - Fat Man

On his "Fats and Friends" special from 1986.
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Herbie Hancock - Rockit

Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Video sent by Alex_Kidd

Cheap Trick - Ain't That A Shame

Cheap Trick - Ain't That A Shame
Video sent by Dan_of_the_Land