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February 17, 2006

Motorhead - The Ace Of Spades

Thelonious Monk: BLUE MONK

A clip from the Video "Monk in Oslo".
(Recorded by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation on April 15, 1966)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby

Beat-Club, German TV 1972

Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema [1964]

The Left Banke - Walk Awy Renee

Comment poem for french guy mj bday vid

TheKingsResurrection + | The media for years are always questioning his relevancy and influence Forget those stupid polls who say he can ' come back cus footage like this speaks VOLUMES TaninoJackson | Mai una volta che entra in scena al momento giusto Sempre in ritardo ! ahahahahahahaha Speriamo che si muove a fare quest ' album ! frozenunderwater + | I ' glad Michael seems to be getting more open and enjoying himself bigmikecomedy + | damn people went wild Symptomat + | MICHAEL !!!! aya + | omg !!!!!! he bust a little move How sexy ! tendarine + | This makes me go wild !!!! bigdb + | DAMN ! that crowd are loud ! mihiva + | whoooooooo i the little dance he did at the end !!! soooooooo cool ! isoccer + | I you Michael Jackson !

Haha he dances to thriller at the end !

I can ' wait for his album danaiMJ + | OMG He looks gorgeous I you Michael so much This happened the day of my birthday !!!

I wish he could be at my party lol Well I forgive you Michael He dances to thriller wow I ' so excited I can ' wait for his album OMG look at him he is so awesome So sweet and cute and sigh our Michael Go Michael go !!!

You are the best THE KING OF MUSIC AND DANCE zinara + | that was a VERY BIG surprise I ℓσνє you Michael Clubland + | Nice * Oo cabbitness | awesome ! this party looks like so much fun dwggystyle + | Lmao Did Yall See Mike At Tha End ' ' Lol !

So Funny !

BLAKPEARL + | i would have ra up on stage lol Orinana | That lil dance was hilarious !!!

That ' our MJ though kalambalikis + | He looks perfect !

If i was him i would have some grenades with me to throw in the crowd for screaming the time !

SmoothCriminal + | so great to see him again but i wanna see him live Yea the thriller dance at the end so cool man im so happy and i also want to add that we are freaks !!! coollavy | my idol !!! happy to see anUHkins | agh it ' so great to see Michael wish we could here him !

He looks so great here i the dance he does aha just wondering what makes this christian audigier guy so great I have never heard of him just curious angelasga + | This video is so exciting to !!!

Thank you for posting it !!!

Danae he should have gone to your birthday celebration !!!

There is always next NeikaRocks + | It ' too bad that we can ' hear his voice clearly I his voice I can ' wait for his album If the rumors are right I you Mike !!!!!

Ps Sorry for my english I ' a french girl coolness | ahh finally MJ is making his comeback honestly everyone messes up and he messed up biggg we know that but i mean i think hes changed and i want to hope hes changed and people should just forgive him i mean he still has tons of fans and im a big one i hope to see Mj back in action for real very soon this really made my day though to finally see him stepping back into the light MJ THE BEST laimingming + | Forgive him for what ? He shouldn ' be blamed for the shits the media and the leeches around him put him through JordanTaylorBlazak + | omg he still looks adorable !!! yes !

NeikaRocks | Yeah you ' re right JordanTaylorBlazak So sweet Dulcesluna + | Cool ! ***** taliamata | ooh this is indeed wonderful ! thank you very much for sharing this video with us i appreciate it a whole lot he looks incredibly adorable so fine !

LoonDThunderstorm + | DAMN !


Of course there was never any doubt of that but it ' always nice to see the confirmation I the little dance he did at the end of the video Pump ' em up Mike !

Great party great atmosphere and great video !!! michaeljjaxson + | Michaels pretty tall =] MJacksonLover Life + | I ' so in !!! he looks gooood threatened + | mj is amazing MJlove + | I gotta say Michael Looks healthy and wonderful and that makes me happy warlike + | DAMN !!!


GO MJ ramss | WOWOWOWOW !!!!!!! julesmj + | Wow michael you sure looking good ! julesmj | Thank you laimingming for sending to me swimout yourship + | So good to see him !

Walks in like an absolute legend how he leaves the stage dancing away with a quick wave at the end !

Great guy ! ramss + | THE KING OF POPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!! danaiMJ + | THE KING OF MUSIC AND DANCE TheKingsResurrection + | Ahh a real King Michael is just the most talented artist no one can come close to him I don ' care what media and brainwashed public say about him He ` a LEGEND Sun Me + | That ' really Fantastic Footage you have there !!

Michael looks Amazing !!

Thx for Uploading it !! carlitoparadise | What a Surprise ! nagman | Awesome !!!!

Thanks sharing earthlyme ILoveMichaelJ Life + | OMG HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL !!! slover | it simply great ! moonwalkidny | Thank you for sharing REALLY ~ and MJ look so happy and enjoy The king of pop forever !!! juuli | He is the true KING OF POP !!

I you Michael ♥ ♥ qbees | he so itching to get back and perform his littl dance and the end he just cant help it he has to Moooove Michael look amazing and Happy and you can see he is LOVED regardless of waht you read in the TAINTED Media Awesome Video We You MORE Michael qbees | Oh and of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christian Audigier Thank for bringing us the KING of POP hugs wish I was there sigh Beauty + | The Part Where He ' Dancing !

Haha !

That ' Awesome ~ YOU GO MICHAEL !!!

Pop | What was michael saying I couldn ' understand one word Isanan + | I you Michael you ´ re awesome come back soon please Arquive + | Michael is sooo cuteee !

I him !

Michael !

We ' re waiting !!!! shori + | Every time they mention about his appearence my heart sinks I pass my that automative museum where the party took place every day for God ' sake ! he is so near and so far away BeeSashaFansite + | He looks great ! shori | I guess Ed Hardy will sell more now laimingming + | He is beautiful inside out I you Michael jiselejackson | Deus do é !!! coisa mais maravilhosa !!!!

Michael ta um espetaculo ! ele esta lindoooo !

Deus aben ç oe Rei do Pop !

Volte logo Michael ! estamos anciosos por ver a musica voltar a ser brilhante ! ó vc pode trazer isso de volta ! deinedickemutter + | he looks fit miminwa + | he is fit dani + | what did michael say i couldnt hear cause the crowd going nuts for our king michael looks so fit and fine ever dani + | I know i just commented but i just noticed the lil dance LOL he so ready to get back on stage michael need to bring ur fine butt back on stage soon in the us glaucepotter | Finalmente !!

Ele est á ã animado no fim do í deo !!

Quando ele come ç ou a dan ç ar oh foi TUUUUDO DE BOOM !!!

Michael I ` ll luv ever !

Come back soon please !!! strangerinmanila | LOL he could still dance !!!@ i ' so excited for his album !

MICHAELMANIA will be here again !

Yup we ' re waiting for you ilovechilam + | damn i wished i could have heard what he said tlapicinka + | he looks good I hope he ' cll come back Leoepse + | The Best ! kendamn + | his the best plp allways scream when MJ hits the stage he looked very happy the man is back litia + | Michael looks so fineeeee ! litia + | What ' he saying LOL slover + | what did he say i can understand anything bc of the crowd screams StarvMarv | hello Christian Audigier is the King of Fashion slover + | thanks !

KYSC + | Random people still going nuts for MJ After everything he has been put through Now this is one video that will make any hater cry Just wait till he drops that album Haters would want to kill themselves LOL StarvMarv | psh i ' ll kill the for them man dumb fugers it wouldve helped alot tho if he had liked just singer one word man thatd get the croud going LoyalMJfan + | OMG !

That was cool !

Michael looks so great !

Thanks for the vid !

Yeah we ' re waiting for you honey ! cvetijackson + | OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !

Michael looks so sexy !

He really wanted to dance !

The people shout out crazies OMG Michael is THE BEST of THE BESTS just he is THE KING OF POP FOREVER nobody can reach him !!!

I you Mike You will stay in my heart forever ! <>

I YOU anaissarah + | Haaaaaaa haaaaaa like when he dance has the end Happy to see again him !!!

Very tanks for this video !!! malusk | eu amo vc Michael quero que saiba disso III YOUUUU !!*** alive dead + | Im so happy to see him !!!

Michael you rock my world ! luizhalan | Michael Jackson te adoro ontem hj sempre !!!!

FANMJJ + | He looks so great !

It makes me so happy to see him again I you Michael Jackson <>

Kimbobo + | Would have been sick if he ' thrown in some small Billie Jean moves ! <>

LuuKen + | yeah he still got it callofpaul + | baby hes got it blahblahblahman + | Oh man he looks like a tall glass of white chocolate I could just drink him up lol !!

Fuck a hater Mike is still on top !! othmanhameed + | i mj MelissaDeJackson + | OMG Mike I the best forever !!! nissecorjb + | wasnt i invited that was koo =]] BALDETOP + | omg !!! thank you so much for share !!! yuckyone + | everybody is screaming ! the king got everyone screaming aaaaAAAAAAA !!!

OTKP + | WTF ! ! ! is that the real Michael Jackson OMG !


Christian Audigier had the greatest Birthday Party EVER !

LOL he was so excited just introducing him jaykayatyt + | How much would that of cost him ! ! dangerous + | this dude is just amazing he has this presence that nobody can ever match !

King Of Pop amyneilson + | OMG jelousness !!!!! blackprincess + | why can ' michael come to my birthday parties lol chengda | he definitely can if you have a million dollars to give him danax + | he looks so much better ! and it looks like hes getting ready to hit the stage again ! im so excited !!! danax | i wish i could hear what hes saying ! qbees + | i could hear parts form different vid he said he wanted to congratulate Christian with you the people on his oth birhtday bla bla bla bla You are the KING of fashion that could get form amy of the video MarcCutty + | He started dancing near the end !

Thank you for sharing this video jagermob + | He IS still the most loved person in the world ! timesquares | the dude lives one crazy life do anything and a million people scream at you WhosBad + | Wow This is amazing I how excited the designer is It ' if everyone ' there to celebrate Michael lol Beautiful Buyonce + | Aww MJ !!!

That ' the trouble with having Michael at your party he steals the !

Guess he can ' help it that people him so much paris + | that fantastique dumplingeater + | That was cool !

I ' sure Michael wasn ' cheap and it certainly wasn ' charity Or OH he was there LONGer than I first thought he looks great and jamming off the stage WAS COOL !

Mike ' the BOMB ! dikaael + | wish i could see more of the dance at the end i cannot get enough of him we cannot can we <>

I his dance at the end ^ ^ Keep Michaeling my friends ! rickigr + | Aw so cool Can ' wait for that musical comeback bumpyberry + | omgg mikes BACK !!!!!! haha i lovee it sexy king a + | MJ kills JT Usher and those chumps I also like Ed Hardy shirts but too many people wear them now Mclarensenna + | MJ kicks ass !!!!! kittymastergal + | what is he saying i cant hear a bit luv michael ! peculiarjazzj + | LMAO at michael and his little dance at the end hes such a off its sooo cute i bet he been waiting to get that dance out just waiting to dance infront of a crowd again michael ! forever ! peculiarjazzj + | dude lookin at some of these WE MISS MICHAEL LIKE SHIT wtf i bet even da haterz and da less of fans is missing them some michael michael is somethin else man its amazing i couldnt even hear the guy talk and im cryin lookin at this laptop lmao damn mike peculiarjazzj | michael came to party mane he looks good very sweet iight im finished tinkerbellmj ever + | OMG he looks so freakin sexy ~!!! qbees + | Cristian just announced he ' doing a line The Michael Jackson Collection AWESOME slover | really i had no idea ! michael + | My god did you hear them screaming It didnt subside for even a second !

People Michael Jackson still !

Ana HOW FREAKIN ' CUTE I HE rockin out to Thriller @ Seriously I cant wait for him to come back on the scene I miss the guy He looks better now than he has for the last yrs and even then I thought he looked fine I say bring it on Michael ! elpresidio + | I miss you Michael Please come back ! chocolatechords + | This gives me an Ed Hard on bl ddrain + | OMG MICHAEL !!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT iTS REALLY MIKE lol bl ddrain + | wow he is almost and he is still HOT !! so sexy and cute Ekienichie + | Oh my god !!!

When was it Is this the latest of him WE miss you Michael !!!!

It ' been long time he was not appeared on any television and i didn ' hear any story of him after he win the case Where did he gone When is his album gonna be release slover | well this is in may it is said he recording the songs for his album now he was in bahrain and las vegas danaiMJ + | i want the album now !!!!!! slover + | i know !!! me too ! υπήσου μας Michael ! samra | hes just bin travellin the world making random appearances at different places michaels great and i prsonally think that he is the best artist in the world ever but that nigga aint gonna sell no more albums KYSC + | Wrong This nigga just sold million copies of the Thriller re release this without lifting a finger Just imagine if it was a release and he lifted a middle finger for the haters I bet even you would be running to the record store yourself laimingming + | LMAO Michael is damn handsome and sexy He looks better now than the last couple of years Hubert + | yeah he looks much nicer now probably alot less stress slover + | are right ! he sold million albums doing nth and the promotion was not at good ! that why he still is the king of pop !!!!

TheKingsResurrection + | LEGEND ! mask + | wth talikin kittymastergal + | honours !! ppl rily want mike back DESPERATELY !! gailswfc + | dont give a damn what colour he is the main point he is the best dancer ever carry on jacko black or white who cares mask + | guys see him did some dance moves at the later part of video kievon + | Yeah but I wanna see him back on stage for real of in a music video Come on MJ you ' re waiting for ya MysteryxShadow + | AWW he started dancing at the end and the friggin body guard blocked the view zzz PrimeraDamita + | great thanks for posting it Michaelmylife + | how can they say he backed out on american idol and wishna at las vegas bec of stage fright and said he cannot to perform again well this video proves them wrong !! common !!! look at him is that stage fright he has been performing since he was for crying out loud and now he ' turning he suddenly felt a stage fright and with that dance move they say he cant be able to perfrom again oh pleaaasse !!! the stupid press cant get over him people who believe that junk are stupid !!

TheKingsResurrection + | Simon Cowell denied in a radio interview that Tabloid Crap Sun is bullshit The rumours are not true So don ` trust the media !

Videofaves | When was Simon interviewed and what radio station I would like to listen to that interview Thanks Videofaves | Nevermind it was aired on Friday Glad Simon Cowell came out and said the rumors about Michael and stage fright were not true I read the transcript but would still like to hear the interiew if anyone has audio of it WooHooMJKing + | He ' got so much style and he is the ultimate legend Lukidda + | haha !!

He started dancing at the end there Thats the first time ive even barely seen him move in years \ haha Like hell does he have stage fright peculiarjazzj + | mann i wanna meet diz dude soooo bad xcryinginrainxx + | Michael Jackson is awesome I ' to meet him ithankloveyou | CHRISTIANS happy birthday ! im glad to see you too Michael and Christians ! you looks well we you Christians i you lovemusic + | comon Michael up somewhere else i wana see you again haha alexandreamorim | pessoas endoidaram co billie jean mjstar + | was this realy in WritergirlAD + | yeah it was just a few weeks halloy | at you see him start to dance to thriller listen and closley and pease !!!

Amberburn + | ROTFL @ Mike rocking out at the end of the video kitkatgirl | I Want To see More Of His Dancing it was soo funny = jacksparrow + | oh MJ is adorable ! skrikon + | I ' getting so angry !

Michael ' trying to talk and they are just screaming !

I ' getting pissed off !

I you michael !

Your ' the greatest man on earth !

You ' ve got your heart on the right place and you really proofe it in your songs !


PLEASE RELEASE THE ALBUM SOON ! daniel | see this video is the third michael jackson doble green + | i hope he will be at the BET awards ! i want to see him maybe make a surprise performance MJJMoonwalker | I MJ !!!!!!!!!!! mjdevotuned + | i hope we get to see him again out and about and SOOON mbijer + | omg thats him ! he doesnt even LOOK my god he ' fine ! rebertoe + | MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE KING OF MUSIC !!!! we you Michael lovemusic + | King of Music is Right !!!!! laimingming + | Sweet cute and adorable commentkoh + | argg !! i can ' understand what he says !!! they kip on aaaaaaaaaaahhh waaaaaaaaa mmp ! watever !

TheKingsResurrection + | People are still obsessed with his music Screw the press and their lies we know the truth and what people really want !

THAT speaks volumes the people him ! lovemusic + | I know im obsessed ! haha but seriously how could you not be !

Louchambers + | MJ will always be the greatest no matter what orange + | omggggggggg ! there was my michael ! he ' still adorable hot michael gesax | kels this is crazy !! xjules + | While I was watching this I had a thought wouldn ' it be great if MJ released his album on his th birthday It ' coming up this August !

LBurner + | Not Come Celerate Michael Jackson ' th Birtday in York on Aug rd Impersonators MJ Dance Party MJ videos Contests Outdoor Deck Special Guest Aphrodite Jones author of Michael Jackson Conspiracy !!!

For More info myspace dot com michaeljackson th birthdaycelebration mjdevotuned + | lets make Thriller the most viewed video on youtube !

That video changed the face of music videos and is still one of the best ever made not to mention the best album ever so help out and go it like everyday and enjoy it cuz its basically impossible to get tired of watching chevaunne | Oh thank God he looks so well !

I feared he was ruined would never his face again We you Michael !! gotagetchaa | if someone can just dress michael hes well overdue for a look startin with the wig bumpyberry | haha ' lovemusic ' i totally i agree with you jacksonDANCEmoves + | wow i got chills the biggest star in the world right there folks !

People forget because he ' been out of the lime light for a while but nobody makes people go crazy like he does pretty amazing mjkingofmusicmj + | i wish he would just comb his hands through his hair haha if that place wasnt already crazy it sure would be insane then !! unseencolours | it ' so cute to see Christian holding MJ ' hand like that they must be good friends when MJ comes out it ' like screaming SCREAMING and even more SCREAMING this is awesome thanx for sharing ^^ mjdevotuned + | you can totally hear what michael is saying here * !* King of Pop speaks ! * CLEAR SOUND QUALITY * very very clear ! thestudiio + | king of pop can generate more excitement at after years than most newcomers can in their prime He just needs to get back his discipline and the world he is still the only King of Pop Recently the medias calling JT the KOP laughable JT will never be MJ not even close a cent xerox copy of the world ' most precious original when it comes to talent ProvokedDestiny | Yeh thestudiio i totally agree with you Yes i give it to Justin he has an amazing voice but then again alot of people have amazing voices I hope Michael doesnt make his album an RnB one like he did with Invicible I RnB but he needs to make another diverse album like Thriller if he wants to get back on top beaniecree + | he doesnt turn til august mjkingofmusicmj + | what the hell has justin did to even be % of the king of pop honest to goodness but mikes truely the king of music thestudiio | just heard the song with the King and AKON MJ ' vocals rock !

If he would just complete an album in like evryone instead of years it would cost less and not sound dated When he signed Rodney Darkchild Jerkins to do Invincible Jerkins was hot by the time Invincible was released years later his sound was dated and Timbo had taken over But JT has not even sold while MJ has over we know who the KOP is regardless of bloody Baba wawa walters who called JT the KOP qbees + | Invincibel was noy outdated it was ahead of its time More and MOre people are starting to appreciate how awesome it is and how is shows off MJ ' beautiful vocals It has sold Million and that snothing to sneeze at Brbara Walter is a nobody in the Misical Industry she was ver foolish to say such a thing_ Justin has talent but will never be a King MJJACKSON | Michael is soooooooooo sweet i it when he make appearance unexpected he so sexy and just sooooooo fine i can ' wait for the album hopefully michael will have a sexy look and just wow everyone that doubted him GO MICHAEL YOUR THE MAN !!!!


AAAAAAAAAA omg i you dude !!!!!!!!!!!! lol that was very relaxing mike make me happy no im not insane i just him too much ^ _ SmoothCriminalAaron + | I like when he dances around at the end johan | At did michael touch his ass XD jackson | omg he almost dance at the end yes he is dancing = Mike He arrives with billie jean it ' MAGIC cameragirl + | johan his arm was just hanging he didnt touch the guys but !

AhmedValo | it is his very last appearance isn ' it laimingming + | He looks so handsome !! mjdevotuned + | I me some MJ ! haha cant wait to see him again onnapastoutelasoiree + | i like that MJ still grooves to his old songs and doesn ' rejects them like other artists ! citycat + | MJ is so awesome !!! he is great !!!

MJ !!!

HawtieMJ + | he ' still HOT and famous Born Flesh + | It ' funny how so many artist today are so excited to have sold million copies When MJ sells only million it ' considered low sales lol Looks like the sign of a King to me lmao Anyhow I ' patiently waiting on the album hail THE KING !!!

JRAR + | omg he was dancing !!! ahhh !!

I wish those men had not been in the way so we could have seen it !

ChrisWAO + | i going mad of his clothes !

Really it !

His voice sooooo sweat !!!

Even makes hypnotic effect on me King Looks Great ! sm + | He is so gonna whip ass when he performs again coolioseven + | yeah !!! michael you rock the the people there longlivejacko + | listen to the screams ! hes still got it SCSA | Awesome ! shagybay + | La classe MJ super !

Par contre je trouve Christian hyper megaloman et opportuniste Sa collection de vetements ressemble à ce qu ' on trouve sur les march é à euros le sheert Rockgurlzs | doesnt he make the ed hardy clothes man i those shirts i be rocking the shirts they are pure piff cmctwin + | OMFG !!!

Wow Michael is the one and ONLY KiNG OF POP ! i him so much And he ' not looking so bad lol I Soo wish that i could meet him = maybe day I YOU YOU MICHAEL JACKSON ! =* Your # FaN Celestina cmctwin + | I SOOO WaNNA see hIm PerFoRM !!!

UGGGGGHHHH it ' DRivin me cRAZY % maybe at the VmA Awards or sumthin that ' cumin up right OMFG He ' HOTTT = lol I YOU MiCHAEL aka THE KING OF POP i so so so wish i can meet you day lmao STiLL ur # faN Celestina ps I just it when he danced at the end = SEXY SpencerL + | I wish I could hear what he ' saying ! mjdevotuned + | * !* King of Pop speaks ! * CLEAR SOUND QUALITY * first option that comes up after you copy and paste that into the search bar jannifer | Not ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ we are selling lots of cheap price and good quality clothes and nike shoes and ladies handbag and watches so if you want to buy somthing just go to check my personal file then you will see our website address ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ RonaldinhoBarca + | MJ was the biggest guy there stole da hahaa krlxmjj + | michael jaackson the king of pop forever !

VVBB | ' est du lourd du tr è lourd avec le ptit é anch é rapide sur la fin pour nous rappeller le bon vieux temps !

Vivement ' album et la tourn é et chapeau bas Audigier Monicaplay | Though about something How high is Mj I cm plz NinossoniN | cm Monicaplay | He ' cm higher than me Scarry Singers are never that high xD nontendio | trueiopian + | Only if the crowd could shut the hell up !!!

REV + | King of Pop and The Greatest Music Artist EVER !!!

Long live the king michael !!

REV + | There is still music in him ! pantchomj + | I YOU MICHAEL FOREVER ! littlemissrebecca + | of course michael ' still got music in him he ' a legend !! i you michael !!!! ally a + | omg theppl dont shut up but hey its MICHAEL JACLKON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iheartprincey + | hes dancing !

GET IT MIKE ! kanee + | Aaaaw the king still has it ! kanee + | No tabloids are gonna let him down ! if you MJ SAY FUCK THE TABLOIDS MICHAEL IS THE BEST ! blackgargamel + | le roi de la pop qui fait le tapin à la ê te ' un beauf nouveau riche Nikos + | he looks great SameBodyy + | YOU GOD YunisOwnzZ + | you Mj The unbeatable KING OF POP !

ThaNameIsAngel + | Oh man !!!

I can ' wait for his comeback !

KeturStar + | peoples enter in histeria when Michael Jackson come that mean he still for ever the King of Pop sorry for my bad enlish bublemjj + | My Baby is so so so SEXY !

Go to the street and I bet half woman of the world run after you !

I bet !

LovenOnM | may that title of king of pop forever reign pantchomj | THE KIIIING OF POOOP KillinDaWelfareMCs | who the heck is this gay audigier guy sexysmileslimbody | he designs ed hardy southpark + | I he little thriller moves he did at the end majagirl + | Pleae come back soon hurry we miss you ! hkir | ok very nice carolazul + | what a surprise !!!!!

Michael you make the world crazy !!!!!!

LILICHICK + | I so it !

He ' back !

EilinenEnnustus | Only he can sport a shirt like that and look extremely good in it LuvYouMichaelJackson + | MJ !

Your so totally awesome ! im your time biggest fan !! ever !! ♥♥ RachelsWaffles + | SO AMAZING !

Started to bounce a little to Thriller there LOL carolazul + | he looks younger like years seriously !!! and so hot like always !!! whoooo !

CharniaLima + | those fans over powering his voice i cant hear him say anything him tho !!! <>

God bless you ! jackalbbs + | happy michael ! i you !!! aprilsunshin + | OMG !!

MJ is so cute sweet and cool !!

I you King of POP !!!

I can this again and again !! zevemia + | he looks good at sexysmileslimbody + | i cud undrstnd was king of fashion xxkingofpopx + | lol OlenLaheJeE month | awwie Recorderman + | I how he burst into dance when Thriller started playing near the end ! carolazul + | I when Michael smiles ! it ' freakin ' adorable QueenOfQuickDraw + | I his smile at !!

He totally stole the lol Mike ' the only one I know that can make an atmosphere like that from the moment KOP was said people were screaming non stop even when he was talking Amazing Deep down the world misses this great man mrsnet + | I looooove me some Michael Jackson Wish he ' hurry & come back on the scene leylatn + | He looks so hot and happy ~!

I you Michael !

TheHonestTheist | = | como lo amooooooooo ybhbasc month | Don ' believe this was a carlasaverio weeks | omg he is so hot KACrawfordI weeks | Not Jeremiah For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope Michael Jackson Stay Encouraged !