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September 16, 2006


"harmonica" frank floyd/shampoo

the original white country blues man: elvis heard him, as did dylan ... with his vaudeville experience through minstrel shows, he became an incredible mixture of white country (jimmie rodgers, emmett miller) and real blues ... this song comes from a beautiful cd; the great medical menagerist (adelphi/GENES record) ... do yourself a favour and buy it...Harmonica Frank Floyd, who recorded a couple of records for Sun Records and Chess Records in the early 1950s. Floyd was a modern day hobo; no one knew anything about him, and because he disappeared from the scene after these early recordings, many later blues fans and researchers assumed he was a black artist based on the bluesy sound of his records. He was a one-man band, playing the harmonica held in his mouth like a cigar. This was a trick that Sonny Boy Williamson II occasionally employed as a gimmick, but for Frank Floyd it was no gimmick - it was the ONLY way he played. It's unknown whether Sonny Boy or Frank did it first, since they were on the scene at the same time, but it's pretty obvious who did it better.